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October 8, 2015

Set Report: Fringe looks to season two's 'war of worlds'

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Sep 2nd 2009 2:29PM
The cast and creators of Fringe gather in Vancouver to look ahead toward season two.If you ask J.J. Abrams about his master plan for Fringe, he'll tell you the plan went out the window a while ago.

The creators and cast of Fox's top new series from last year's fall season gathered with press in Vancouver Monday to celebrate the release of the show's first season on DVD and to look ahead at the upcoming second season.

When Fringe left the airwaves last spring, J.J. Abrams, Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman introduced fans to a parallel universe -- setting up a war between our world and that new Earth on the edge of the fringe.

According to Abrams, a long-range plan for the show had him, Orci, Kurtzman and their writing staff revealing the other Earth as the source of Fringe's anomalies maybe three or four seasons into the show's run.

"But our fans were so smart, they were going to figure it out before that," Abrams said. "We realized we had to move it forward and reveal it at the end of last season."

Abrams and his assembled throng filled a downtown Vancouver night club that had been transformed into a version of Fringe's parallel worlds. Identical twin waiters served drinks in opposing colors -- White Russians vs. Black Jacks.

The first half of the nightclub was soaked in black -- with Fringe's various "pattern" images displayed around the walls in white. Of course, black draped waitresses saw to the food and drinks. But, after passing through a mist curtain, visitors entered the parallel world -- white walls, black signs and white-clad women offering hors d' oeuvres.

Abrams mingled with crew, guests and press alike -- remaining "an accessible mogul" to coworkers, fans and anyone else in his general vicinity. He's surprisingly open for a man of considerable Hollywood power -- a man who's shaping a considerable portion of global popular culture these days.

"I could just hole up somewhere and keep my distance, I guess." Abrams said over the rumble of ear-splitting music. "But I don't know the point of working in entertainment if you're not going to have contact with the people you're entertaining. Whether they like what we do, or have problems with what we did, I want to hear it. So, maybe I'm not a mogul."

As Abrams, Orci and cast members discussed the show's advances into its second season, one common thread ran through all of their comments.

"There are big things happening throughout the entire season," series star Joshua Jackson said. "We're six episodes into the new season -- working on the seventh episode this week. And there's already so many new elements in the show."

"We (actors) see the new scripts on a week to week basis, so we have no idea what's coming next. And I don't think we want to know ahead of time. I still get that buzz when a new script comes in."

Star Anna Torv agreed, considering the show's roots and where it's headed now: "After the first few episodes of the first season, once we established the show, my character went through so much. All of the characters did. You see that in season one."

"Now, in season two, it's literally a different world and it's impossible for the characters to predict where it all could lead."

The second season of Fringe premieres September 17.

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