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October 8, 2015

Kristin Chenoweth on Glee and... The Dog Whisperer?

by Nick Zaino, posted Sep 30th 2009 5:31PM
Kristin Chenoweth GleeFor someone who is, as she recently pointed out, unemployed, Kristin Chenoweth is popping up in some pleasant places on TV. She won an Emmy for best supporting actress in a comedy for her work on the now-canceled Pushing Daisies, for which she seemed genuinely surprised in her acceptance speech. That's also when she made her plea to The Office and Mad Men and a couple of her other favorite shows, mentioning he current work status.

Tonight, Chenoweth, a veteran Broadway performer, appears on Glee as Will's old friend and former classmate whom he brings in to help give his crew a bit more edge. Chenoweth had to cancel a conference call interview with the press last week for health reasons, but I got a hold of her by e-mail.

How's your voice? I'd heard you weren't feeling well.

Thanks for asking! I've been trying my hardest to rest my voice... but it's tough! I'm taking a couple days off before my singing dates kick in to get it strong again, but overall, I'm feeling better!

Didn't take long to find employment, how did you hook up with Glee?

I'd worked with Ryan Murphy before on Running with Scissors and new he was a genius. So when he called and said he'd written a park for me in Glee, I was ecstatic!

What's your character, April Rhodes, like?

April Rhodes is a woman who was kind of "the deal" in glee club in high school. She is a little past her prime, but she still has a voice and Matthew Morrison's character gets her to come back and try to finish. She was unlike any other role I've played, so it was really fun for me!

Any chance April will become a regular now that the show has been picked up for a full season?

Ask Ryan! If there was a way for April to show up now and again, I wouldn't hate it! I love the entire cast and singing is such a part of who I am, so I'd love it.

Were you surprised when Pushing Daisies was canceled?

I was absolutely devastated. It was such a special show and even though our numbers weren't as strong as they could have been, there were a lot of factors to the cancellation, maybe our time slot, who knows. It was one of the most special things I have ever been a part of.

Did you think you weren't a good bet to win the Emmy? Your speech seemed legitimately off the cuff.

Shock doesn't begin to describe how I felt when Jon Hamm called my name. I believe Tina Fey practically carried me off stage. I was in such good company. I just was so honored to get nominated. So to win it. It was a proud moment for our entire show. Pushing Daisies is the highlight of my career. I miss it and the cast and our crew and our writers everyday.

Whose idea were the funny glasses you and the other nominees wore?

Amy Poehler is a genius. Enough said.

Have The Office, Mad Men, or 24 called?

I'll need to ask my manager about that one! Ha ha, for now Jack Bauer and I have only an off-screen romance.

Any other shows you'd care to list here, just in case they're reading?

Hmm, well maybe The Dog Whisperer or When Animals Attack or Toddlers and Tiaras? What am I saying? I love reality TV, but don't want to be on it! As for scripted TV, I love Lost.

Is there any kind of character you'd like to play that you think would surprise people?

I am really into the idea of playing more serious roles right now. The indie I did Into Temptation has been released in a limited amount of theatres but has received a great response. I love stretching myself and growing as an actor, so I'm looking forward to taking on some different types of roles and am literally dying to be in a horror film.

[By the way, check out Glee clips and episodes on Slashcontrol.]

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She's adorable. And she was really good tonight on Glee. I doubt she'll be unemployed for long...;)

It was too bad Pushing Daisies was cancelled too soon, but I'm really glad she was acknowledged for her work on it.

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