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September 2, 2015

What Mike M. is thankful for

by Mike Moody, posted Nov 25th 2009 5:04PM
dexter lithgow
To paraphrase Dexter's Trinity Killer, traditions matter because they give us a sense of history. They also teach us who we are and what's expected of us.

So in celebration of that fiendish character's warped but delightfully old-fashioned worldview, I'm happy to take part in this little Thanksgiving Day tradition we have here at TV Squad. Here are a few things I'm thankful for this TV season ...

Year four of Dexter – Well, duh ... Sure, the Batista-Laguerta relationship is a little dull, and Quinn is a poor stand-in for Dokes, but Dexter's dealings with Trinty and his Dark Passenger are fascinating to watch. John Lithgow's complex and unnerving portrayal of suburban serial killer Arthur Mitchell is sure to earn him an Emmy nod, if not the win.

Community - Here's the thing: It's just so damn funny. And it has the best and weirdest cast of characters on TV. I can't get enough of Señor Chang and Abed.

30 Rock
- This is probably the only show I can be bothered to watch live anymore. Sure, most of NBC's Thursday night line-up is pretty amazing but Tina Fey's behind-the-curtain comedy is the only one that makes me feel like I'm watching something truly innovative and special. I say give them all the Emmys next year too!

smallville zodSmallville – The show that never dies is finally letting its geek flag fly in a big way. Callum Blue's Zod is crazy good fun, and I love all the recent references to the comics and Richard Donner's Superman movies. The stories have been pretty engaging to boot. Let's hope the trend continues with Geoff John's much-anticipated "Ultimate Justice" super movie event extravaganza thing!

Glee – Speaking of fun, this unabashed ode to theater and choir nerds everywhere gets better and better every week. And, you know, it, er, reminds me of my own days as a marginally talented high school theater geek.

Stargate Universe nonfans - I get a kick out of reading the feedback I get on my Stargate Universe reviews. Stargate fans seem to love to hate on this show, and they do it in some very passionate and creative ways. Check the comments on the latest review to see what I'm talking about.

Netflix Watch Instantly - How can you not love Netflix's live stream catalog of great TV shows, including 30 Rock, Dexter, Farscape, The Tudors and the original Star Trek? I even got sucked back into the madness that is Quantum Leap for a few weeks thanks to this service.

Sci-fi is all over the tube – These are good TV times for my favorite genre. I can tune in almost any night of the week and catch a superhero saving lives, an alien force invading Earth, a Stargate spinning, or a vampire getting staked.

My amazing wife – I'm a grown man who watches cartoons and spends money on DVR service to record Heroes and Gilmore Girls reruns. And she never complains.

This gig - Nothing beats getting paid for being a nerd who identifies more with fictional TV characters than with real people. Writing for TV Squad also helps pay for my many therapy sessions, so it's a double win! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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