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October 10, 2015

America's Got Talent: Results show four (Top 20 list)

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Aug 26th 2009 11:20PM
America's Got Talent(S04E20) "I think the talent this year is "Hoff" the charts." - The Hoff

The Hoff must not be watching the same show we are, eh? Because the talent is definitely not off the charts. Yes, there are some very good acts but compared to previous seasons, this year's Top 48 was rather poor in talent.

The last Top 48 acts performed earlier this week and now came the time to reveal who would fill the remaining five spots in the Top 20. Except for three or four acts, this week's performance show was so-so, making it difficult to predict how America would vote.

Did your favorite acts make it to the Top 20? Results coming up!

First to step forward are the EriAm sisters and Drew Stevyns, which means that right from the start I won't have five out of five this week with my predictions, as I didn't foresee any of them going through. Drew Stevyns gets a spot in the Top 20.

As soon as Nick made the announcement, I started typing comments on why I thought it made more sense for Drew to move on than EriAm. Surprise, surprise. The producers decided to play a trick on us and actually change the reveal format. Usually, only one of the first two acts brought forward makes it. Well, not this week. Both Drew and the EriAm sisters are moving on! Of course, before announcing to the singing sisters that they were also moving on, Nick made it sound as if they were going home.

The African High Flyers, Pam Martin's Top Dogs and Coney Island Chris are up next. My gut feeling when they were brought forward was that Nick would announce that all would be returning home. If the producers changed how they made the first announcement, why not change how they would announce the rest of the results, as well? Turns out my gut feeling was right, all three are out. This means that the best I can get now is three out of five. Talk about tonight's results being unexpected, eh?

It's now time for Recycled Percussion, Matt & Anthony and Ishaara to learn their fate. For sure, at least one act will move forward, and soon after a quick recap, Nick confirms that it will be the case. Matt & Anthony learn that they are not moving on. To my surprise Ishaara is not moving on and Recycled Percussion gets a spot in the Top 20. I really expected Ishaara to go through, since they offered a good performance that was entertaining and refreshing. I knew voting would be difficult this week, but I didn't expect this. Could it be that, even if getting more and more popular, Bollywood doesn't reach enough people yet?

Before announcing which two acts would fill the last spots, Reba McEntire performs. It was a good performance of her latest single from her new album. I've been enjoying the fact that after these guest performances, Nick asks questions to the singers about how they deal with fame, how they can make a performance go from good to great, etc. At least, if the contestants can watch the guest performances and quick interviews afterwards, they can get some tips and tricks to improve their own acts.

The Lollipop Girls, Mia Boostrom, Barbara Padilla, Erik and Rickie are up next. Yes, the four of them all at once. So that means one will go through, one will be sent packing, and the remaining two placed fifth and sixth, meaning it'll be up for the judges to decide. Without much surprise, The Lollipop Girls are sent home. Even if Piers and David drooled over them, their act was not that great. Nick quickly tells America that Barbara is moving on. Great choice America.

That means Mia's and Erik and Rickie's fate is now in the judges' hands. Mia gave a much better performance than the young dancers. Erik and Rickie still have loads to learn as dancers and are nowhere near as good as the four dance acts already in the Top 20. However, there are already seven great singers in the Top 20 ... My vote goes to Mia. The Hoff votes for Erik and Rickie. Sharon votes for Mia. Piers says that last night he would have said Erik and Rickie, but that after watching the show, he isn't sure. Piers finally gives his vote to Erik and Rickie. Say what?!? They have no chance of winning this competition! While Mia, even if not the best singer, had better odds. Judges, judges, judges...

So I got two out of five. I picked Barbara and Recycled Percussion. Were your predictions spot on? I'm speechless ... what has gotten into the judges this season? They shouldn't be allowed to choose between the fifth and sixth places anymore. The five acts that got the most votes should be the ones going through, no matter. What do you think?

Are you happy with the Top 20? I'm not totally pleased with it, especially because of the acts the judges decided to put through to the next round. Argh! Let's hope that all of the Top 20 performers practice night and day and raise the bar; otherwise, we may end up with not so good Top 20 performance shows.

The Top 20 is composed of:

  • 7 singing acts: Kevin Skinner, Voices of Glory, The Texas Tenors, Lawrence Beaman, Drew Stevyns, EriAm, Barbara Padilla
  • 5 dance acts: Arcadian Broad, Fab 5, Hairo Torres, FootworKINGz, Erik and Rickie
  • 2 acrobatic/acrobatic dance acts: Acrodunk, Paradizo Dance
  • 1 magic act: Drew Thomas Magic
  • 1 comedic act: Grandma Lee
  • 2 variety acts: Tony Hoard and Rory, Mario & Jenny
  • 2 music acts: Jeffrey Ou, Recycled Percussion

America's Got Talent' Photos

    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Judge David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Judge Piers Morgan.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Judge Sharon Osbourne.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and David Hasselhoff.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Swinging Rat Pack.


    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Swinging Rat Pack.




    AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Shelia-Shelia Of The Jungle.


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I really hope grandma lee wins she desurverse's too. she's hella funny too

September 14 2009 at 11:24 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

What the hoff are the judges thinking this year? The little ballroom dancers that MIGHT win a regional competition? Seriously? Tell us how brave Mia is, how much it means to her, then tell her to hit the bricks? Unhoffen believable!

August 27 2009 at 6:26 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I've always been able to predict who would stay and who would go home at the point where they were standing next to Nick Cannon, awaiting the results.

And last night was no different. Even when Drew Stevyns and The EriAm Sisters were brought up at the same time. Though I wasn't 100% sure. And for a few seconds I thought I had been wrong, after Nick announced Drew would be going through and had not announced EriAm would be.

The only ones I have never been able to predict are the final two that the judges get to pick from. I never know what they're thinking.

Of course, I could say I wish the judges wouldn't get a pick after America starts voting, but the truth is I'm usually not happy with either of the two choices going home.

August 27 2009 at 11:08 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No act that gets 5th/6th in voting in the quaterfinals or even semifinals has a chance at winning.

You shouldn't outraged over judges decisions. These are acts that came very close in votes.

These are only 3 opinions out of millions, its pure randomness what result you will get. If you ask 3 people on the street opinions you'll get random answers that don't necessarly reflect the majority of peoples opinions.

August 27 2009 at 10:49 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

There are exactly zero acts I am interested in! I am officially not watching from here on in. This show has gone terribbly downhill. A shame.

August 27 2009 at 7:47 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I expected in order: 1-Barbara, 2-Recycled, 3-EriAm, 4-Eric & Rickie, 5-Mia, 6-dog act, 7-Drew.

Drew threw me off, but I would suspect Ishara actually placed higher than the dog act. Other than that the votes fell pretty much where I predicted. Probably the easiest night of the quarter finals to predict.

The top 40 was unquestionably more boring than last year's top 40. I blame the lack of 2nd performances.

August 27 2009 at 1:15 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I had "Opera lady, Ishara, ball room dance kids, Mia, Recycled Percussion.", so 3 out of 5. Not bad, given that I didn't actually see the other two (Drew Stevyns and EriAm Sisters) perform I suppose.

Top 5 : Lawrence, Barbara, Voices of Glory, Footworkings, Drew Thomas Magic.

August 27 2009 at 12:25 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I picked the top 6 acts and got one wrong but picked the top 5, this is the order that I picked.

Barbara Padilla
Recycled Percussion
Drew Stevyns
The Eriam Sisters
Erik And Rickie

August 26 2009 at 11:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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