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October 4, 2015

What Danny is thankful for

by Danny Gallagher, posted Nov 26th 2009 11:02AM
Danny Gallagher, TV SquadWho doesn't love Thanksgiving? I'll be enjoying mine with all the usual staples: turkey, cranberries, cornbread stuffing, some weird brown thing my father attempted to make and my Mom's mind-numbingly good meliton dressing. I'm literally chomping at the bit to take that first of 227 bites of homemade turkey. I've gone through three remotes in the last hour.

But I have to come up with something to do after all the food has been ravenously devoured by that wolf pack I call my family. And rather than list 100 reasons for regretting life (because 99 of them would be "Why did I eat that?"), here some things I have to be thankful for instead.

Sons of Anarchy

It cannot be said enough how great the show has gotten this season. It's very rare for a show to work this well, especially after the rocky start it had last season. But even more, it doesn't pander for awards or strive to be something that aims to go over the head of anyone who watches it. It's action packed in just about every episode but also manages to find very deep pockets of dramatic and emotional moments that make it more than just a leather clad show about crotch rocket riding meatheads. Out of all the shows I've been given the opportunity to cover, SOA has, by far, been the most fun.

Futurama's return
One of the greatest crimes against television humanity was corrected when Comedy Central confirmed for the world that they would be bringing one of the funniest animated series of all time back to its rightful home. Despite the detraction of some, the DVD movies were tasty through and through and proved the show can work with a steady audience of die-hard fans. It's not only got me excited to see the new episodes, but it's also given me one of the most successful scoops I've written for this blog and the opportunity to meet and greet some of the show's legendary stars, including voice actor Billy West and voice of Leela and SOA star Katey Sagal, not once, but twice! Two more interviews and I get a free Slap-Chop.

Sarah Palin's media whirlwind
Oh sure, I've covered more than my share of the media hound that is the Palin camp, and how could you not? She's taken up more needless air time than According to Jim. But without the news, Oprah Winfrey, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Saturday Night Live, every blabbering head on Fox News and MSNBC devoting every waking minute to either figuratively throwing her book on a wood chipper or writing "I Heart Sarah" on the inner cover, I would have had to do about two extra hours of research in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. So I guess I'm thankful that Mrs. Palin was able to score me some extra holiday hours.

Frasier is the new Wings
If TiVo existed in the days of Wings in syndication, it would have gone on strike long ago. Now I'm running the risk of forcing my TiVo to go all Norma Rae by taping every moment of one of my favorite old sitcoms, Frasier, which is now airing twice mornings on a local affiliate and twice at night on the Lifetime network. The only way it could be sweeter is if I didn't have to admit that I'm watching more than a minute of the Lifetime network.

You crazy commenting bastards

Oh sure, you guys drive me batty on a daily basis. But in the end, no man is a failure who has readers, and you have actually inspired me to create stories, posts and features and even improve on my writing for this site and many of my other various projects and jobs. So when you're writing that Magna Carta on why WKRP's Johnny Fever could totally kick Bruce Banner's ass despite my claims to the contrary and therefore why Joel should kick mine, you're actually helping me. Plus I'd like to see him try.

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