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October 4, 2015

Review: Ghost Whisperer - Dead Listing

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Nov 14th 2009 4:10PM
Ghost Whisperer
(S05E08) "How did you find this one?" - Det. Sam Blair to Melinda and Eli

Eli and Melinda quickly came up with a fake story as to why they often discover bodies or are around crime scenes. Detective Blair bought it this time but it wouldn't surprising if she decides to dig a little deeper to get real answers. After years of being around deceased, one would expect that the Grandview police would start investigating why Melinda, and now Eli, are involved in a lot of their cases, no?

While we wait for Det. Blair to start to investigate Melinda and Eli, we are treated to one of the wackiest and lightest episode of the season thanks to Greg Germann and Perrey Reeves guesting on the episode.

The ghost of the week

What a wacky episode indeed! Greg Germann as Kirk, the bitter real estate agent, was a delight to watch on screen. Kirk was definitately the most annoying, crazy, opinionated, and stubborn ghost of the week we have seen since the series premiered, which was a welcomed changed compared to the darker ghosts we've seen so far this season.

Kirk and Rita's toxic relationship offered us some fun and over-the-top scene such as the one where Rita enters her home to find her clothes all over the place and decides to trash Kirk's most prized possessions, only to end up killing herself. Did you discover that Rita was dead before she asked why she could see her husband? I sure didn't.

The private investigator whom Kirk hired was right, Rita and Kirk are/were made for each other. Sadly, it took death to bring them back to one another.

Aiden's magic and friends

Aiden was introduced to magic by Riley, a character played by Camryn Manheim's son, Milo. As soon as Jim bought Aiden a magic kit, I knew Aiden would get ghostly help to perform some nifty magic. What I didn't expect was that the help was from a ghost and not a shiny.

Melinda and Jim soon discovered that Aiden was using his gift to perform tricks. Aiden is a bright kid, so it didn't take him a long speech from his parents to learn that he had to stop using ghostly help when doing magic as it was cheating. Melinda could relate since she used her ghostly friends to cheat on tests and learn if her boyfriends were cheating or not.

Aiden admitted that a ghost, not a shiny, helped him perform the tricks and that there are a lot of ghosts out there... What his parents don't know is that "out there" also includes the closet in Aiden's room!

That little blond girl ghost hiding in Aiden's closet sure doesn't look like a shiny. She appears to be troubled and going through some scary stuff. I feel that she will be trouble for Aiden and eventually Melinda. You?

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