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October 4, 2015

Review: Two and a Half Men - Gord. Fnark. Schmegle.

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 17th 2009 12:40AM
Last week, I wasn't thrilled with the CBS Monday night sitcom schedule. In fact, I thought all four shows were a bit off, and more than a few readers thought I was off the rails for speaking my mind. Fortunately -- for me -- this week's shows were back on track and I have only good things to say. That's especially true about Two and a Half Men. Seven years into the show, an episode like this one stands out as very original and really funny.

This was also the episode in which Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer guested as Chelsea's old college roommate. That's not a spoiler; that's in the picture. More about the show -- including spoilers -- after the jump.

If you had any doubt that Charlie's mind is about as deep as a slice of American cheese, this episode should dispel it. The episode was brimming with inner monologue bits, the ability to hear what the character was really thinking while he (and later she) was supposed to be listening. Chelsea finally had it up to here (boobies) with Charlie's lack of attentiveness. Her tirade simply made his mind wander a bit more. Hence the reference to her boobs.

From the moment Charlie meets Gail, the Tricia character, his thoughts drift to the Penthouse Forum. To his credit, he has no interest in cheating on Chelsea. Hell, no; his interest in Gail is more communal. He'd like a threesome.

Charlie's positive response to every word Chelsea utters -- "absolutely" -- gets Gail to the beach house for a visit to recover from a bad break up. Charlie throws Alan out of the guest room, and it only takes one look at Gail to render Alan incoherent. How incoherent? It's the name of the episode, "Gord. Fnark. Schmegle."

Helfer's beauty got to everyone in the house, even Berta and Jake. But it was Charlie who had the fantasy and Charlie who has been doing his best to be good, as in not a cheater. Charlie's infidelity is all in his head. As much as he's capable, Charlie is committed to marrying Chelsea.

Leave it to Berta to advise Charlie how to get Gail to want to leave Malibu and thus save Charlie from himself. Berta tells Charlie the extraction tool is right under his nose -- "Oh, look, it's an Alan wrench."

Then, in perhaps the funniest twist of the show, we heard Gail's inner thoughts when Alan threw himself at her. She might have just as easily screamed in fright.

Other funny stuff

-- Alan's manscaping with Charlie's electric shaver. Make that Alan's shaver, an early Christmas gift. Try getting that image out of your head.

-- Charlie noticing the French fries in the restaurant was like the dog in Pixar's Up every time he saw a squirrel. "Squirrel!"

-- "What do you have going on today? You going to play a little tennis in 1958?" -- Charlie to Alan when he sees his 'knock-around' clothes

-- "Who's Brian? Life of Brian, that was pretty funny. Brian's Song, not so much. James Caan was great in it, though. That's cause he's a great actor. The Godfather, Rollerball. ...Yeah, I can so see these two kissing in a dorm room." -- Charlie's thoughts over dinner

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Looks like Charlie "Masheen" Sheen wants to bring his outside extracurricular activities to the show...

November 17 2009 at 9:41 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I loved the line where Charlie is sitting between Chelsea and Gail and Chelsea is like I want you to make Gail happy. Then Charlie looks to Chelsea and says this is a dream isnt it? She nods yes and then he goes and says something like I'm going to get real freaky then.

November 17 2009 at 7:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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