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September 4, 2015

Review: The Prisoner - Part Three: Anvil

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 17th 2009 12:29AM
The Prisoner: Anvil
(E03) I'm no closer to figuring out everything that's going on, but I am more appreciative of the fact that the entire story will be done by tomorrow night. Things are so confusing at times, I'm not sure I can keep it all in my brain if I had to wait a full week between each of these episodes.

Tonight's installment focused on espionage and spying. The target of all this spying appears to be everyone, but the primary focus is on the "Dreamers," those people who have dreams and vision of a life outside the Village. You see, they're a dangerous element, particularly if they were to organize.

The leading suspicion is that they have already done so, but where and to what end? Two wants to find them so he can send them all down for "Treatment," while Six wants to find them so he can rally them to his own cause of finding a way out of the Village.

We were introduced to 909, an Undercover who becomes Six's partner in his new career. I guess the tour guide bus driver gig wasn't bringing enough excitement into his life. That, or Two's working a whole new angle.

Speaking of Two, I'm still trying to figure out this whole relationship between him and what I assume is his wife, she's certainly the mother of their child, 1112. But why is she kept in a catatonic state? Two seemed a bit unhappy about that state of affairs, but at the same time she seemed accepting of it.

We learned in the school that Six and 909 were working undercover in that Two is a title that passes on from one person to another, though we're not sure how. Is 1112 in line to be a Two? Two's wife seems to have recollections of a world outside of the Village, which would lead you to believe that the Twos come from our world, or the real world as it were. Does 1112 know of the real world, too, or was he perhaps born there? Does the wife have to stay in a drug-induced coma throughout Two's tenure? She seemed a little surprised by her own appearance, as if perhaps she'd aged noticeably since last she'd seen herself.

As for 1112, he shared a secret love affair with 909. Once Two became suspicious of it, or put Six into motion spying on 909. When Six revealed the affair, he promised to keep it a secret in exchange for information of his own. By this point, he's worried that 313 is in danger, because she's showing signs of being a dreamer. Even worse, she's drawing images from her dreams.

Through his dealmaking, Six winds up in the tunnels with other revealed dreamers. Also there is the prize pupil in Six's fake espionage class, 1100. But this scene ended rather abruptly, again with an appearance by the giant white ball which seemed to be absorbing people, or making them disappear.

Six, 313 and 1100 darted down another way, but then there was another flash and Six was being deposited back in his bed by men in white coats. And again, I'm left wondering what's real and what isn't. Meanwhile, 1100 reveals that she'd been spying on Two (likely as a result of Six asking his class to find out the secrets of the people they're all working for), so she winds up going in for treatment.

I didn't learn much more out of the girl in Six's apartment this week. There's something about how perhaps Six was changing in the same way the other people he reported were changing. "You're already there," she said to him. What does it mean? What does any of it mean?

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