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August 30, 2015

Review: Ghost Whisperer - Lost In The Shadows

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Nov 21st 2009 2:52AM
Ghost Whisperer(S05E09) "I have a bad feeling about this one. A very bad feeling." - Melinda about the ghost in the closet

Melinda's bad feeling was, pardon the pun, dead on. Very bad things happened in this November Sweeps episode: Aiden was put in danger, the dead girl from the closet was front and center, the Shadows came back full force and in a way we hadn't see yet, Bedford gave more warnings to Eli, as a hurting Carl the Watcher gave warnings to Melinda.

Before I discuss the new information we were given in this episode, I have to mention the one thing that really annoyed me: Julia's parents and especially Detective Blair were way too quick in accepting Melinda's gift and ghosts. They didn't question at all. They bought everything she or Eli said as if it was common knowledge that people could talk to ghosts and that ghosts were real. Anyhow, this too quick acceptance of ghosts didn't prevent me from enjoying this action and information packed episode.

Here is a list of things we've learned in this episode:
  • The Shadows are interested in kids, especially ghost kids. Could it be because they are easier to convert?
  • Even if we didn't see the Shadows complete their "word" on Julia, it looks like they start by making the ghosts be sort of blinded by memories of the bad things they did in the past and then, when it's time, team up to take over that ghost's body. I guess that when they successfully take over a ghost, this ghost becomes part of the Shadows and moves to their "plane."
  • Carl the Watcher is starting to be blinded by memories of bad things he has done, which is hindering his Watcher capabilities. Will we see the Shadows try to take over his body? Imagine what the Shadows could do if they were able to capture a Watcher and make him cross to their side?!
  • The Shinies know that Melinda can see some of the things Aiden can see and that she wouldn't be able to connect to her son once in was in Shadows territory. The Shinies were able to pack Aiden's backpack with shiny things, including a flashlight, that would come in very handy to not only lead people to find Aiden but also allow Aiden to scare the Shadows away.
  • We finally saw the Shinies. They look like glow-in-the-dark ghosts. They are extremely afraid of the Shadows.
  • The Shadows are afraid of light.
  • Bedford is still trying to protect Eli and Melinda. He once again warns Eli that Melinda and he must be extremely careful, as the Shadows may eventually hurt Aiden.

I really enjoyed this episode not only for all the tidbits of info it gave us, but also because Aiden finally learned that Melinda could see some of the things he could see and because mother, son, Eli and the others, all worked together in the end, without lying to one another or hiding facts about Julia, the light, etc.

The upcoming episodes will be interesting now that Melinda and Aiden are closer and more truthful about their gifts. Melinda will still try to protect her son from the ghosts, even the good ones, but she may be more open to discussing his visions up front and having him help more ghosts cross over than before.

Next week is a repeat. The next new and last episode of 2009 will air on December 4. Will we see the Shadows try to take over Carl? Then again, the writers may decide this potential storyline will be best for a February Sweeps episode.

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The kid just ruins it for me. He looks as if he has a wig on or maybe something else is 'off'.
Either way, I used to really enjoy Ghost Whisperer and now I don't.
The whole Shadows/Shiney/Watchers arc is a jumbled mess and Melissa's constant angst/tear ridden face is getting annoying.

November 21 2009 at 2:53 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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