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October 24, 2014

Big Brother 11: PoV #6, Eviction #7, HoH #8

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Aug 21st 2009 12:24AM
Will Jordan's nominations remain the same in the BB11 house?
(S11E19) Jordan's abbreviated head of household reign came to an end on tonight's Big Brother 11. Of course, it wasn't quite as abbreviated as Michele's run before her. However, this whole week has been all topsy-turvy in the house. Let's see ... this week was originally scheduled to be the fast forward double eviction week. Instead, Chima went all kinds of bonkers and got the boot from the producers, forcing the comps to go a bit awry, as well as the events of tonight's show.

For all they had to get done on the show tonight, there was a ton of filler material. I mean, we're talking the first 25 minutes. You'd think with a live power of veto competition, a live PoV ceremony, the voting, the new head of household comp ... did we really need so much filler?

Actually, although they could have tightened it up a bit, the filler stuff was very relative. The viewers needed to see Lydia and Natalie bond in their new outcry against Jessie (the man, the myth, the legend). Yes, he was playing the both of them. I'm not a Natalie fan, but at least she didn't do silly bed tricks with him. I'm not so keen on seeing the tents with Lydia, though.

The lie which wasn't a lie
Now, this is classic. Russell really talked with Michele about taking Jeff out and making a final two pact together. Meanwhile, that fact wasn't known by the other side -- Lydia, Natalie, and Kevin. Kevin has been scheming trying to think of an angle he can work to get them to backdoor Russell. What does he decide to do?

Bingo! His lie was that he and Natalie overheard Russell and Michele talking in the splish-splash room about taking down Jeff next week and going for the final two together. I watch the live feeds all the time, but Kevin is nowhere near as priceless in the house as he is in his diary room segments (which we don't see). The guy is a hoot! And, in this case, he was almost on the verge of psychic. His lie is the truth even though it's a lie.

Jeff and Jordan, wake up!
Neither Lydia nor Natalie have ever won any competitions. On that playing field, they're even. But the difference is that, as Jeff said, "Lydia is broken." She really is. If the nominations remain the same, would it be better for them to keep the broken person who won't fight to stay or the scrappy little pit bull who's gnashing at the bit? If it were my game to play, I'd keep the broken one. I could get her out whenever I wanted. The pit bull, you just don't know who trained her. She might just chomp on and not let go.

But this is how it went down:

  • Jordan won the power of veto.
  • Her nominations remained the same -- Lydia and Natalie
  • They voted. Kevin was the only vote for Lydia to stay.
  • The pit bull remains in the game.
  • That could bite Jordan and Jeff on the butt down the road.
  • And, if it does, they deserve it.

Then the power was up for grabs again
The show ended with an extended head of household competition. It's not really an endurance as there is a time limit of an hour for it. But it's enough to run well beyond the end of the show. Since the winner won't be revealed on the show until Sunday night, I ask that folks refrain from spoilers in the comments. I'll be posting a spoilers post specifically for the HoH comp.

If YOU were HoH, who would you want evicted?
Natalie385 (86.1%)
Lydia62 (13.9%)

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