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October 13, 2015

Project Runway: Sequins, Feathers, and Fur. Oh, My!

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 16th 2009 12:51AM
Shirin doesn't like hearing bad criticism.(S06E09) This week on Project Runway the contestants are given a very interesting challenge: design an extravagant stage look. Their inspiration has to come from world renowned Bob Mackie and pop superstar Christina Aguilera in mind. They had two days and $300 to make a sequin/feather extravaganza.

Unfortunately for us, Gordana had the last immunity of the season and couldn't be eliminated. I guess what she made was better than a sequin sweater. If I had immunity, I would have made a sequin one piece bathing suit with feather accents. It probably would have been better than Gordana's dress.

Several of the contestants were deer in headlights as they tried to make outfits. I was surprised how many people didn't channel more of Cher and feathers. I've seen Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics: Live and Down Under DVD, and I don't think anyone thought of Christina Aguilera when they made their outfits. This was their best chance to go all out and they all ended up making slightly edgy dresses.

Tim's best critique was when he suggested making Christopher's reveal more slutty. His second best phrase was when he compared Shirin's dress to a cross between Guinevere and Vampira. Shirin almost fell into the same trap of all the previous designers when she considered doing a last minute dress. Ironically, she could have done better with the red fabric because no one else attempted a loud color.

With only a few moments left, Tim tried to make sure all the designers were ready. When Tim suggested to the designers to use the Macy's accessory wall, I couldn't help but wonder how. Other than shoes, how would one justify the model wearing a clutch?

Along with Heidi for judging this week is Bob Mackie, Christina Aguilera, and Nina Garcia. As the models walked down, I couldn't help but think of how unnecessary the whole reveal was. Each contestant that tried it failed miserably. The bottom of Christopher's jacket looked exactly like the bottom part of his avant garde dress back in week three. Althea's looked so much better without the big black poof. Logan's piece didn't look concert-like at all; it was more VMA award worthy.

Shirin's outfit looked like a tacky black mermaid. I was disappointed that Gordana had immunity because I hated the fact that her sequin section ended at the models' bottom and then had more fabric. I think it would almost have been saved if it ended at the sequin section. While I won't contest the beauty of Carol Hannah's dress, I disliked the fact that it was all black.

The contestants with high scores were Nicolas (good movement, short), Carol Hannah (nice textures, technicality), and Althea (clever use of fabric, shapely). The winner this week was Carol Hannah. I would be more surprised if the whole episode didn't set it up.

The bottom scores were: Shirin (upscale witch), Christopher (knockoff, tasteless), and Logan (cavewoman, not dramatic). After weeks of being in the bottom three, Christopher survives again. Shirin is sent home.

While I agree with how the positions broke down, I couldn't help but think that Nicolas may have won if it didn't look like a repeat. I'm okay with Shirin going home because she hasn't impressed me; she was often displayed whining about her dress and the challenges. Also, I'm shallow and like staring at Christopher.

If Irina wins the whole shebang, I will be disappointed. She comes off as such a bitch in her interviews, but her outfits are only above average. The thing about it is that she's not even a compelling bitch/villain like Kenley, Wendy Pepper, or Santino were in prior seasons.

Next week, Rodeo Drive. Irina doesn't want to make friends. We finally get the full classic judging panel of Michael, Nina, and Heidi. Do you think Shirin should have been the one going home? Do you find it ironic that Christopher was in the bottom three times and didn't get the three strikes speech from Heidi? As always, leave comments below.

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They are slowly eliminating the pretenders, which is what is supposed to happen. If you have immunity, why try and that is the attitude Gordana took. To me, Logan is on the brink. Christopher too. I think they gave it to Carol just so they could eliminate her now with one win on the resume.

October 16 2009 at 11:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

None of the designs impressed me and it's sad really because, as you said, this particular challenge gave them the opportunity to go wild and crazy instead of just "slightly edgy." Very disappointed.

Having said that, I like both Shirin and Christopher, but I definitely agree that they were the bottom two. If I were the judges and only saw what was put in front of me during the runway shows, then I would've given the boot to Christopher as he has disappointed in the past few weeks.

Though if he does end up in the bottom three again next week, then I'd definitely get rid of him even if his design isn't the worst.

October 16 2009 at 10:45 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"Also, I'm shallow and like staring at Christopher."

Sigh. Me too.

Seems Chris has lost his mojo, though. The bustier looked really amateurish.

Is it just me, or is this truly the worst set of designers on Project Runway. They're not terrible... just incredibly boring.

October 16 2009 at 10:09 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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October 16 2009 at 7:19 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm really disappointed Shirin went home. I think she has a lot of talent. She's done really well in past challenges, and even though I think Christopher seems like a nice guy, he's also messed up the last three times, really badly. I know they don't take into account past outfits, but I still think Shirin was a better designer and shouldn't have gone home. Very sad.

October 16 2009 at 3:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

All Sharin did was whine the whole time about every aspect... It's a good thing I don't intend to ever meet her, one look at her pout and I just might punch her in the face.

I think Nicolas' was the best, but none of these folks really stepped out into the range they could've for this challenge.

I mean, at one point Logan commented that his dress almost looked like a costume... as though that were a bad thing.... yeah, normally so... but this was a costume challenge!?!?

It reminded me of the wedding dress challenge and the confusion Epperson clearly had. Are these people just not that bright that they can't wrap their heads around the concept of the challenge itself?

October 16 2009 at 2:42 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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