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October 4, 2015

Top 50 Teen Idols (30-21)

by Kim Potts, posted Nov 10th 2009 6:00AM
Leif Garrett30. Leif Garrett
Show We Loved Him On: 'Family' (1976-80)
Why He Made Us Swoon: Already a pop singer when he guest-starred on one of 'Family''s trademark "very special episodes," Garrett played Buddy's (Kristy McNichol) boyfriend, Zack, who wanted to take their teen romance to the next level. Buddy was having none of it, but she was one of the few who turned long-locked ladies' man Leif down; he even dated teen queens Nicolette Sheridan and Justine Bateman.

Matthew Fox29. Matthew Fox
Shows We Loved Him On: 'Party of Five' (1994-2000), 'Lost' (2004-present)
Why He Made Us Swoon: Fox's twentysomething Charlie Salinger was left in an unenviable position when his parents died: The responsibility-phobic hunk was suddenly in charge of raising his four siblings. His efforts, often heartbreaking and resulting in failure, endeared Charlie -- and Fox -- to viewers, who fought to keep the show from being cancelled after its first season. His Dr. Jack Shepherd on the hit mystery drama 'Lost' at first appeared to be a Teflon leader, but as Jack's insecurities have surfaced, he's earned viewers' sympathy.

John Schneider28. John Schneider
Shows We Loved Him On: 'The Dukes of Hazzard' (1979-85), 'Smallville' (2001-06)
Why He Made Us Swoon: Tight jeans, cowboy boots, a mess o' blond hair and a souped-up car were Schneider's trademarks as good ol' boy Bo Duke, and, unless you were Boss Hogg, those were probably enough to earn his poster a spot on your wall. Flash-forward almost two decades to Schneider as Clark Kent's dad on 'Smallville,' and well, especially by dad standards, he was still pretty wall-space-worthy.

James Franco27. James Franco
Shows We Loved Him On: 'Freaks and Geeks' (1999-2000), 'James Dean' (2001)
Why He Made Us Swoon: As James Dean in TNT's 2001 biopic, Franco's performance as Dean was amazing and eerily spot on. On the lighter side, he'd already won us over and portended the great talent he continues to become as 'Freaks and Geeks'' Daniel, the hottie, rebellious leader of the freaks whose bad attitude and failing grades masked what a smart guy and loyal friend he could actually be.

Scott Baio26. Scott Baio
Shows We Loved Him On: 'Happy Days' (1977-84), 'Joanie Loves Chachi' (1982-83), 'Charles in Charge' (1984-90)
Why He Made Us Swoon: Chachi, Chachi, Chachi. Fonzie's younger cuz was essentially a younger, slightly less cool (of course) version of the Fonz, from his tough guy 'tude to his greaser threads. Years later, Baio, who had earned quite a reputation as a ladies' man in Hollywood, was equally adorable as manny Charles, though he reportedly dated one of his on-screen charges -- Nicole Eggert -- off-screen. Baio has since chronicled finally settling down and becoming a dad with his reality shows, 'Scott Baio Is 45 ... and Single' and 'Scott Baio Is 46 ... and Pregnant.'

Jonas Brothers25. Jonas Brothers
Shows We Loved Them On: 'Camp Rock' (2008), 'JONAS' (2009-present)
Why They Made Us Swoon: Sure, it's easy to be cynical about a trio of shaggy-haired boy banders who brag about their purity rings. Then again, aren't they the kind of boys you'd hope would be hanging with your young daughter? Either way, the teenage girls definitely want to hang with the handsome, wholesome siblings, who not only appear on teen mag covers, but have had entire issues devoted to them.

John Stamos24. John Stamos
Shows We Loved Him On: 'General Hospital' (1963-present), 'Full House' (1987-95)
Why He Made Us Swoon: His stint as 'General Hospital' rocker Blackie Parrish ended when Blackie was sent to prison, but the handsome, already Daytime Emmy-nominated Stamos quickly landed his career-making role as 'House''s Uncle Jesse, another wannabe rocker and ladies' man who helped raise his dead sister's kids, played with his band, Jesse and the Rippers, and tended to his Elvis-like hair. Off screen, Stamos married and divorced a model (Rebecca Romijn) and found a career resurgence on 'ER.'

Ricky Schroder23. Ricky Schroder
Show We Loved Him On: 'Silver Spoons' (1982-86)
Why He Made Us Swoon: He had already won a Golden Globe for 'The Champ,' and Ricky -- or the Ricker, as he was dubbed by the teen mags -- ventured into teen idol territory with an almost Michael J. Fox-like gift for comedy as 'Silver Spoons'' sweet-faced Ricky Stratton, the kid who moved in with his single dad, an immature and ridiculously wealthy toy company owner. Schroder went on to play a troubled detective on 'NYPD Blue' (were there any other kind on that show?), announced he wanted to be known as "Rick" and then changed back to Ricky.

Kirk Cameron22. Kirk Cameron
Show We Loved Him On: 'Growing Pains' (1985-92)
Why He Made Us Swoon: The curly-haired teen idol played fast-talking Mike Seaver, who spent more time getting out of messes than he would have by just doing the right thing in the first place. His orneriness and laidback cool made him the sitcom's breakout star, earning thousands of dollars a week and landing each month on the covers of mags like Teen Beat, Tiger Beat and Bop, the bibles of teen idoldom. Now the evangelical Christian is more interested in the Bible, recently starring in the surprise hit religious indie 'Fireproof.'

Jared Padalecki21. Jared Padalecki
Shows We Loved Him On: 'Gilmore Girls' (2000-07), 'Supernatural' (2005-present)
Why He Made Us Swoon: We'll give you that Milo Ventimiglia was a temptation as clichéd rebel without a clue Jess, but we were firmly ensconced on Team Dean, the 'Gilmore' character who was Rory's first boyfriend, as played by the sweet, tall, adorkably handsome Padalecki. As demon-chasing Winchester bro Sam on 'Supernatural,' he's tougher, even taller, and decidedly more handsome, too.

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