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October 10, 2015

Dancing with the Stars: Performance 3

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 6th 2009 2:20AM
Cheryl Burke and Tom DeLay on Dancing with the Stars(S9E06) I welcomed the return of Len Goodman on Dancing with the Stars because he separated the scores of the dances, by giving good performances two points less than they actually deserved. This week was a full Latin night with the Samba and Rumba.

When Chuck walked down the stairs I couldn't help but laugh at his arm frill, but Cheryl and Tom DeLay walked down as the American flag. I was laughing so hard that I didn't even notice that Debi's outfit killed all of Aaron Carter's Muppets.

There has been some drama with Tom DeLay's feet. Find out after the jump what happened to him.

Mark & Lacey
- Rumba - Lacey wants to make sure that Mark has the "slow and flow" of Rumba, but he's a five-year-old in rehearsals. His dancing and posing still have Kung Fu elements, but his hip action is good. His arms seemed to slip off of Lacey at points, but her split-leg spin and other moves distracted me.

Len knows that the Rumba was hard for celebrity men, but he was too hard in his steps. Bruno thought it was anti-climatic, and staccato. Carrie Ann knows his quality of movement is good, but he needs to find his confidence. Score: 18 (6,6,6).

Joanna & Derek - Samba - Joanna knows that her fan-base isn't big, but her booty shakes are bigger. Derek wants her to learn the shadow roll, which is difficult, in general. It's nice to see her attempt difficult moves. Derek unnecessarily swings into the stage. Joanna's standing hip action was amazing, but I'm getting Holly Madison matchstick-like dancing where her legs wobble.

Bruno saw the unsteady footwork, but it was good. Carrie Ann loves how fearless she was and it was "super sexy." Len saw the quality and appreciated the shadow roll. Score: 23 (7,8,8).

Mya & Dmitry - Rumba - Dmitry tries his best to make sure the choreography is classic/romantic for Len. To get inspiration, Mya dressed up the dance studio to get into character. The whole performance was sultry; then she did a full split and won me over. She didn't even let hair in her face stop her: she did this whip and all the hair was gone. Paula Abdul (WTF?) and Lance Bass applaud on the sidelines.

Carrie Ann had chills, there was a slight lift that she couldn't see so she's not docking points. Len loved the chemistry and romance, but he felt like Dmitry threw the kitchen sink into his choreography. Bruno thought that Mya was the supreme seductress. The performance was fabulous. Score: 27 (10,7,10).

Melissa & Mark - Samba - Melissa feels out of touch with her sexy side. Her enthusiasm is high, but her technique needed help. Mark tells her that she has to dig deep to get emotions. As they dance she's a little stiff at parts. There were points where Melissa forgot steps, mostly when she wasn't in hold, smiled, and hoped that she was right. As an aside: Who was the silly person who thought up of the torches on set?

Len thought parts were good and she performed well. Melissa's overall body needed more hip action. Bruno saw more improvement, she paid attention to footing, but she lost a little bit of footing. Carrie Ann agrees with Bruno, but there was a degree when she didn't believe the performance. Score: 19 (6,6,7).

Louie & Chelsie - Rumba - For some reason Louie did research about doing the rumba and got really sexy with Chelsie in practice. After I heard that Chelsie and Louie had eight hour practices, I could see why. The performance was solid. His hips could be better, but who was looking at him when Chelsie pulled off an amazing split followed by an insanely sexy ending.

Bruno saw the chemistry and had the vapors. He noted the fluidity and the placement needed help. Carrie Ann loved the chemistry as well and he gives good frame. Len thought it was wild, there was no finesse, and Chelsie picked a lot of syncopated steps. Score: 20 (8,5,7).

Debi & Maksim - Samba - The bottom two made Debi motivated to succeed. Unfortunately, she still talks too much for Maks. Maks brought Mel B. to talk to Debi, but the fact that she fought with Maks probably resounded more than dancing. I find irony in using yet another Baz Luhrmann related song. The weird boa dress was just too distracting. I found the choreography to be more of a beginners Samba and her steps were still too small for the movements.

Carrie Ann thought it was cute, but safe. She suggests working on her face. Len thought it was neat and precise, but there was no fire. Bruno thought there was a disconnect and she made two mistakes. Score: 17 (6,5,6).

Donny & Kym - Rumba - In practice, Donny can't help but laugh. Kym tries to parallel Donny singing a love song with dancing with passion. His hip action is a little rusty, but he does provide a great frame for Kym. There were points where I thought he was overacting.

Len thought that his legs were flexed, but he did a great job. Bruno thought was a little too airy fairy, this led Donny to turn to Bruno's dark side. Insert Donny/Bruno slash fan fiction here. Carrie Ann was distracted by the Donny/Bruno love fest. She thought that the solo part was good and there was vulnerability. Score: 21 (7,7,7).

Randomly in the middle of DWTS we get the weirdest interview from Paula Abdul involving the suggestions that Len was Simon Cowell and that she should kiss Carrie Ann. This sad woman must be desperate for television now.

Michael & Anna - Samba - Anna threw the gauntlet on Michael, but their communication is off. His perfectionist style led Anna to create a checklist which helped Michael (or anyone) focus. His arm extensions need help, but he's improving. He walked into place at points instead of using hips.

Bruno thought that he was going in reverse; he danced like a tank. Carrie Ann thought that his problem was that he's dancing too small, he needs to use his size. Len thought that the samba was disappointing. Score: 14 (5,4,5).

Natalie & Alec - Rumba - Natalie is goofy during practices because she gets uncomfortable. Edyta comes in to help teach sexiness. She knows exactly what the problem was: eye contact. The dance starts off with a smoke machine and silk, and it continues getting sexy from there. She does some strong leg extensions and her legs were long and sultry.

Carrie Ann thought it was intense and dramatic. Len liked the expression and leg action. He believed the chemistry. Bruno thought that she was a sexy beast and hopes for more. Score: 26 (9,8,9).

Chuck & Anna - Samba - Anna suggests "Shoulders down, boobies up," something I used to suggest to models. Chuck went with his daughter to get pedicures totally destroying the image of him as a UFC fighter. Unlike Michael, Chuck used his size as much as possible. He genuinely looked like he was having fun and that's half the battle.

Len congratulates Anna with the choreography and he was entertained. Bruno saw the work in the performance, even though it was zombie-like. Carrie Ann loved the joke, but it was a little rough. Score: 17 (6,5,6).

Aaron & Karina - Rumba - Aaron tries to do a sexy stare and it makes Karina giggle. He continuously over-does steps. There was something really Kung Fu about Aaron's outfit, and his arms annoyed me as they flicked out into place, very Karate-esque.

Bruno saw the attack and determination, but it wasn't fluid. Carrie Ann thinks that he's over-exaggerating the performance. Len thought it lacked musicality, mostly due to his arms. Score: 21 (8,6,7).

Tom & Cheryl - Samba - Tom continues to dance like a robot in practices, but his stress fracture has evolved: both his left and right feet have fractures. Even though his doctors tell him to pull out. After the package, Tom announces that he's going to dance past the pain. After the commercial break, he does his best dancing, but it's very simplistic performance. Seeing all the pain he was in, the performance isn't half bad.

Carrie Ann thought there was a smoothness in the performance, but it wasn't an exciting samba. Len thought that he was a trooper; he understands that it was careful. Bruno loved how he kept going on, but the performance score will suffer because of the injury. Score: 15 (6,4,5).

Kelly & Louis - Samba - Kelly hated when people felt sorry for her last week. Louis tells her to fight her way through this week. Louis loves when Kelly focuses because she's a diamond. I find it unfair that Louis had the song "Love Game" because he choreographed one of the worst sambas on So You Think You Can Dance (I blame the performers, Brandon especially, that couldn't pick up Louis' choreography). The dance was solid enough. I was distracted by the floor effect.

Len knows that Kelly's problem is her confidence. Bruno thought it was better than last week, there were some beautiful difficult sections. He reminds her to forget doubt. Carrie Ann loves when she does something right, but she needs to stay focused. Score: 20 (7,6,7).

Overall Scores:

Mya & Dmitry - 27
Natalie & Alec - 26
Joanna & Derek - 23

Donny & Kym - 21
Aaron & Karina - 21
Kelly & Louis - 20
Louie & Chelsie - 20
Melissa & Mark - 19

Mark & Lacey - 18
Debi & Maks - 17
Chuck & Anna - 17
Tom & Cheryl - 15
Michael & Anna - 14

Who's going home? The sadistic in me wants to see Tom struggle with his fractures for another week. I think that the bottom two will be Debi & Maks and Michael & Anna. I'm really tired of Michael & Anna and hope that their low scores will send them home. Everyone else deserves another week of performances.

Tomorrow, performances by Queen Latifah and the Jabbawockeez if you're a huge fan of the dance crew, they'll be on America's Next Top Model on Wednesday, as well. Missed out on anything? Watch episodes on SlashControl.

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i would really like to see paula take len's place. she judges fairly. there still are a few that need to leave. mya is the winner in my eye so far. mike needs to go. plus others. i think mike thought he was leaving just by watching his facial expressions.

October 07 2009 at 1:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I've said it on way too numerous occasions. Len's scores are not based on what he's watching. Len's scores are based on what he wants. The dancing order means nothing. The dancing means nothing. Len could post his scores before the show airs and fly back to England early to work on his other show. Donny's 7 performance in no way shape or form was even close to Mya's 7. Chuck and Debi's 5 was not even close to Louie's 5.

I really hope Paula's presence was part of a plan to replace Len.

October 06 2009 at 2:18 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

my guess tom and debbie willl be in the bottom two. hopefully tom will be going home. what is up with len you can tell who he likes and who doesn't. why is len so upset with dmirty? i thought the dance was wonderful and why is len not liking louie. i think they are cute together. i am wandering if there is something going on with them two. can't wait to see who goes home tonight.

October 06 2009 at 2:07 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No one is mentioning Samantha's "slip o' the week" when, after getting his scores, she told Donny Osmond that he should have slipped Bruno the tongue. Phew! Donny will definitely be kicked out of Utah now!

October 06 2009 at 1:46 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

So looking at the other scores, what was with giving Mark & Lacey all 6's? They had a helluva lot more content, and better performance by FAR over some who got identical or, in a few cases, higher scores! Sure, Mark got a little too Kung-Fu-ey in a few of his arm movements, but the man can dance far beyond some of the stiff boards on there.
I guess its another season of DWTS (and mostly Len, although they all scored them low this week) hates Lacey.

October 06 2009 at 12:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to McMary's comment
Michael Pascua

The thing about it is that order makes a big decision maker on this show. If Kelly went first she would have gotten the same score that Mark did, and if Mark went last, he would have gotten a 20.

I think that it's true that Len dislikes some of Lacey's "edgy" choreography (and Dmitry is now on his naughty list), but I have a feeling that she's learning to balance the edge with some basic steps to make Len happy.

October 06 2009 at 12:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I remember watching this show when Maria Osmond was on there and she passed out..wow I am glad she was OK. We are all big fans here at http://www.redwoodbridges.com

October 06 2009 at 10:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I am not sure why I keep watching this show, other than the fact that it is the only show my wife and I sit and watch together. It's already obvious who has a chance to win and who is just there to fill out the numbers. It would be really great if they would eliminate 3 or 4 couples this week but obviously that will not happen. I really have an issue with Kelly who I think is getting a pass on being judged fairly. If she had been the first dancer up last night she would have been marked a lot lower than being the last dancer out there. Finally, did anyone else notice that Samantha who is more useless than Paula Abdul read the wrong couples name and phone number at the end for Tom and Cheryl. She repeated Derek and Joanna's name and number?

October 06 2009 at 9:53 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

My two least fav couples are Mike and Anna and especially Deb Mazur and Maks. Debbie looks hards and dances stiffer than a corpse.
Mike has an ego problem and poor Anna to be stuck with that. Mya and Natalie are now front runners.
Love Jabbawockeez and hope everyone else does, too. Now, they have unique choreography.

October 06 2009 at 7:56 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Michael and Anna gots to go. He is not taking this seriously at all

October 06 2009 at 2:41 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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