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August 31, 2015

Weeds: Glue

by Jane Boursaw, posted Aug 25th 2009 2:43AM
Weeds: Glue
(S05E12) "I could use a little more snakebite on my lips." - Dean

Hmmm ... what to say about this episode? I kept waiting for something to jump out at me. Some fun witticism from Andy or Doug, or anything really. But it just wasn't there. At this point, I'm just glad there's only one episode left, and hopefully, they can do a major reboot and gain back a lot of the viewers who've left. As many of you have commented this season, what's really lacking is any sort of empathy for Nancy. She just seems lost and twisting in the wind.

Like, for instance, when she walked in the door and mentioned something about Shane drinking, she made no attempt to stop it. Her parenting skills are less than stellar, as just about everyone on the show has mentioned at one time or another. In this episode, Shane went off about how he wondered if Nancy ever wished to go back to right after Judah died and have a do-over. Nancy said she tried not to think about it. Shane said he thought about it all the time.

As a viewer, I don't want to go back that far. I loved the first few seasons, loved seeing Nancy try to make her way in the world and support her family as a pot dealer. Ah, good times. Her family didn't know about her little business dealings, and she was new at the whole dealer thing.

Back to the current episode, let's talk about Celia. What's up with her dressing up like Nancy and sipping a coffee beverage through a straw a la Nancy? Mildly amusing, but where's it headed? Now that Celia's in the pot business -- sort of -- is she trying to channel Nancy's weed-business savvy? She seems so resentful of Nancy, but clearly, Nancy doesn't have it together at all. I suppose Celia would love being married to a rich political type.

Ok, so that brings me to this episode's one saving grace. Seeing Dean dressed up as a black guy, saying, "Robert Downey, Jr. opened that door" and "I could use a little more snakebite on my lips." Still, even that was a lame attempt to bring some humor into things.

A few other things:

Andy taking the magazine quiz with Nancy, and trying to get his mother's engagement ring out of her so he can propose to Audra. Say what? They've only been on a date or two, right? Not feeling it.

Celia and the nacho libre wrestler (a.k.a. Ignacio) ... whatever.

"I wanna talk to somebody who speaks English." - Nancy, trying to get some info on Esteban out of a hospital employee. Ok, I know this will probably stir up some peoples' ire, but I so agree with this statement. If I'm on a phone call and get someone who doesn't speak English at the end of a very long phone menu system? I'm hanging up and starting over. That has nothing to do with race and ethnicity, and everything to do with trying to figure out what the heck they're saying.

Silas and Shane trying to protect their new stepsister from sex-crazed druggies. It's all good, but I think it would be ok for people to know that Silas is noble. I did appreciate Shane's move with the knife and the rear entry threat, but ... yikes ... he learned that in summer school? Seriously? (A commenter below reminded me that Ignacio schooled Shane in "summer school" - makes sense.)

Liked Andy's tough love talk to Nancy about the fact that she sacrificed her family after Judah died, not that she made some sacrifices FOR her family.That's a no-brainer.

Ok, what have you got? Bring it.

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I understand your disappointment with the direction that the show began to take in Season 4 and 5, my question is why are you still watching? This switchup clearly happened in season 4 and things only got darker from there, it reached rock bottom in early season 5 and has come back from there. Weeds is a different show and you can think back upon how great it was at the beginning but you are missing the point of the show. It isn't a story of a woman who is put in a bad situation when her husband dies and tries to cope to support her family but becomes a good mother. It is a show about a woman who starts off on this path and can't get off it, she just gets more and more entrenched. Things aren't going back to the way that it was. You should stop watching and stop hoping things will go back to how they were or accept that Weeds pre season 4 and post are completely different shows. Weeds is a drama with comedic moments, you need to accept this. And here's the thing, once you accept that fact you'll realize what a good show it is.

Jane - I don't want to be too negative about your reviews because they have been far more consistent than others on TVsquad but your disdain for weeds is a constant upset. I wonder if at this point anything weeds does will make you happy. You keep hoping Nancy will be a good mother, it's not in her character to do that. I have been really enjoying weeds, I must confess I did go through a discontented period for the second half of S4, but I got over it when I realized that it was a very good show. Try watching weeds with less negativity and you might find yourself enjoying it more. But remember this show is more than a comedy, it is a deeply insightful show, and I dare you to watch from S1-S5 so that you can see the show changed and matured. Weeds is a show that would've stagnated without the change up. And it is a damn good, original show for it.

September 03 2009 at 11:08 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think that perhaps Jenji Kohan's attention has been relegated to coming up with "cutesy" ideas about how to display her name at the beginning of each show. Other than that, I agree with those who think that Weeds, comedy, drama, and all permutations in between, has become a ghost of it's once moving, heart breaking self with the frequent smiles and sometime laughter as we followed this family attempt to survive the loss of a beloved husband and father.
Nancy is a mixed bag of contradictions, both brave and irresponsible, narcissistic on a grand scale while at least invested in keeping the family in food and clothing...but one wonders if the Agrestic lifestyle she tried to maintain with her designer clothes and expensive house seduced her into sacfrificing her sons and even minimal emotional presence in their lives after their father dies. Why couldn't she have down sized and gone legit?
Well, there wouldn't have been a show which spoke volumes about the seduction of the masses into those "ticky tacky little boxes" that all looked just the same. I kept waiting for Nancy to show signs of emerging from the paralyzing grief of a new widow into some semblence of a mother who could parent her sons with even a minimum amount of empathy and guidance but all these years later Shane is still being told to be quiet and wait until his mother finishes whatever else is more important, which has been everything, and Silas has miraculously become the boy father to a pair of adult male clowns who, while tossing out the occasional ridiculous and inane comment, have worn out their welcome.
I keep wishing that Elizabeth Perkins would come to her senses and comandeer the show. She's so under used and given such flimsy, crazy things to do. Yet she does them with style when she breaks your heart for a moment while facing breast cancer to dressing in those awful orange prison jumpsuits with the pseudo gang girl make up and accompanying hairstyle. I think we all know she's just scratched the surface of what she can do.
Which is the overall dilemna. Of course Mary Louise Parker is also an awesome actress who has now spent too much time sucking straws, ignoring her kids, taking unbelievable risks with no motivation since leaving Agrestic unless Agrestic wasn't the problem and she just suffers from your garden variety character disorder - a narcissist with borderline personality traits...it's hard to say what came first - the Nancy Botwin chicken or the Agrestic egg.
Now that all of the crazies have moved en mass down south, something has to give. Comedy, drama, -now it's just plain sad. My biggest wish now is that Justin Kirk keeps kicking butt as Andy. He is one under appreciated actor in this role, which seems like a walk in an adolescent teen movie at first glance. Look a bit closer. He's had to play the glue that has held things together in his unorthodox way but he has played everything from manipulative freeloader to partner in crime to man in love ready and willing to lead a family. If only he and Celia would get together. Imagine the craziness that would ensue! He should have gotten an Emmy for Angels in America and I hope that next year he's given some great writing and that the Academy takes notice.
And though Weeds has seemed to have lost its way, I will br rooting for Mary Louise and Elizabeth on Emmy night.

August 28 2009 at 7:19 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Dan, I totally agree with you...a bit less angrily, though. :-)

I have always insisted that Weeds is not a pure comedy, and people who just want a silly show about a pot-dealing mom are missing the point completely. And despite the love that Doug and Dean get in these reviews, I find them to be the weakest links. Back in the Agrestic days, they were funny...now, they're just a one-note waste of time. I still love Andy and think he's hilarious, but I also like his complexity and the fact that he's protecting such a kind heart behind the silly facade. I think Silas is surprising me the most, seeing him become a mature and decent young man. Nancy is my favorite, though...she still draws me in with the way that she fails to see how each move she makes takes her farther from the life she wants and needs.

August 28 2009 at 2:28 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

First off, Celia. I am sooo tired of her at this point. The show is in a rut and this character is all the proof one needs. Now we're watching Celia try and follow in Nancy's footsteps and it's not working for me at all. I wish that Celia was still in South America at least then she was doing something interesting.

I would have much rather heard a C. Thomas Howell reference from Dean. I'm enjoying the trio of Dean, Doug & Isabelle but would rather see there efforts going in a more interesting direction.

My fav quote of the episode was Andy reading the quiz "Or the basic human need to feel connected and leave the prison of aloneness." Which is exactly the instinct that has driven Nancy into her ruinous relationships post-Juda.

I liked the Shane & Silas scene, thanking Silas for not leaving and Shane's badassery, which I enjoyed on a visceral level but this is just another step on Shane's road to ruin. As the youngest he has been the most affected (with a bullet to make the point) by Nancy's parenting. I find myself most interested in what's going on with him, I think there is a lot of unexplored territory with where Shane's head is at and what the future has in store for him.

I really liked the scene with Nancy and Andy where he laid in to her. This season has been dark and I have enjoyed it. Nancy has done one helluva job screwing up her life and the lives of her family and now it serves her right that she is "lost and twisting in the wind".

August 27 2009 at 4:02 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Mr. Bungle

I miss Conrad and Heylia. They need to be back on the show somehow. I am glad that Guillermo is having some air time again. Of course every time I see him I think, "Scarface" from Half Baked, so he makes me laugh. But I agree, I keep thinking that Nancy is going to somehow "get out of this" like she usually does.

August 25 2009 at 3:25 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Mr. Bungle's comment

Although I miss Conrad and Heylia I understand why they had to go. After 3 seasons Agrestic was played out. The real problem is not the location but the fact that the only characters allowed to remain multi-dimensional in the move were Nancy, Andy and Shane. Everyone else became a joke. Everyone hates Celia but she keeps coming back for more. Oh please, if she was still the Celia of seasons 1-3 she would have told them all to F-off by now and moved on with her life. But they have to keep her on the show so it's just the same thing over and over. Same with Doug. He was an idiot savant but now he's just an idiot. So it's still mildy funny in a laugh-track, sit-com like way but it's lost a lot of depth.

August 25 2009 at 6:09 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thanks, Collin! I loved seasons 1 and 2, and mostly season 3. They started losing me in season 4 and definitely season 5. It will be interesting to see where the show goes from here (if anywhere).

August 25 2009 at 3:17 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Bruce - I guess we called that one!

Dan - Wow, dude. If you've been reading my reviews, you'll see that I've been watching Weeds since the beginning, but have only recently starting saying the show's fallen in quality. I've held out longer than most viewers. And it really does make me sad, because the show used to be good.

August 25 2009 at 3:12 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Wow, Bruce. Don't want to share the hate? (just kidding)

I've been bitching about this lame show since the beginning of the third season. This show has NOTHING going on and continues to get worse each episode (with the exception of one this season... but things returned to suckville immediately after).

Andy's cold hard facts about Nancy was probably something that someone should have told her a few seasons back.

I cannot understand how people think this show is funny. It used to be hilarious in the first two seasons, and then fell apart. And why does Elizabeth Perkins still have a job?

Jenji Kohan should have been fired a long time ago for running this show into the ground.

August 25 2009 at 12:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to mb's comment

You people who think that the show has to be funny really have to look back at the first season. There was a lot of serious stuff there and the reason why most people kept watching was not for the comedy, but for the progression of Nancy's drug business and how she continued to dig deeper and deeper into the hole of drug dealing.

Clearly you, and Jane (one of the most idiotic reviewers around) just don't have the mental capacity to handle a show with a plot and continuous storylines. Watch Two and a Half Men if you want a half hour of meaningless comedy without a plot each week. Weeds is a dramedy and has been from the very first episode.

Jane, WHY DO YOU REVIEW WEEDS? You're clearly so dim-witted that you can't even remember what happened three or four episodes ago, so how on Earth do you get paid for this? You can't say negative things about events in a show when you're too dumb to understand why those things are happening.

I mean you actually forgot about Shane's time learning how to be a badass?

You don't get why Celia copies Nancy in every way? It's been a recurring theme from the beginning that Celia wants to be like Nancy.

Seriously, quit writing about Weeds if you're going to be such an ignoramus about it.

Wonder why fewer and fewer people read and comment on the recaps here on TV Squad? It's idiots like Jane who don't even watch the show they are "reviewing" and have no idea how to formulate a proper reviewcap. Look back on this website a couple years and you'll see how much the quality of these articles has fallen, and it's mostly the fault of the pathetic writers.

August 25 2009 at 2:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Dan, allow me to respond.

Do you really think the first season of Weeds was *serious*? When Heylia and Conrad were on the show? The character development and interaction around Heylia's kitchen table was superb. And FUNNY.

I agree with you that Two and a Half Men is a mindless comedy. But don't you think that the comedy in Weeds is also quite mindless as well (e.g. Celia, Doug)?

Let me ask you. Which season of Weeds do you feel was the best? The first season or any of the last three? I love the first two seasons, personally.

And you clearly have an issue with Jane. Sorry, I don't.

August 25 2009 at 3:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Bruce - I know. Clearly, I'm taking my life into my own hands here! The thing is, I really *want to love Weeds, but it's just not doing it for me this season. And it's bumming me out!

August 25 2009 at 12:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Careful, you're saying some negative - but blatantly true - things about this season of Weeds, and those 50,000 or so highly vocal "Weeds can do no wrong/I wanna have sex with Mary-Louise Parker" people will tear you a new asshole. I've been saying this season is stupid, pointless, and terribly sub-par compared to previous seasons for quite a while now.

August 25 2009 at 8:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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