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June 30, 2015

Review: Stargate Universe - Earth

by Mike Moody, posted Nov 7th 2009 12:30PM
sgu earth

(S01E07) With the IOA and Stargate Command planning a risky rescue mission aboard The Destiny, Eli, Chloe and Young used the communication stones to head back to Earth and... indulge in a little drinking and sex!

The crew faced death again, Col. Telford came aboard to annoy everyone again, and Rush hovered on the fringe, skulking and whining about the military's plan of action. Again.

Still, I really enjoyed how everything played out this week. Finally Eli, aka the Star Wars-referencing funny guy, was given more to do than make jokes and pine for Chloe. David Blue really sold the scenes with Eli talking to his mother. I sensed a real longing from Eli to want to take care of his mom and prove himself to her out of love and respect. It was a good idea to have him pose as a co-worker. That way, we got to see what he really thinks about himself, his mother, and his current situation.

So, it looks like Young might have screwed up his marriage by cheating on his wife with Johansen. If Young is so desperate to patch things up with his wife back home, why is he still having fantasies about Johansen? Is he only trying to do the right thing out of a sense of obligation instead of following his true feelings?

And poor Chloe. All she has back on Earth is a shallow life full of crappy frienemies now that her dad is gone. I guess that makes it easier for her to accept the fact that she'll probably be stuck on a million year old spaceship for the rest of her life. At least she's got Eli, who doesn't seem too thrilled about still being trapped in the friend zone.

Back on the ship, Telford and two scientists (including Ryan Kennedy, aka Smallville's Cosmic Boy!) headed up an experiment to get The Destiny home that we all knew would never work. Or maybe it could have worked if Rush hadn't undermined their efforts. Who knows? Either way, we were left, once again, asking the question: Can we trust Dr. Rush? Did he pull the plug on the experiment to save the ship from exploding? Or did he do it only because he doesn't want to go home? We know the IOA probably won't let him back on the ship if the crew ever makes it back to Earth. It's possible that he was only thinking of himself and screwed everyone out of their only shot at heading home.

I liked that Rush's plan made Telford look like a self-serving weasel. I had no doubt that he'd cut and run if things got too dangerous. It was good to see Richard Dean Anderson's Jack O'Neill stick up for Young at the final meeting. Unlike Telford, O'Neill is a soldier with integrity who doesn't let his ego get in the way of saving people's lives – kinda like Young.

And what about that final scene? Do you really think Telford is evil enough to impersonate Young and try to sleep with his wife? It's more likely he's working another angle in an effort to undermine Young and his command.

So, what did you think, folks? Are you finally starting to care about these characters? Should the show ditch the communication stones and leave the crew with no way to contact Earth? Did you enjoy the, er, special appearance by pop singer Janelle Monáe?

Next week: We go back to the future!

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