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May 29, 2015

Review: Nip/Tuck - Alexis Stone II

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Nov 26th 2009 5:44PM
(L-R): Dylan Walsh, Vanessa Redgrave, and Joely Richardson
(S06E07) "That's why we need to play dirty." - Sean

Gotta give credit where credit is due -- despite the fact that Teddy's story was so poorly wrapped up, Ryan Murphy and Co. crafted a helluva one-two punch to make us forget about it. At first, I was a little disappointed with the return of Erica last week, but it turned into what's arguably been the best arc of the season. If this ends up being the last time we see Vanessa Redgrave on Nip/Tuck, at least she went out with a bang.

In some ways, you had to have seen it coming. Erica is a renowned psychologist who suddenly becomes obsessed with her own age and regaining her youth. It only makes sense that she wouldn't be 100% thorough when it comes to choosing her new Eurotrash hubby and that oversight ended up becoming the unraveling of her custody case. Can't exactly have grandchildren running around when your husband is a pedophile.

As shocking as that revelation about Reynaldo was, it was almost to be expected once you saw him snapping photographs of Annie's private photo session. I'm not quite sure what that says about Gilles Marini though -- from Dancing with the Stars to pedophile on Nip/Tuck? Doesn't really seem like he's moving up in the world.

The truly satisfying moment was Julia's revenge on her mother. After all those years of torture, she planted half a kilo of cocaine in her mother's suitcase and sent her off to the airport! It was brilliantly played out and even though I sort of saw it coming (we never actually saw Julia flush the drugs) it was still a scene worthy of applause. Erica certainly got what was coming to her after years of treating her daughter like crap.

As for Matt in jail, this should certainly silence some of you naysayers out there who have been complaining that Nip/Tuck has lost its shock factor. This was about as jaw-dropping as the show has ever been. Matt becomes some guy's bitch who then tells Christian he'll kill him unless he gives Matt breast implants. Matt instead slips his oppressor some Provera tabs (a.k.a. chemical castration) and when he's busted, Matt ends up killing him. How he was able to strangle that big guy to the ground, I don't know, but you've gotta wonder -- this will definitely give Matt some street cred on the prison block. So how long before he has a bitch of his own?

A few more thoughts --

  • I'm not really sure if I got the point of bringing Alex(is) back again. Straight/gay, boobs/no boobs, man/woman -- the whole identity crisis thing just went a bit overboard. I mean... we got it.
  • As I mentioned last week with Kimber and Christian, Julia and Sean may be getting closer as well. With the series winding down, it makes sense at this point.
  • Wasn't his boat the only thing Christian owned in his name? By selling it, does he have access to any cash? With Mike no longer contributing income to McNamara/Troy, I can't imagine Christian's lack of liquidity is going to be a good thing should the business start floundering again.
  • Christian's fantasy (well... I guess it was more of a "what if" dream) about giving Matt breast implants was creepy.
  • Hats of to Joely Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave in that final scene. For a real-life mother and daughter, those two play people who hate each other very well.

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