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August 30, 2015

Jeana says goodbye to Real Housewives of Orange County

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 23rd 2009 9:03AM
jeana_keough_bravoI haven't been as interested in The Real Housewives of Orange County this season, and now I'm about to check out permanently. My favorite wife has left the show. Jeana Keough said an on screen "adios" to the Real Housewives of Orange County. She's not actually moving, but she's off the show by choice.

Jeana Keough has always impressed me as the smartest, most normal and down-to-earth housewife of the bunch. She had a completely insane marriage to Matt Keough, an ex-Major League Baseball pitcher for the Oakland A's, but she worked to keep it together. Her kids were a handful.

They were all grown up and in high school or post-high school life, but Jeana was supportive and interested and tried to be a positive role model. In her finale, she was able to show her kids pursuing their lives and bringing her pride. I think Jeana's "pal" Vicki Gunvalson wishes her children were as loving to her as Jeana's are to her.

To me, Jeana had an every woman appeal. She may have been a Playboy bunny at one point in her life, but today she's 20 pounds overweight and carries it off pretty well. Jeana was relateable. You can't say that about the other "real housewives" with their monster implants, bleached bangs and unlimited bank accounts.

Jeana was hardly an angel, but in the last show, she said, "I am through with the housewives and all their drama." See what I mean about her being smart? It was the right time for her to get out ... And if Orange County is still making episodes in the next couple of years, she can always make a triumphant return.

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Jenna was a different spectrum of the OC prism, but she did not walk on water. I guess those professing her perfection don't remember the horrible way her oldest son spoke to and treated her when she and Vickie traveled to one of his games. Her response to her elderly parent's wish to see more of her was to have them travel (on their buck with dad in a wheelchair) to come to her doorstep. Yeah, real lovin' that...

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Norma Morales

I have been watching the show since it started and Jeanna was my favorite as well, these other women especially the newer ones are so trashy, Tamra should be on the corner selling herself, since she came on the show there has been nothing but trouble, she is catty, and that ugly blonde hair for all the money they have they need to find a good salon to have their hair done. Tamra should be the one to go off the show. Gretchen is another one that doesn't need to be on there, and Slade is disgusting. He has changed so much. Jeanna I wish you all the luck and hope to see you back in the future. You were the true lady on there.

December 23 2009 at 3:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Jeana will really be missed by me, and was so great in her part on this show. I loved the way she always said what she thought no matter what the other characters said. I really enjoyed the way she and Lynne tried to help Gretchen when she was at the party getting drunk. Hope Jeana will change her mind and return to the show later. She was always my favorite! Merry Christmas to everyone!

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I really liked Jeanna as well. She was the nicest one out of the bunch. Tamra thinks shes hot stuff and the way she went at Gretchen on the show where they were all together showed how nasty she can be. Vickey I take or leave. Lynn doesn't seem to be as nasty as the rest. I also liked Laurie but she is no longer there.

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Patricia Cubas-Perry

The RHOC is a TOXIC show!! It portrays bitterness & petty behavior amongst the women.

Vicki & Tamra are the WORST!! They are lost souls.

I'm glad you finally decided to be done with that show. You are far better than that.

Best of luck to you & your family!!

I'm a BlueCollarHousewive!!

Check out my video at www.youtube.com/pattinyc510

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Jeanna was my favorite too. She and her daughter are funny and seem like the most down-to-earth family out of all of them. I think she's a major reason why the RHOC seemed a little bit more cohesive and friendlier than the other casts in the other cities.

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Joyce N.

Jeana was the only one of them I could stand watching at all. I think she's smart to get out of the limelight to try to get her life straightened around. The rest of them aren't only dramatic, they're in dire need of some mental treatment to give them a REAL sense of "reality".

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Jeana was always my favorite as well. I think that Vicki and Tamra were assholes towards her during her last show. Who were they to talk about someone "talking behind people's backs"?

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