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October 13, 2015

All Kona wants for Festivus

by Kona Gallagher, posted Dec 11th 2009 1:01PM
sue sylvesterI finally, and with great difficulty got the tree up, I've somehow gotten roped into holding a cookie exchange at my house this weekend, and I have glitter in places where glitter should not be. What's that smell? It smells like Festivus to me. While the main thing I want this year is to just lie very, very still in a dark room for a week or so, this is a TV blog, so let's talk about what TV could do to make me happy!

  • Stop with the long hiatuses already! I don't get to see a new episode of V until March, and I'm being forced into leading a Glee-less existence until April. Give it up already! If you have 3 months between new episodes, it's a new season, why not call it that? You know what I have been doing for the past 11 weeks? Watching the first 11 episodes of Dexter. This week, I will be watching episode 12, and then the season will be over. It's efficient and satisfying. The networks need to get on board.

  • For Southland to do really, really well on TNT. There are a few reasons for this. Despite my initial skepticism, I really ended up enjoying the show, and was sad to see it canceled by NBC. If the first 13 episodes do well enough on TNT, they're open to putting it back into production for a season 2. Plus, with Medium helping CBS win every single Friday night, I would really like to stick it to NBC one more time for canceling yet another good show in exchange for Jay Leno.
  • Speaking of shows that NBC stupidly canceled, can we please get Damian Lewis back on the air, STAT? Detective Charlie Crews on Life was one of my favorite characters of the last several years, and Damian Lewis is dreamy. He needs another show, or barring that, to turn up on Mad Men alongside Christina Hendricks (who had a recurring role on Life).
  • For season 7 of Project Runway to be better than season 6. The season of PR that just ended was positively dismal. There was no one to really root for, no breakout personalities, and no drama to get invested in. I actually don't think it was the move to Lifetime that hurt Runway so much as it was the move to L.A. Since Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are both based in NYC, they each missed several episodes, and as a result, barely knew who the designers were. If the judges can't be bothered to care, how can we?
  • For the resurgence of the sitcom to keep going. There are more great sitcoms on the air this season than there have been in years. Between NBC's Thursday night lineup being completely solid for the first time this decade, to HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, and even Cougar Town, which I originally hated just because of the horrible name, there is just so much funny this season. Now, we even have the return of Better off Ted and the new zombie Scrubs to cap it off. There's really a lot of laughter to be had in any given week.
  • Most of all, I hope all of our wonderful readers have a safe and happy holiday season.

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The networks are on board. The gap between episodes in a season is because they haven't filmed enough yet. They film enough for part of a season, but don't invest in a full season run until they know it gets the ratings. If the show stinks and they cancel, they haven't lost as much.

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