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October 8, 2015

Review: The New Adventures of Old Christine - Nuts

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 12th 2009 12:35PM
The New Adventures of Old Christine(S05E07) I guess the fate of Marion Ross was handled off-screen, because Matthew and Richard are settling into her old digs, and she was nowhere to be seen this episode. Now that I think about it, though, she could be shacking up in Matthew's old digs out in the backyard. It would make for a pretty funny callback to have her character pop back up. Maybe even act as if Christine didn't even know she'd moved in back there.

I wasn't as impressed with the forced obligatory "we're different but now we're roommates" storyline for Matthew and Richard. Hopefully, now that it's out of the way, the writers have some ideas of some fun things they can do with the mismatched pair. In five seasons, we've not seen a great deal of interaction between them, but their differences could make for some good comedy.

As much as I know it's just a TV show, I really don't want Matthew to wind up moving back in with Christine. You have to figure New Christine is still out there and a part of the show, so she and Richard may work it out at some point. Maybe Matthew could go live there. The poor guy's suffered enough.

The bulk of the episode saw Christine back in therapy with Eric McCormack's Dr. Max Kershaw. It's a good thing this guy isn't being monitored by a mentor or other professional, because the sexual tension that he exudes toward Christine is so thick I felt like wiping my TV screen off a few times. Luckily, despite his weaknesses, he's doing a solid job of getting to the root of her problems.

I can't imagine the series would go so far as to "cure" Christine, because it is the very fact that she is so nuts that makes us laugh. I suspect the more likely scenario is that they will succumb to heir baser desires, have sex, start a relationship, Max will lose his job and then Christine will break up with him because things start getting tough.

I'd never realized, until Max pointed it out, that Barb is an enabler to Christine's issues. In fact, I'd say most everyone around her is. It's far easier to give in to her and give her what she wants then to put up with her craziness when she doesn't get it.

Little Ritchie was seen in exactly one scene, and it was brilliant. Right after Christine storms out of the house to pick up her son from school, thereby proving that she gets things done and is responsible, Ritchie comes downstairs. "Where's my mom going?" Perfect line, great little moment of comedy.

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"The bulk of the episode saw Christine back in therapy with Eric McCormack's Dr. Max Kershaw."

Sanity check: Did I miss an episode? Was this not Eric McCormack's first appearance on the show?

November 13 2009 at 7:24 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Mike's comment
superfan laurie

This is McCormack's second episode as therapist. He was introduced maybe two weeks ago as an officemate and mentor to Matthew.

November 14 2009 at 12:15 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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