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October 10, 2015

Review: The Biggest Loser - Week Eleven

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 25th 2009 2:20AM
Rudy Pauls, The Biggest Loser(S08E11) It was a big week, as the remaining five contestants settled in for their final week on the Biggest Loser campus. With Amanda as a clear outcast in the group, she was feeling the pressure even more to stay above that yellow line. And big weeks aren't something Amanda is known for, despite a valiant nine-pound loss last week. She's never seen double digits and spent most of the season hovering around six pounds a week.

However, as one of the smallest contestants in the game, those numbers can make a difference when it comes to her percentages. Liz, Allen, Rudy and Danny have all developed a tight bond over the past ten weeks, and you just know their dream was for Amanda to slip below so they could send her home and preserve their foursome into the Semi-Finals.

The week was big in a couple of other ways as well. Rudy with the potential to have the biggest on-campus weight loss in Biggest Loser history, while Danny was in position to break a record of his own.

Rudy has been a powerhouse in challenges and on the scale most of the season, seeming to break records left and right. The only one left was to become the "biggest loser" in on-campus history. And, of course Rudy did just that, slamming down another twelve pounds to bring his total to a whopping 146 pounds.

But Danny has surged of late, scoring double-digit losses six weeks in a row coming into this week's weigh-in. One more week and he'd secure his own record. I had a feeling he'd do it, but didn't expect a 16-pound drop. Danny has really come into his own in this competition, and could just pull himself together to take this whole game.

But before we get to that, apparently it was important that the contestants learn how obesity can affect their wallets, and our collective wallets as a nation. To that point, CNBC's Suze Orman showed up to wave her hands around and act way too excited about what she was saying. Man, I just don't get this lady. Her whole appearance was a blatant plug for her own show, where NBC tells us we can see even more of her time on the Ranch with the contestants. Don't you just wanna?

This season's variation on the contestants having to figuratively and literally shed their weight loss all over again took place on a football field, with each of them lugging footballs representing each week's weight loss. You'd think that would give people with lesser weight loss an advantage, but Amanda and Liz quickly fell out of it. Rudy, however, did get slowed down by his tremendous weight loss, as did Danny. That left Allen to net that prize of a trip to the Pro Bowl and $5,000 for athletic equipment for his kid's school.

I always like this challenge, as it offers us a chance to remember how much these contestants have grown and changed over the past eleven weeks. It's also always neat to see them repeat the workout tasks they did on their first week on campus, so we can see the footage from both sessions. It really does bring home what a tremendous accomplishment each of them has gone through.

I was even impressed with Amanda, but then I was feeling that underdog sympathy for her throughout. I had a feeling that she pulled it off, and screwed up the plans of Liz, Allen, Danny and Rudy. I pegged that she would go last, and I nailed that she would just squeak by. She needed to better six pounds, and she got seven. Just enough.

It would be something if pink managed to pull off another victory. It's a little odd that the final four again this season has both brown team members and a pink member. It came down to Allen and Liz, and with Danny supporting Liz and Rudy supporting Allen, it ironically came down to Amanda to decide their fate.

Considering that Allen is pretty close to his goal weight already and is a big guy to begin with, he seemed the logical choice. Liz has lost a lot already and has a long way to go. Like Helen last year, she could just waste away into a tiny little person and beat everyone. So I was stunned when Amanda chose "integrity" -- whatever that meant -- over gameplay and kept Liz in contention.

Almost as if to prove her right, Allen went home and promptly lost ten more pounds. Of course, this was probably only a few weeks from when he left the Ranch, as opposed to some of the other contestants. He has, however, worked hard to inspire the people in his community to improve their lives, and that's an even better legacy for his time on the show.

Next week, after an extended stay at home, the Final Four must train for and compete in a full marathon. Then they return to the Ranch for one last weigh-in before the finale to determine which two contestants are guaranteed a shot at the prize, and which two will fight for that final slot via a phone-in vote from America.

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