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October 9, 2015

Recap: Dancing with the Stars - Performance 6

by Michael Pascua, posted Oct 27th 2009 12:42AM
Lacey drags a lifeless Mark across the dancefloor.(S09E12) Dancing with the Stars had the Waltz or Jitterbug for individual dancing, but the big twist tonight was the Mambo group competition. All the couples will dance the mambo at the same time. The judges determine the elimination: as the couples dance, Len holds up a paddle and that team is eliminated. The first couple cut gets two points while the last team standing earns ten.

As the contestants walk down, both Louie Vito and Chelsie Hightower trip on the way down. It's a bad omen and never a good way to start the show.

Mya & Dmitry - Jitterbug - Mya is out for the 30 and she's happy to find out that the Jitterbug is all about fun. Mya's body is starting to take its toll; she gets a massage and feels better. The storyline in the beginning takes too long but the performance is cute and Mya is all smiles. There wasn't anything that made me remember the performance at the end of the show, except for the broom that stood by itself.

Len thought that the gimmicks and props made the performance disappointing. Bruno thought that it was stylistically spot on. Carrie Ann disagrees, she thinks that she was soft and muted. She expected more from Mya. Score: 24 (8,7,9).

Melissa & Mark - Waltz - Mark is worried because Melissa does better with uptempo dances. She's awkward with her posture. Mark decides to bring his mother, Shirley, and she puts pressure on Melissa. There is an odd expression on Melissa's face (a forced smile) and she doesn't have grace. She keeps up with Mark's choreography and it's clear that he led her through the performance.

Bruno thought that it was disappointing for week six. She looked awkward and her feet were everywhere. Carrie Ann thought it looked sticky and rigid. Len saw the musicality and thought she was elegant. Unfortunately, the technique was bad. He thinks Bruno and Carrie Ann's criticism was too harsh. Score: 20 (7,7,6).

Mark & Lacey - Jitterbug - Lacey wants to make Mark do all the tricks this week. Lacey brings Mark to a Jitterbug club. The clubbers teach them that it's all about the passion. The dance is trick friendly, with Mark doing flips and lifts. I appreciated that he did a lot of silly faces. I just wish that they wouldn't depend on the butterfly flip.

Carrie Ann loved the performance. She was disappointed that there was one stumble at the end. Len thought that all the tricks were full of energy and great. Bruno thought it was spectacular, except for the timing right at the end. Score: 26 (9,9,8).

Aaron & Karina - Waltz - Aaron is frustrated about being in the red and Karina reassures her that they are doing their best. Aaron brings Karina roses and wears a suit to show his commitment. While I don't like Aaron's grimaced face, Karina is graceful and light as the two circle around the dance floor. Karina showed that she's better suited for a Latin dance by including some staccato head moves.

Len thought it had maturity, posture, and connection. He thought it was Aaron's best dance. Bruno thought that it was good, except that he lost his footing at points. Carrie Ann fell in love with the character, but she agrees with Bruno's criticism. Score: 25 (8,9,8).

Michael & Anna - Waltz - Michael went on air on the radio to thank his fans. Anna is worried that Michael keeps stressing out. As the two dance, I'm almost surprised at Michael's grace. His height becomes a disadvantage as he looks scrunched in several sections. Anna did a good job choreographing.

Bruno thought that the Waltz was not a high caliber waltz. The posture wasn't strong enough. Carrie Ann thought that Anna's foot went up in the lift. There was strong grace, but stumbles. Len saw the gentle charm and he thought the footwork was strong. Score: 20 (6,8,6).

Kelly & Louis - Jitterbug - Kelly continues to second-guess herself. Louis decides to bring her to circus school to a trapeze where she can prove to herself that she can do anything. She took the leap of faith, blindfolded. Kelly keeps a cute face during the whole routine and keeps with Louis' defensive choreography. He worked around her ankle. There were only two lifts near the end, but the spins and the fun factor made up for the lifts.

Carrie Ann felt the sense of fun, but she warns Kelly that she doubts herself. Len knows that the bad ankle caused a flat-footed nature. He was disappointed. Bruno thought it was cute, but she needs to ignite the performance. He thought the performance was beige. Score: 20 (7,6,7).

Louie & Chelsie - Jitterbug - Louie is worried about being pedestrian and the stress of doing three dances gets to them. The two attempt tricks and it fails a little bit. Chelsie decides to use his snowboarding skills as an asset. They play the whole hot girl with the dork. He still has this look of confusion. Chelsie does the assisted flip and lands on her bum; luckily the camera cuts away to Louie on the judges' table.

Len thought parts were fantastic, but parts had no energy. Bruno thought the precision went off and he was unsteady; he needs to work on cleaning it up. Carrie Ann thought the dance suited him, but he dropped his partner twice. Score: 21 (7,7,7).

Joanna & Derek - Waltz - Derek's back and Joanna feels better with him around. She struggles with her frame and it stresses Derek. There is elegance as the two spin around. Joanna struggles a little when she tries to go between Derek's legs, but Derek alleviates the problem by scooting forward. Their finale spin was an elegant close to the performance.

Bruno thought it was like a butterfly. The weightless quality was wonderful. Carrie Ann thought the lines and carriage was right, but she saw hesitation. Len saw some weakness in her footwork, but the hold, posture, and musicality was strong. Score: 26 (8,9,9).

Donny & Kym - Jitterbug - Kym has decided to create some very interesting choreography to keep the scores high. Donny is starting to show some age with all the lifts. As part of their community service, the two went to teach some people with special needs. There is a really interesting steam train opening and the energy stays high throughout. They cover a lot of the dance-floor, including the stage near the end. They finish with some strong solo choreography.

Carrie Ann saw a weird stumble in the beginning and there was synchronization trouble. Len loves how he went all out, but disliked the overuse of the choo-choo dance motion. Bruno thought that he was a good performer, but had stumbles. Score: 24 (8,8,8).

Round Two

Competition Mambo - Chelsie is worried about Louie standing there. Joanna is worried about her endurance. Mark's biggest worry is technique. Mark reminds us that there is "floorcraft." Michael practices bumping into people. As for strategy, Aaron is bringing a sexy character. Kym wants Danny to learn a four minute number. Kelly and Louis decide to freestyle for the whole four minutes.

The dancers emerge in their spots, while Tom keeps the tabs. The whole sequence reminds me of America's Ballroom where I have no one that I'm rooting for. Derek decides to do a lot of work involving the floor. The judges get really upset at Melissa for some reason before she's eliminated. After her elimination, the groups start breaking away from their lit spot. Joanna is at a full advantage being in front of the judges. With only four couples, the groups have the full floor, but Derek continues to hump the floor. Dmitry does an amazing leg spin with Mya, but it's not enough and Joanna & Derek win.

Len loved the whole format, and the judges continued to argue. Bruno thought it was a fiesta of fun. Carrie Ann thought Joanna had the competitive spirit that gave them the win.

Tap Order

9. Michael & Anna (2 Points)
8. Louie & Chelsie (3 Points)
7. Melissa & Mark (4 Points)
6. Kelly & Louis (5 Points)
5. Mark & Lacey (6 Points)
4. Donny & Kym (7 Points)
3. Aaron & Karina (8 Points)
2. Mya & Dmitry (9 Points)
1. Joanna & Derek (10 Points)

Final Scores

Joanna & Derek - 36 (26 + 10)
Mya & Dmitry - 33 (24 + 9)
Aaron & Karina - 33 (25 + 8)

Mark & Lacey - 32 (26 + 6 )
Donny & Kym - 31 (24 + 7)
Kelly & Louis - 25 (20 + 5)

Melissa & Mark - 24 (20 + 4)
Louie & Chelsie - 24 (21 + 3)
Michael & Anna - 22 (20 + 2)

It seems obvious that the judges dislike Louie Vito, but are growing on Michael Irvin. The problem is that both seem to have large fan-bases that can compete with Donny's fan-base. Combining how previous weeks have gone, even if he's gotten the second highest score, I predict that Aaron will be in the dance-off. I think that Melissa will go home automatically and Michael will be in the dance-off with Aaron. Michael will be sent home by the judges.

There are three questions tonight to ponder. First, who is automatically going home? Second, which two will face off in the Dance-Off? Lastly, do you think the judges will automatically send home Michael or Louie if they make it to the dance off against any of the competitors. Leave comments below.

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This is my weekly rant that Kelly needs to go home. She did absolutely nothing once again last night.

October 27 2009 at 2:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It was enjoyable to see something new with the Mambo Competition. I think this was a sneak preview of how this season will end, Michael, Louie & Melissa going next,
then Mark & Kelly, leaving Donny & Aaron competing for 3rd, Mya & Joanna the 2 finals, and Joanna winning, although my favorites are Mya & Dmitry.

October 27 2009 at 11:29 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Barbara Lomax

How can Carrie Ann and Bruno give Micheal Ervin a 6 and give Louie a 7 when Louie dropped his partner twice. Micheal didn't drop his partner. I thought he did a wonderful job. Better than his previous dances. I think Carrie Ann and Bruno are being Biased when it comes to Micheal Ervin

October 27 2009 at 10:43 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I don't think Aaron will be in the dance-off only because the difference between him and the lowest scores is that of 9 and 11. That is a huge lead, unless only 2 people vote for him I think he should be safe.

I don't think Louie's fanbase is as strong as Michael Irvin's, so I think he will definitely be in the danceoff.

I think Melissa is likely to be the star who is automatically eliminated.

I don't know if Michael Irvin will end up in dance-off with Louie, I think his fanbase has to know his chances aren't good if he ends up in the dance-off, so they'll probably vote extra hard. I think if its between Michael and Louie, at this stage Louie might go because in the past few weeks Michael has shown some improvement. But if its anyone else, and Michael, he is going home

October 27 2009 at 2:14 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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