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October 4, 2015

America's Got Talent: Performance show four

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Aug 26th 2009 1:30AM
America's Got Talent(S04E19) A few of you told me that I was wrong by claiming that last week's performance show was electrifying. I agree with you that we have seen much better performance shows in the past. However, when you compare the third performance show of the season with the two previous, you have to admit that it was the most electrifying.

Save for a few of tonight's acts, such as Ishaara and Barbara, the third performance show is still the best performance show we've had so far this season.

My comments on the fourth performance show and my predictions coming up!

Ishaara, Bollywood Dance Group (Audition show 9, their MySpace page and their official website) - I really had high hopes for this group since I loved their act during the audition rounds. They delivered a colorful, energetic and amusing act this week. As Piers said, it was a wonderful way to start the show. The Ishara dancers showed spirit, sexiness and uniqueness. It's one of the very few acts that had me glued to the TV while they performed.

Barbara Padilla, Opera Singer (Audition show 6 and her official website) - As soon as the music started, I told myself that she chose a difficult song, "Con Te Partiro." However, on the plus side, the song is well-known by the public and this always helps performers to connect with the voters. Barbara delivered the goods with a powerful rendition of the song. And how about her look? Her dress, makeup and jewelry totally made her look like an opera singer. The lighting effects added a lot to the mood too. Very good performance on all levels.

Pam Martin's Top Dogs, Dog Variety Act (Audition show 4 and Top Dogs' official website) - Pam performed her audition with Viva the dog. This time around, she decided to perform with unpredictable dog Spy. Her Top 48 act was entertaining but she seemed to have a better connection with Viva. From memory, her audition had more flow and energy than the act we saw this week. No matter, Pam and Spy delivered a fun act, and Spy displayed some very fun and cool moves. Piers didn't buzz them and gave them good comments, which will surely have an impact on the voters.

African High Flyers, Acrobats (One of their performances on YouTube) - This week was the first time we really had a good look at their act. Piers Xed them about half-way through because he didn't think they improved from their audition. Shannon agreed that they may not have improved their act as much as the judges wanted to. The Hoff said they were very good. Their act was energetic and had impressive acrobatic moves. However, they didn't engage me enough. I cannot put my finger on why, but I was somewhat bored while watching them even if they were pretty solid.

Mia Boostrom, Singer/Musician (Audition show 8, her official website and her MySpace page) - This was Mia's second chance at winning the competition so she needed to raise the bar to get America's votes. She choose a safe song, "Hallelujah," but sang it well, as well as showcased her voice range and emotions. Piers was right when saying that she made tiny mistakes when singing and that there are other very good singers in the competition that may be better. If I had to choose between Charles DeWayne, who wasn't voted through the Top 20, and Mia, I would choose Charles without thinking about it. If she moves on, she will need to step up her game by trying a riskier song so we can see that she can sing more than ballads. It wouldn't surprise me if Mia moves on, but she would be my first choice. On a side note, the show needs to stop adding dancers to acts like Mia's. as they add nothing.

Erik and Rickie, Ballroom Dancers (Audition show 2 and their official website) - They've been dancing together for four years now. For their age, they gave a very good performance. However, you could see that they hesitated here and there and were not always in sync. They still need more experience as dancers and practice to make it big in such a contest. I don't foresee them moving on to the Top 20 since there are much better acts. However, the young duo is on the right path to do very well in ballroom dancing competitions. Who knows, maybe we'll see them as the pros in season 50 of Dancing with the Stars!

Coney Island Chris, Slideshow (His MySpace page)- He amused the crowd, but didn't amuse me at all. The setting was boring and his fire eating tricks were done over and over again; there was nothing original in this act. Piers and Sharon Xed him about half-way through. The Hoff added his X at the very end.

Matt & Anthony, Dance/Musician Duo (Audition show 8) - My first impression of the duo after seeing their audition was that the tap dancing stole the show and maybe he should do a solo act. I tried to have an open mind when watching their act this week and took the comments you left me after I reviewed their audition into account. Sadly for the duo, AGT once again had sound problems. We could barely hear the tap dancing and the not-that-good singing due to the soundtrack being way too loud. No matter, I still stand with my first impression, the tap dancer rocks, the singer/guitarist doesn't. Sharon was right when she said there's something missing and their act is not "gelling." Piers Xed them.

The Lollipop Girls, Burlesque Dance Troupe (Their official website and their MySpace page) *Wild card - Since I'm not the target audience for this type of act, it won't be surprising if I tell you that I was bored. Their choreography was not bad but it didn't have any wow factor. Of course, The Hoff and Piers loved the act; they were the ones who kept on voting for that burlesque dancer who performed with Kitt -- the Knight Rider car -- a few seasons back. I would have liked an act that was more energetic and engaging.

Drew Stevyns, Singer/Guitarist (His official website and his MySpace page) *Wild card - His voice was a tad rocky from the start. It got better when the song picked up about when he began playing the guitar, which we heard none of because, once again, the soundtrack was way too loud. It wasn't a bad performance and, as Piers pointed out, Drew showed he wants this to work. However, he doesn't measure up when compared to the other singers.

Recycled Percussion, Band (Their official website and their MySpace page) - The lighting effects made it difficult to concentrate on the drummers' moves. Nonetheless, the act was very entertaining. However, I don't totally agree with the judges about them adding more music to their act, I would actually like a tad less music and more drumming. Or at least, have the soundtrack take backstage for a while during the performance to feature the drums so we can hear them properly and see how cool their recycled percussion playing is. You? By the way, if you check the comments on their MySpace page, you'll see that 2008 AGT Top 20 contestants The Cadence supports Recycled Percussion.

EriAm, Singing Group (Audition show 1 and their MySpace page) - What was with the backup dancers on bikes? Again AGT screws an act by adding backup dancers! Argh! The girls sang very well, the harmonies weren't bad, and you could see that they tried to improve their act. Some of their moves were a bit off but it wasn't terrible. The competition amongst singers is tough this season...

My Top Five picks: Ishaara and Barbara Padilla will definitely move on. As for the other three acts, I had a hard time picking my top choices but I'll go with Pam Martin's Top Dogs, Recycled Percussion and ... okay, even if I said she wasn't one of my favorites, I'll say Mia.

What are you picks for the last five spots in the Top 20? Share your predictions in comments below.

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    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.


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    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Swinging Rat Pack.




    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Shelia-Shelia Of The Jungle.


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Well, at least its consistent. 4 shows not one act worth seeing again. I have watched all 4 shows and I can honestly say that I would not pay $1 for a ticket to see any one of the acts that have gone through. Now you can see why the show keeps asking Piers and the other 2 fools to pump up some average talent...the opera singer... lawrence etc. to make it seem like they should be stars. I am guessing that because they do not mention numbers that only a few people actually call in and vote also.

August 26 2009 at 4:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Does anybody have the logic for why the camera work is just so terrible? I can understand changing angles, but why several times in the middle of the act do they switch to a camera at the back of the theatre so you can't see a darned thing? That ruins almost every performance. It's worst with the dance numbers, you get moments where all the Bollywood girls turn their heads to look at something and you can just imagine somebody in the control room saying "What are they looking at....oh shoot the guy is doing something, switch to him! Ah crap, we missed it...."

At this point the best way to predict is to say "Who was good enough that they deserve more exposure on the show." Opera lady, Ishara, ball room dance kids, Mia, Recycled Percussion.

August 26 2009 at 12:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

See the Bollywood group didnt' do a whole lot for me. After being treated to some Bollywood numbers on SYTYCD, I would think a group that ONLY performs that type of dance would be spot on, but their number seemed rather simple to me.

I liked the acrobats, lots of fun.

August 26 2009 at 11:10 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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