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March 26, 2015

Review: Survivor Samoa - Houdini Magic

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Oct 30th 2009 12:50AM
Shambo leads Galu to ...
(S19E07) Even though we're down a Russell this week on Survivor, I'll continue to refer to the remaining Russell as "Evil Russell." It just somehow fits even without a confusion of Russells. However, there is just one Shambo. Although she's a good worker in camp and works hard on the challenges, that might be a good thing. One Shambo is quite enough. Perhaps she's just too nice to be on the show. Perhaps she is a bit dim. I just don't know.

What Shambo definitely is is gullible. Her gallant Galu men tribemates got her hook, line, and sinker as they voted for her to be the new leader of Galu. No, they don't want her to lead. They want to direct her. They realized with Russell gone that the numbers of male and female were evenly matched. They're using her. I keep wanting to like Shambo, but the woman needs to open her eyes.

At least they split up the reward and immunity challenges once again. The covered item reward challenge is an old theme. But what I found interesting about tonight's challenge was how quickly Shambo backed down when she was told to sit out Erik instead of Brett. The other women on the tribe are already leery about why the guys wanted Shambo. Shambo backing right down on her first decision reveals all. The others aren't anywhere near as gullible as Shambo.

So, Laura ended up sent to Foa Foa when Galu won reward. Now, we all could have predicted that Evil Russell would be circling her like a lion after his prey. This misogynistic dude thinks all women will fall for his evil mojo. Alas, it looks like most do. Laura went into a final two deal with him. I wish we had more women with minds like Liz. But Liz tends to speak her mind just a bit too much. We need a quiet Liz.

At the immunity challenge it looked like Foa Foa might finally win. That is, until Jaison fell apart. He's really irking me. I so liked him in the beginning. He's smart, well-spoken, not evil, and looks like he should be fit enough to hang in there. He's disappointing me more each episode.

After Galu won once again, I was thinking that there would be a chance that Russell would lead his minions to keep Liz and get rid of Jaison. That move would make the most sense. Liz is good in challenges -- definitely better than Jaison as of late. She also works around camp. Jaison sleeps and whines. I could tell with the way they edited things that they wanted us to think Jaison would go, but it would be Liz cast out. So be it. As I said before, if they all continue to let Evil Russell bamboozle them, they all deserve to lose.

In the promo snippet it was revealed the merge comes next week. It can't come too soon for the dwindling numbers of Foa Foa. But the damage may already be done. With four members against eight, all the Galu folks would have to do is pick them off one by one. We've seen that done before.

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Who will win the first individual immunity?
Dave17 (7.8%)
Shambo13 (6.0%)
Mick34 (15.6%)
Natalie4 (1.8%)
Evil Russell50 (22.9%)
Laura6 (2.8%)
Brett20 (9.2%)
Jaison9 (4.1%)
John14 (6.4%)
Monica2 (0.9%)
Kelly5 (2.3%)
Erik44 (20.2%)

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