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August 29, 2015

What Michael P. is thankful for

by Michael Pascua, posted Nov 24th 2009 8:01PM
Barefoot Contessa's Ina GartenThanksgiving is the best time to reflect on the year and find out what one is grateful for. Like most people, I'm grateful for my family and our well-being, but I realize that it's the little things that can perk up a depressing day.

I cover a lot of reality shows and I found Hulu to be a great website for me to catch Glee, Modern Family, and Community without having to fill up my DVR. When Hulu gives me the option to play one long form commercial, I squeal, press play, and run to the bathroom to pee. When I get back Glee's preview is on. That show is better without either commercial or bathroom interruptions.


After a lackluster ending to Gabon and maniacal douchebag Coach on Tocantins, here's a season with a real mastermind. Sure, it was stupid of Russell to play the hidden immunity idol the first time, but he found it again is holding on tight. It's nice to see the underdogs succeed and i'm thankful for Shambo for playing it smart. I'm rooting for Natalie for the win, since everyone on Galu will hate Russell by the end.

King of the Hill
After all the primetime shows have ended, I choose King of the Hill on Adult Swim to wind down with. I never realized how well-written the show was until it got canceled. The show ran its course and I don't expect it to ever return, but I will continue to watch the reruns.

Podcasts and Audiobooks
After watching too much television, I picked up walking around my neighborhood as a form of exercise. I found out that both podcasts and audiobooks are an amazing compliment to strolling around. I never read any of the Harry Potter books (I did watch all the movies), but this summer I had Stephen Fry read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to me; it was amazing. As for podcasts, there's a podcast for everything and I found several I love, including TV Squad's.

Ina Garten
There is something magical about watching Barefoot Contessa. Her food seems so devilishly simple to make and yet the final product is gorgeous in high definition. I'm convinced that all her produce and meats must be from a high caliber vendor in the Hamptons.

The Soup
I have to tip my hat for the writers of The Soup for their quick wit. Joel McHale is amazing in his delivery, but is even funnier when he's laughing trying to say lines. His squabbles with Wendy Williams have been amazing.

Lady GaGa
From her performances on Saturday Night Live and the VMAs, to her music videos, Lady GaGa has proven that someone can be both visually and aurally good live. She knows how to play an instrument and follow her own drummer. The fact that she has roots in Yonkers is a cherry on the top.

Grey's Anatomy

Sure, I may cover the show, but something about this new season has been really good. With the death of George, the show has taken a good direction. Several actors including Chyler Leigh have grown on me, while others like Chandra Wilson remind me why I liked the show from the beginning. I'm hoping that they get rid of Izzie soon since this show has improved without her character being on the screen.

The Second disc of a DVD or Blu-Ray
I'm a big fan of commentary tracks, behind the scenes moments and never before seen clips. There have been several "disc twos" that I loved more than the movie itself this year, but Snow White blew me away with it's Hyperion Studios package. I really appreciate that movie companies take the time to add these in as a way to both encourage purchases and prevent bootlegging of the movies.

I want to extend a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. Now, who will I be seeing in the shopping lines at two in the morning on Black Friday?

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Oh, I'm a huge fan of the Bonus Disc. No bare-bones releases for this girl if it can be avoided - gotta have the extras.

Big fan of The Soup too - love me some Joel McHale.

Maybe I'll take up listening to podcasts while out walking - seems like it would help alleviate the boredom.

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