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March 26, 2015

Community: Advanced Criminal Law

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 16th 2009 1:19AM
Ken Jeong (Community)(S01E05) Hmmm, I'm not even sure what it was. I still really like Community, and there were some moments that I recognized as humorous throughout this episode. And yet, I found myself kind of bored with most of it. Maybe it's me.

There was certainly plenty going on, with Señor Chang on the warpath because someone cheated on their Spanish test, Abed learning the highly cultured art of "messing with" someone, and Annie recruiting Pierce to write the new school song. You have the Dean running around still pretending the community college is Harvard or Brown, while Jeff's friend, Professor Duncan, began his quest to beat Jeff into Britta's pants.

I will state, officially for the record, that I am about as done with Britta constantly accusing Jeff of only wanting to get together with her. We're five episodes in and it's getting tired. Either he is or he isn't, but I don't need to hear about it in every scene they have together.

I did get a kick out of the tribunal being at a $6000 table right next to the college's pool, but the rest of the proceedings were, and I hate to keep using this word, boring. Also, Britta established during this episode that she has a problem with dishonesty. This is why even after she was exonerated and the blame for her admission shifted to Chang, for threatening to flunk the whole class if no one came forward and admitted to cheating, she still insisted that she had cheated.

But earlier in her "testimony," she said she hadn't written the cheat sheet. Which means either she was lying, or someone helped her cheat. I want to know more. Good lord, what am I doing? Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife) isn't going to show up and find evidence stuck to the bottom of a box or anything. Totally wrong show. My apologies.

I thought it was funny that Abed went so deep into his "messing with" Troy in pretending that he was an alien. Troy's pretty dumb, so there was a chance he might have fallen for it, but as further proof that Abed has no social understandings at all, he just doesn't get it. You know what we need to do? Get Abed and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory to sit down and have lunch together. I can just imagine Sheldon's superiority kicking in because he's clearly smarter than Abed, and yet he will not be able to figure Abed out.

Equally boring, primarily because it was so predictable, was Pierce saying he could write the school's new song. And the Dean just let him play it to the whole school without hearing it first. On second thought, in that slow pan out at the end, the Dean appeared to be quite enjoying the song. Maybe he didn't recognize the tune.

I still like Community. I've grown to enjoy all of the characters and think the potential is there to be a great comedy. Right now, though, it's just performing like a good one.

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