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October 9, 2015

Memorable TV Weddings

by AOL TV Staff, posted Oct 8th 2009 4:00PM
The OfficeIn the mood for a little 'Office' romance?

Tonight, Jim and Pam head to Niagara Falls to (finally!) tie the knot.

In honor of Dunder Mifflin's long-awaited union, we count down some of TV's memorable matrimonial affairs.

Here Comes the Bride: Memorable TV Weddings

    In the mood for a little 'Office' romance? In season 6, Jim and Pam (finally!) tied the knot in Niagara Falls. In honor of Dunder Mifflin's long-awaited union, we count down some of TV's memorable matrimonial affairs.

    Byron Cohen, NBC

    11. Luka Kovac & Abby Lockhart
    Show: 'ER'
    Played By: Goran Visnjic and Maura Tierney
    Wedding Date: May 3, 2007
    A Day to Remember: One of television's most tempestuous and long-suffering romances, Doctors Kovac and Lockheart finally tied the knot in a simple surprise wedding romantically set up by Luka to spare his no-nonsense bride months of stressful planning.

    Justin Lubin, NBC

    10. Simon & Rose
    Show: '7th Heaven'
    Played By: David Gallagher and Sarah Thompson
    Wedding Date: May 8, 2006
    A Day to Remember: In what was supposed to be the series finale, Simon and Rose ended up saying "I don't." But the day still held joy for the Camdens as Matt and Lucy both announced they were having twins.

    Danny Feld, The CW

    9. Ryan & Trista
    Show: 'The Bachelorette'
    Wedding Date: Dec. 6, 2003
    A Day to Remember: Trista Rehn officially became the only successful 'Bachelor' or 'Bachelorette' when she married her fireman/poet Ryan Sutter. The $1 million-plus lavish affair featured over 30,000 pink and ivory roses.

    Craig Sjodin, ABC

    8. Darnell & Joy
    Show: 'My Name Is Earl'
    Played By: Eddie Steeples and Jaime Pressly
    Wedding Date: Nov. 15, 2005
    A Day to Remember: After Joy scheduled her wedding on her ex-husband's birthday, Earl crashed the wedding and accidentally broke her nose. Just another thing to add to his karma list!


    7. David & Donna
    Show: 'Beverly Hills, 90210'
    Played By: Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling
    Wedding Date: May 7, 1998
    A Day to Remember: After 10 years, numerous hookups and breakups, high school and college graduations, David and Donna finally tied the knot. Plus, exes Dylan and Kelly got back together, ending the series on a hopeful note.

    Everett Collection

    6. Ross & Emily
    Show: 'Friends'
    Played By: David Schwimmer and Helen Baxendale
    Wedding Date: May 7, 1998
    A Day to Remember: In one of this series most infamous moments, Ross tearfully said, "I take thee ... Rachel." Only problem: He was marrying Emily! They wed anyway, only to break up later (surprise, surprise).

    Oliver Upton, NBCU Photo Bank

    5. Niles & Daphne
    Show: 'Frasier'
    Played By: David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves
    Wedding Date: Sept. 24, 2004
    A Day to Remember: After a long, unrequited crush on Daphne, Niles finally wed his gal in Reno, of all places. They eloped, but to pacify their family, pretended it never happened. Naturally, that led to comedic hijinks when wedding No. 2 took place.

    Chris Haston, NBC

    4. Sully and Michaela
    Show: 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman'
    Played By: Joe Lando and Jane Seymour
    Wedding Date: May 20, 1995
    A Day to Remember: Sure, Dr. Quinn's hoity-toity Boston mother and sisters tried to micromanage. And Sully's best man, Cloud Dancing, had a bounty on his head. But it wouldn't be a wedding without some minor catastrophes, right?

    CBS / Landov

    3. Chandler & Monica
    Show: 'Friends'
    Played By: Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox
    Wedding Date: May 17, 2001
    A Day to Remember: After first hooking up at Ross & Emily's wedding, this couple got through his commitment issues and her neuroses to tie the knot. Their wedding day had another surprise, too: Rachel learned she was pregnant.

    Danny Feld, NBC

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