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October 23, 2014

Army Wives: Fields of Fire (season finale)

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 12th 2009 4:03AM
Army_wives_group(S03E18) Army Wives is the highest rated series in the history of Lifetime, and this season has done little to infringe on the show's popularity. For me, though, this past season has been a bit of a drag... until tonight's dramatic finale. In the tradition of the show, cliffhanger endings are its specialty and more than a few lives were torn asunder by the time the credits rolled on tonight's show.

There's a lot up in the air going into next season (which has already been ordered by Lifetime, so don't worry about these storylines not being resolved). Before looking at the couples, one by one, overall I think Army Wives could use some shaking up. There's a bit of complacency setting in, but more on that and the couples after the jump.

Roxy and Trevor are a rarity in soapy shows like this -- a happy couple. They've worked through a lot of issues, but at least with Trevor working as a recruiter, he won't be going to Iraq or Afghanistan any time soon. The big question with the LeBlancs is economic. A new baby on the way, the Hump Bar has become restricted to soldiers, Finn's private school costs are formidible ... On the horizon, I see very relatable hardships for this family. But like the song, love will keep them together.

Pamela and Chase have broken up. After Chase disappointed Pamela one time too many -- postponing a family trip to Myrtle Beach for a prestige training exercise in Colorado -- she left him and took the kids with her. Is Chase's commitment to his Army career more important that his commitment to family? Sure looks that way. His yelling for Pamela when she was long gone was haunting.

I don't think there's going to be a happy ending for Roland and Joan. I could be wrong, but Joan looked like she was caught in a battle -- that field of fire in the title -- that's deadly. Even if she survives, will she be unharmed? Roland may be a single dad when next season comes around, and not just for the length of Joan's deployment. Her decision to leave Sarah and Roland to command her troops might exact the ultimate sacrifice.

Michael's promotion to Major General doesn't assure that the Holdens are settled. The possible closure of Fort Marshall is huge, and the return of Lenore Baker will impact on Claudia Joy's life on the post. Lenore is a troublemaker and Claudia Joy has jousted with her before. Lenore's not back at Fort Marshall for garden parties and teas. By the way, the weakest element in the Holden's story this season was Claudia Joy's diabetes. They made her condition melodramatic. On the other hand, taking in the little girl from Iraq while she recovered from surgery was beautifully told, and a perfect way to get Emmalin to work through her anger issues since Amanda's death.

Finally, there's Jeremy Sherwood and his parents. It was great to see Frank and Denise reunite after the quickie divorce. You were rooting for them to find each other again. However, it has been heart wrenching to watch Jeremy's return from Iraq. The guilt he felt for his best friend's death was palpable. He didn't even have Lucky to comfort him because he's TJ and Finn's dog now.

All the signs were there that Jeremy was in trouble, especially the bar fight. I hope he didn't use that revolver on himself, but the indications are that Denise and Frank have lost their only son.

So, if I'm grading Army Wives, the season was a "B." They could do better. They have in the past.

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