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October 6, 2015

So You Think You Can Dance: Vegas Callbacks 2

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 15th 2009 12:50AM
Mia Michaels teaches the female contestants choreography
(S06E08) We're down to 77 contestants trying to get to the top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance. It's day two of Vegas and we follow the rest of the contestants as they go through choreography from several of our favorite choreographers including Making the Band's Lorrie Ann Gibson.

Injuries plague several of the dancers tonight, and it makes me wonder how far I would make it on this show before I sprained my Achilles' tendon.

I was all excited that we would find out the top 20 tonight. Sadly, I've been duped and will have to wait for next week.

Round Four - Laurie Ann Gibson gives the contestants an intense jazz routine for round four. Many of the contestants are intimidated and she gets upset when someone talks to the camera. I would be more intimidated by Laurie Ann Gibson than Mia Michaels.

Karen and Matthew, the married Boston couple, were the first up. The choreography Laurie Ann provided looks insane and most of the dancers look awkward. Karen squeaks past, but the jazz routine proved too much for Matthew and he's sent home. He didn't have any Latin flare in the jazz performance.

The dances continue and everyone is having trouble with the performances. We get words like "wet rag" and "feeling a melon." Nigel is upset about the whole choreography. By 7 PM, six dancers are cut cut, including Latin dancer Ivette and same-sex dancer Willem.

Mollee and Russel are next. Russel's partner sucked and it brought him down. Mollee danced like a little girl. Russel admits he has no formal training and it shocks the judges how well his moves were. The whole group is through. Mollee comes off the stage with an injured foot, but she fights on. She's afraid that the judges would know; the paramedics put ice on it.

Round Five - There are 69 dancers that will be broken down into the dreaded group round. The lack of sleep and tension kicks in and we're given a montage of crying. The groups file in the morning.

Russel's group includes Paula and Jacob Karr (who looks like a shoe in). They pull Broadway. The five seem excited because they were done at 11 PM. I'm happy to see that Russell kept up with the contemporary dancers. The judges had positive critiques, and all five are sent to the next round.

The last group included Mollee who was at the hospital. The group didn't know how to choreograph for four or five. Mollee showed up at midnight and she wants to go all out. The rest of the group tries to protect her by placing her on the chair for most of the routine. The group seems to cope with her injury, it cost them more time to do interesting choreography. Mia thought it was dumb. Nigel liked the concept, but it didn't show a lot of dance. The five still survive.

Round Six - It's time for the dreaded contemporary round with Mia Michaels. The nerves are high. Previously she has been intense on the dancers. This year she tries to get everyone to breathe and have everyone spiritually ready. There are 90 minutes of a nicer, calmer Mia.

Kevin Hunt (who we met in season 3) is in the first group, dancing yet again to "Walking on Air." It's as if this show doesn't have other songs. The judges are shocked how well his technique has improved. Mysteriously, the hip-hoppers are stepping up to the plate and doing a great job.

Legacy barely survived because he danced for his life. He was nervous learning, but he wants to emote his passion. His dancing looked poor to me. He's emotional when talking to the judges. They think that he improved because he exposed his emotions. He survives yet another round.

Round Seven - Tyce Diorio is teaching a Broadway routine with separate choreography for men and women. The performance is full action, extensions, and jumps for the women, while the men have a lot of sliding and knee bends. The girls are broken into groups of three to practice. Pauline, who got cut last season, had a chance to practice. When she goes for the final practice, she broke her ankle and it looks like a ball inserted itself into her ankle.

The rest of the girls dance; several who we barely meet get cut. Bianca, the tapper, easily makes it through. Ashleigh Di Lello (part of the Di Lello couple) is last tonight. Her husband has been shadowing her since their initial audition. She finally breaks out of his shadow and has a lot of sharp Broadway flicks. The judges felt that she grew the most out of everyone. She gets all the judges' votes.

There are 17 girls that made it to the final round so they have a pool party. Pauline has to wait for the men to talk to the judges. Ryan Di Lello is next and he's hoping to follow his wife. The men's choreography seems easier. Ryan takes off his shirt and Ashleigh calls him a ham. They love his dancing and fit body. He gets all six votes.

The rounds continue and the men understood the choreography better than the women. Tyce can't stop calling everyone fabulous. Dominic Pearson was taken out in season four because of an injury. He dances two beats ahead and added his own personal touches. He gets two votes out of six. He's disheartened. Adam thinks that he's all about the results and not dancing for the moment. Nigel wants him to toughen up. Along with Dominic, Silky and five other men get get cut.

Final Round - There are only 38 dancers (21 men survived) and Pauline is worried about her injury. She can't dance for two days. The rest of the dancers do their final solos for the judges. Billy Bell is first and it makes Adam Shankman cry. He's got at least one judge fighting for him, and I would be shocked if he doesn't make it.

Next week, we find out about the final 20 contestants. I guess we figure out what happens to Pauline and her tennis ball ankle next week.

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What was UP with Adam Shankman during Billy's solo? My GOD? There's moved to tears, and then there's, well, whatever THAT was!

October 15 2009 at 4:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Well the girl who looked like Morgan Larson (from a few seasons back) was eliminated last night so I guess I'll never know.

Gotta love the spunk of these girls - trying to dance on broken ankles! Can't wait to choose my favorite!

October 15 2009 at 12:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

nice review!

i am pulling for Billy, Bianca, Jacob, the Krumper, Kevin Hunt, Paula, and the Asian chick with the short hair. overall, this season looks stacked already. tons of talent to chose from.

October 15 2009 at 10:02 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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