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August 30, 2015

Review: So You Think You Can Dance - 2 of 8 voted off

by Michael Pascua, posted Dec 10th 2009 12:42AM
Mollee falls off the bench, right before the SYTYCD finale.(S06E22) We had a pretty straightforward elimination episode of So You Think You Can Dance: two musical guests, random pimping from K-Mart, a short interview from DJ Samantha Ronson, and solos. Cat was looking stunning in her dress and spoon-like earrings. She reminds us that there were a ground breaking eight million votes.

Group Performance - Jazz (Sonya Tayeh) - I have a feeling that the women's section would have been hindered by Ashleigh's lack of contemporary skills if she was around. Russell disappeared for one sequence where he clearly would have been dancing with Ashleigh. I have a feeling that the performance had a lot less running off stage if there was a full top eight.

We start the results with the top four men. As they stood there, I have to note how much I dislike Ryan with bangs; the shape of his face doesn't jive well with bangs. Russell and Jakob are safe, Legacy and Ryan are in the bottom four. Mary makes positive comments to the dancers, but looks in a totally different direction to where the finalists were standing (the judge's table is parallel to where Jakob and Russell stood). I assume she needed prompter help.

The women, including Ashleigh, are next. Ashleigh is dressed and doesn't have a brace so she must be okay. Kathryn and Ashleigh are safe, while Mollee and Ellenore are in the bottom. Ryan is on his knees in the background after hearing his wife was safe. Adam thought Mollee had her best performances on Tuesday.

Musical Performance - Wonder Girls - "Nobody" - I can't say anything negative about the Wonder Girls because I've loved them since 2007 with their song "Tell Me." They sang on top of their track so you could hear their echos, but I know it's because they want to make sure that the track would sound exactly the same as the one purchased. Their only other exposure on US television was on The Wendy Williams Show, so I wish them the best of luck.


Legacy - "Flashing Lights" - I'm happy Legacy did a new performance where he took more time to do all of his tricks. The extended headspin was great.

Ellenore - "Hajnal" - Ellenore gave another quirky performance. There was more content and if she did this solo on Tuesday, she would have stood a better chance.

Ryan - "Din Da Da" - I was disappointed that Ryan decided to do the same performance as he did on Tuesday, especially since the other three did original solos.

Mollee - "You'll Find A Way" - I often forget that Mollee is categorized as Jazz and the performance was still Pop. Ellenore's dance had jazz-like elements, whereas Mollee had very pop movements.

Musical Performance - Kris Allen - "Live Like We're Dying" - I like how magically Mollee disappeared and a full band appeared (Kris Allen was prerecorded). I didn't like the clearly lip-syncing band behind Kris; they looked like some of the worse mimes. The performance felt like some Fox obligation to put Kris on because Adam Lambert will be performing the finale.

The results are in and Ellenore is in the finale. Mollee is going home and she's in tears. She manages to thank the judges between sobs. The guys are up and Ryan is safe. Legacy is going home. For once, I got my prediction right. It's funny, Ryan cried almost every episode, maybe he should have cried on Tuesday.

Next week is the finale, and I'm hoping for either a Jakob or Ashleigh win. I've been a supporter of the two since the beginning. Did you think the right people were eliminated? Who will win the finale? Leave your comments below.

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logan casey

Russell Ferguson will win....Jakob second....Ashley third...
Kathryn 4th....Ryan 5th, Eleanore 6th......

December 13 2009 at 7:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I agree with a lot of the comments. I DO think the right people went home, but I really thought it would be Ryan and Mollie.

I also feel like the show has been rushed, but they are trying to finish before American Idol starts. At the same time, with a couple of exceptions, I think the choreography has been MUCH better this season than in the past. I like the new choreographers, but I DO miss the old faces. It was great to see Shane Sparks back for a number this week. And, OMFG, Russell....a freaking KRUMPER...rocked the hell out of that Bollywood number. Like him or not, he is an outstanding talent and really should win. Just look at all the different styles he has done and done SO WELL. Brilliant!!!!!

I think SYTYCD should go back to ONE SEASON per year. I think they have fallen into the trap so many shows (America's Best Dance Crew, Survivor, etc.) do of realizing they have a good show and want to squeeze everything out of it. I think ABDC's second season this year suffered from weak talent. Pace yourselves and spend the year creating a solid show.

Finally, as much as I adore Adam Shankman, they need to go back to a rotating guest host like in all previous seasons. I miss the perspective of those choreographers when they critique their specialties. If they won't go back to a rotating guest host (and PLEASE not Paula Abdul), then I think they should have 4 judges w/ the 4th being the guest judge.

I love this show. I tape each one so I can go back and watch my favorite numbers each week. I think I have watched Russell/Bollywod at least 8 times so far!!!

December 13 2009 at 7:42 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Legacy was the one that cried all the time.

And I was totally shocked when they announced Ryan was in the finale over Legacy.

As well as when they announced Ashleigh over Mollee and my favourite, Ellenore.

I think they wanted the married couple in just to spur up some drama because there is no way that they had more fans than Legacy, Mollee and Ellenore.

So I'm a bit disappointed.

December 12 2009 at 2:36 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Honestly speaking....Mollee shld have gone home a long time ago. Her personality irks the h*ll outta me. So does Ryan's. Neither of them are that fantastic of dancers. And is it me or has Mollee's solo's seemed to be turning into one step short of a strip show?(trying to be sexy and just looking like a little girl in the wrong crowd). I don't know how America got one right and one wrong but in my opinion Ryan should have joined Mollee in that long walk home. Could Legacy win this competition? No...I know that(still like him though). But up against Ryan? H*ll yeah!

My vote is for Russell all the way....always has been from the start. Followed by Ellenore.

December 12 2009 at 12:38 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

It *is* a popularity contest, a fact driven home by Nigel nearly every week. I never voted for Mollee not because of her dancing ability (which was good and got better once Nathan left), but because her personality was so utterly annoying and indicative of that dreadful "I want to be a star" mentality. In most of her interviews, she hasn't said "I always wanted to dance", but "I always wanted to be a star". One is pursuit of one's passion, the other is the pursuit of the passion of others, and something I don't want to support.

I think a big reason this season's contestant's don't seem as good as last year's is because so many of them are barely adults. I didn't work it out exactly, but it seems like the average age of the top 20 is about 20, and sure enough, one of the most common criticisms from the judges is a lack of maturity.

Personally, I'd like to see Ellenore win, but I'd be happy with Russell, Ryan or Ashleigh as well.

December 10 2009 at 5:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Allowing Ashleigh to remain in the contest was terrible. Why make anyone dance then? Its a popularity contest. Why judge Mollee or Ellenore when Ashleigh can make it to the finale without doing ANYTHING. How can they let people vote when she didn't dance? It makes no sense.

I don't know if the public wanted the married couple gimmick in the finale because they were cheated the chance this week with Ashleigh being injured.

I don't care who wins. Actually it sucks having to watch people go home at all. If it was just a dancing show without eliminations I would still watch it. These last two seasons I almost forgot someone had to win because I just liked watching the dancing. I don't care who is better.

December 10 2009 at 4:43 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The right people were definately cut.

And while I initially agreed with others that Ashleigh making it to the finale is absurd, I recalled that Noelle and Mollee BOTH had a free pass this season due to injury--Mollee with her severley twisted ankle during Top 20 auditions, and Noelle during her waltz with Russell. Both were kept in the running despite not being able to compete.

I don't think this season's dancers were as good as Season 5's dancers, but I definitely think they are more evenly matched. The finale will be a very tough call.

My prediciton:

1st: Russell
2nd: Jakob
3rd: Kathryn
4th: Ashleigh
5th: Eleanore
6th: Ryan

December 10 2009 at 3:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I don't think the right people went home last night. Legacy, I saw coming, while his skill has improved dramatically its no where near the rest of the group.

I think Ashleigh should have gone home, if this were truly a competition of skill she should have been eliminated based on the fact she couldn't dance. The only reason she stayed was Ryan's embattled pleas the night before to keep her there.

I think it will either be Jakob or Kathryn at the end, anyone else and it will prove that this show isn't about dancing, but popularity.

Another thing .... they seriously need to find new choreographers, this year Shane Sparks, Little C and Mia haven't been around and this has left a serious void, couple that with the fact that Tabs and Naps are sucking this year and it makes for a boring season to be watching.

December 10 2009 at 2:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

To all you Ashleigh haters, even the judges keep reminding people to remember the dancers past dances when voting. Did sympathy play a roll, maybe. But Ashleigh is a fantastic dancer and has improved the most over her time on the show. That is why I voted for her!

I think Mollee's dances this week so overshadowed Ellenore's including her past dances that I was actually hoping Ellenore would go home. I really wanted Kathryn to go home eventhough her dances this week were awesome.

I am so glad that Legacy is finally going home. If you want to talk about someone who got a free ride, it would be Legacy. His dances this week did not include a lot of actual "dancing". The choreographers only gave him steps that were in his genre. Ryan is an amazing dancer and deserves to be in the finally over Legacy.

December 10 2009 at 12:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to 4beard's comment

then why have them dance each week then? Just make them dance on the first show and then each week make them stand on a stage for an hour and pick who you like.

December 10 2009 at 5:14 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I hope Russell wins. He and Ellenore were my favorites since auditions. Cat looked hung over or something, and then she had to speed through everthing after Adam hogged the mike for what seemed to be an eternity. Did someone spike his drink with Red Bull? He was babaling all over the place. I always like Mollee, but she really wasn't consistent. She got much better at the end, but that was too late. I really liked them all as dancers, but some fell short on personality or had too much cockiness and that's what did them in.

December 10 2009 at 10:19 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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