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August 29, 2015

Grey's Anatomy: Invasion

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 16th 2009 12:25AM
Izzie eyes the Mercy West newcomers.
(S06E05) We've finally reached the big merger episode of Grey's Anatomy. The orange doctors of Mercy West have invaded Seattle Grace Hospital. I can't get warmed up to all of the new characters that this show is shoving down my throat in one episode. All of them seem too pushy in a place where they're foreigners. If the show wants me to warm up to these Mercy West characters, they shouldn't act like dumb jocks or pushy girls with low self esteem.

In the end, the only losers are the patients that were being fought over. All of them went through hell because of the competition.

I grew so close to Lexie in the past few weeks that I was automatically on her side when Lexie's doppelganger took over. Billy, the unsuccessful robber, was an interesting choice to parallel to Lexie. I secretly squealed when she broke the new girl. Everyone has those first days, but having to write a mantra is really odd. Wouldn't chanting a mantra be enough to get one mentally ready without having a book? As a patient, I would be upset if my doctor was jotting down notes that wasn't on my chart because of doctor/patient confidentiality not knowing the fact that she was writing about herself.

Christina's breakdown has been forthcoming, and it was great to reinforce the connection between Meredith and Christina. The fact that they really didn't speak after Christina cried showed how the two interact. I was happy that the show even referred to Burke; I thought it was taboo, but with George not being around, it must be okay. That was the only time that Christina shone as a surgeon.

You knew that they set up the whole Chief/Asian HR woman office meeting in the beginning of the episode for something dramatic at the end. I was happy to see that the hospital got sued for laying off a person via email; that was unprofessional. Then we found out the big cut: Izzie. Shame on her for attempting the cancer card. She basically killed two patients in the past two episodes. For an unknown reason (other than the fact that Katherine Heigl is taping a movie) she'll leave Alex for at least five episodes. I could at least imagine for the next few episodes what it would have been like if both Izzie and George died last week. Again, like Lexie, Alex being a squeamish little girl won me over last week, and with him being depressed at the end of the episode, I'm on his side.

Amidst all the merger drama, we get a really heavy storyline involving Callie and her father. Gay situations never get a lot of air time, and I'm very happy with the way that Grey's handled it. I've never supported religious cleansing and never thought it would work, and when Callie's father pummeled her with Bible quotes, I got scared. Luckily Callie had fire and countered by quoting from the Bible about Jesus loving everyone. It's nice to learn a quick background of Arizona's name origin and how she was always gay. Her speech to Callie's father ("Are you still who I raised you to be?") was beautiful and to the point. I loved how he got it in the end; it was a nice warm fuzzy feeling.

Final thoughts: I like how they hid Ellen Pompeo's pregnancy bump with a table most of the episode. I missed the musical ending montage which wasn't as strong as this week's song. Finally, I write notes about this show as I type this review, but hell, I couldn't even keep up with the new names. I know the dumb jock looking one was Charles Percy, the guy who tackled that patient was Jackson, and the girl against Alex was Reed. Will I remember that next week? Only if their doctor's jackets are legible.

Next week, we get the episode based off of Kurosawa's classic film Rashomon. All twelve doctors will have their point of views. How did you guys like the episode? Leave comments below. As always, if you missed any of the action catch full episodes on SlashControl.

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Miami fan

Izzie is self absorbed and all about her..when she said she had nothing else but her job, paraphrasing, you step back and say...wait, your husband counts, right? you're alive when odds were you'd be dead!

Meredith has always been compassionate, caring and loyal to her friends and patients.

No hard decision to make as to which character I like. Then throw in KH's attitude toward the show vs. EP's quiet demeanor, no decision there either.

October 17 2009 at 11:37 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I've NEVER heard of everyone wearing just one color of scrubs. There is always a mixture of patterns and colors. I can't imagine one hospital being entirely ORANGE. That irritated me. The ugly guy Charles (i think) was an uglier version of George. Everyone new looked like everyone old. No one was defined or memorable. I would love to see Burke back. Meredith's character is whiney, ugly and boring. Izzie's character has cancer, they could have taken her off the show for a bit that way. This show has lost it's way. Introduce a one or two characters at a time and make them grow with story telling and good writing. Maybe that's the problem...the writing sucks and I'm not interested anymore. Just like Desperate Housecraps. That show sucks too and I don't even glance at it anymore. OLD OLD OLD...

October 16 2009 at 11:18 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to R's comment
Michael Pascua

It's funny you mention that, in both hospitals my mother works for they've recently implemented one solid color for all the workers (one is that really hospital blue, the other is "wine purple" aka maroon). Imagine a full hospital of maroon nurses. I've seen that before.

I believe they are allowed to wear the tops with patterns/flowers/characters, again the pattern actually has to have the color as part of it and the bottom has to be that mandatory solid color.

October 17 2009 at 12:17 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Ryan: I greatly dislike Izzy, but I hate Meredith far more than any other character on the show. Izzy actually has a few positive personal characteristics (and I'm trying to completely put aside the fact that I find Katherine Heigl far more attractive than Ellen Pompeo, whom I don't find the least bit attractive... though I also hear that Heigl is a whiny spoiled bitch in real life). Izzy stands up for herself, cares for her friends, and for the most part makes some minimal effort at trying to be a good person. I can't say a single positive thing about Meredith Grey. She is one of the most irritating characters on TV as far as I'm concerned, and I'd like the show much more if it were Yang's Anatomy. Hell, if the Grey's in GA referred to Lexie instead of Meredith, I'd like the show a lot more. Maybe they can actually get rid of Meredith and keep the title of the show the same, with it referring to Lexie Grey's Anatomy.

October 16 2009 at 12:49 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Haha... I'm not sure what it means when I find myself rooting for the people in the "orange" scrubs more than the ones in the "blue" because they seem more interesting and we can finally get new storylines.

Wait, I forgot to make that sound more dramatic by saying the same thing twice: "Because they seem more interesting. Because they seem... more interesting."

October 16 2009 at 12:39 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I know there are legitimate reasons to dislike Izzy, but it boggles my mind when people complain about her but NOT meredith grey. Meredith is the WORST, most annoying, empty, meaningless, irritating, whiny, bitchy, mean, selfish, idiotic character on the show (why the show is named for her confuses me even more and implies that out of all the characters, she is the one that definitely won't be going anywhere).

Izzy is a wonderful person compared to meredith grey. Maybe meredith is a better physician, but that's never the reason why people like/dislike the characters on this show.

Why is Izzy hatred so much more common than Meredith hatred? I don't get it. How can someone hate Izzy but NOT hate Meredith Grey?

October 16 2009 at 12:25 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to bruce's comment

Well, I hate them both.

October 16 2009 at 12:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This episode did not make any sense re Izzie. She just made a huge deal about how marriage means so much to her, she wants to take it to the next level with their own place, Seattle Grace means so much to her because of George, and she's still on IL2. How does it make ANY sense for her to leave? They should have done a better job setting this up & making sense of this. This was a real blunder.

Meredith/Ellen Pompeo is in bed, but what about the rest of her pregnancy? She's supposed to leave as well? Or a coma? What? So we have Alex, Lexie, & Christina (who sounds like she's leaving too unless MW has a cardio god she doesn't know about) left. We have new characters in tackle guy, Charlie, & mantra girl. Ok I guess I see that they make up for the losses.

One other thing that really bothered me. How white was that emergency room? 2 hospitals merge and everyone who comes in is white? Is this something I didn't know about Seattle? At least the patients need to be half or a third non-white. The non-white characters seem so sprinkled in, not at all realistic or relatable. Yes I know Grey's isn't realistic, but it's just something I would like. Too many white patients! For every ep with a--for instance--black patient, the next one is entirely white, and probably the next one too. How many more white women with narrow faces that all look the same can I take?

October 16 2009 at 12:10 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
2 replies to scazza's comment

really? you are going to complain about how most of the interns (that you see) arent black, and neither are the patients? when TWO of the main characters in the highest positions are black? Thats unheard of and awesome and I resent you implying that this show doesnt like minorities.

October 16 2009 at 2:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The show was created by Shonda Rhimes, a black woman. Let's not forget that the show started with three black surgeons and one Asian surgeon, which was unprecedented on TV. Even ER did not start out with that high of a percentage of minorities as main cast members, and it was groundbreaking at the time. You can't really complain about the racial mix right now, because the merger is going to have the cast in flux for a while, and we don't really know what the cast is going to look like even by the midway point in the season.

There are plenty of other shows on TV that are virtually racially homogeneous. Almost every prime-time scripted drama on the major networks could use a better racial balance, but I think your complaint about GA is unwarranted.

October 17 2009 at 11:36 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Maybe the worst episode ever. I was bored throughout and if this keeps up will be watching the office in this time slot in the future.

October 16 2009 at 11:29 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

For me, it was hard to truly pick sides. I was a bit annoyed at the Seattle Grace doctors in the beginning because all they did was whine and complain instead of JUST DOING THE JOB which the Mercy West doctors were doing (how DARE they).

Charlie really is the only one that got to my nerves. Everyone knows you don't call someone a bitch until you've grown close with them.

Love the Callie storyline ESPECIALLY her confrontation with her father in the conference room and Arizona's heartfelt speech later in the episode.

SO HAPPY that Izzie is gone. After the liver incident, I was thinking that if they don't fire her ASAP, this hospital is insane even for TV standards. I'm glad they did fire her and I so wished this was a permanent change. Maybe by the time the actress is ready to come back, both her and the show would have a change of heart and just make it permanent? But if she DOES come back, as much as I hate the character, it would be slightly intriguing to see what happens with Alex and her. Poor Alex.

October 16 2009 at 10:55 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

My favorite part was at the end when Meredith forces Christina to hug Alex. She looks confused about what to do and he steps back and looks terrified that she might actually hug him.

October 16 2009 at 9:53 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I was hoping against hope that Izzy would kill herself and leave a note on her chest to give her kidney to the woman she almost killed.

I like the Mercy West people, especially charles, he fills the void that George left.

Alex deserves better than Izzy, not only do they have NO sexual chemistry what so ever, she could care less about him and it shows.

I love when christina cries, she gets the "mom" bubble which in my house means your voice sounds like your mom....or its wierd.

October 16 2009 at 8:08 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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