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September 1, 2015

Best TV Theme Songs

by AOL TV Staff, posted Oct 9th 2009 6:40PM
On the heels of last week's shocking round 2 results (yep, we're still bitter about 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' losing), AOL TV users pulled another fast one on us in round 3, ousting front runner 'M*A*S*H' in favor of 'Happy Days.' So much for suicide being painless.

'Happy Days' now joins 'The Andy Griffith Show,' 'Gilligan's Island' and 'Mission: Impossible' in the next stage of our 5-round best TV theme songs tournament.

Only two can make it to next week's final round of voting. Which will it be? Vote now and then come back on Nov. 11 to see the results.

After five rounds of voting, AOL TV users have selected their choice for the best TV theme song ever. And the winner is (drum roll) ...

'Gilligan's Island.'

The toe-tapping tune about seven stranded castaways ousted 'Happy Days' in the championship round, squeaking by with just over 50 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile, 'The Andy Griffith Show' beat 'Mission: Impossible' in our consolation round, to finish in third place.

How did the rest of your favorite theme songs do? Relive the entire tournament with our final results.

Then tell us: What do you think of the results? What are your memories of these theme songs, and what is your favorite?

1. 'Gilligan's Island' - WINNER
Sample lyrics:
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful trip
That started at this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship

2. 'Happy Days'
Sample lyrics:
Sunday, Monday, Happy Days
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days
Thursday, Friday, Happy Days
Saturday, What a day
Groovin' all week with you

3. 'The Andy Griffith Show'
The whistling in the theme song was provided by songwriter Earle Hagen.

4. 'Mission: Impossible'
The theme features bongos, which were played by percussionist Emil Richards.

5. 'Bonanza'
A vocal version of the 'Bonanza' theme was used in the pilot. A number of artists have since recorded their own versions of the song, including Johnny Cash.

6. 'M*A*S*H'
Sample lyrics:
'Cause suicide is painless
it brings on many changes
and I can take or leave it if I please.
...and you can do the same thing if you choose.

7. 'The Addams Family'
Sample lyrics:
They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky
They're all together ooky,
The Addams Family

8. 'Green Acres'
Sample lyrics:
Green acres is the place to be
Farm livin' is the life for me
Land spreadin' out so far and wide
Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside

9. 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'
Sample lyrics:
Love is all around, no need to waste it
You can have the town, why don't you take it?
You're gonna make it after all!

10. 'Hawaii Five-O'
Sammy Davis, Jr. recorded a version of the song, called 'You Can Count on Me (Theme from Hawaii Five-O)'

The Jeffersons11. 'The Jeffersons'
Sample lyrics:
Well, we're movin' on up, to the East Side
To a deluxe apartment in the sky
Movin' on up to the East Side
We finally got a piece of the pie!

12. 'Laverne and Shirley'
Sample lyrics:
And we'll do it our way, yes our way
Make all our dreams come true
And we'll it our way, yes our way,
Make all our dreams come true
For me and you

13. 'The Brady Bunch'
Sample lyrics:
'Til the one day when the lady met this fellow
And they knew that it was much more than a hunch
That this group must somehow form a family
That's the way we all became the Brady bunch

14. 'Rawhide'
Sample lyrics:
Move 'em on, head 'em up,
Head 'em up, move 'em out,
Move 'em on, head 'em out, Rawhide!
Set 'em out, ride 'em in,
Ride 'em in, let 'em out,
Cut 'em out, ride 'em in, Rawhide!

15. 'Welcome Back, Kotter'
Sample lyrics:
Welcome back,
Your dreams were your ticket out.
Welcome back,
To that same old place that you laughed about.

16. 'Cheers'
Sample lyrics:
Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name
And they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see
Our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows your name

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