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August 30, 2015

Worst TV Shows of the 2000s (30-21)

by Kim Potts, posted Dec 11th 2009 6:00AM
Big Shots30. 'Big Shots' (2007-08)
Hunky cast (Michael Vartan and Dylan McDermott)? Check. Fine supporting turn (Josh Malina)? Check. Comic relief (Christopher Titus)? Check. Turning all that into a hot mess? Check -- this ABC drama, which was supposed to be a male spin on 'Sex and the City,' did just that. Ironically, the show was so silly and over-the-top that it might have worked as a guilty pleasure if it hadn't taken itself so seriously.

Stacked29. 'Stacked' (2005-06)
A scantily clad Pam Anderson working in a family-run bookstore where the most prominent customer is a retired rocket scientist ... funny only because the premise is so ridiculous. In practice, the sitcom, which shamefully wasted the talent of Christopher Lloyd as the rocket scientist, was just another cliche-filled, broad, ahem, comedy flop.

That '80s Show28. 'That '80s Show' (2002)
One funny decade-driven sitcom does not another make, or so we painfully learned from this Fox attempt to capitalize on the success of 'That '70s Show.' The '80s version essentially revolved around cheesy '80s music and fashion and far too many rote sitcom jokes -- plus, one of the most intrusive laugh tracks ever. There's just one thing to be thankful for: They never attempted 'That '90s Show.'

Knight Rider27. 'Knight Rider' (2008-09)
There aren't many TV projects that have you yearning for the acting talents of one David Hasselhoff, but here's one. This flashy, but ultimately running-on-empty remake of the fantastically cheesy (we mean that in a good way) '80s series was short on storyline, dialogue and engaging performances (even Val Kilmer voicing KITT fell flat). And a KITT that transforms into a pickup truck? Wrong franchise, NBC.

Lucky Louie26. 'Lucky Louie' (2006-07)
Imagine if a UPN sitcom had been given license to let obscenities fly like it was HBO ... HBO did, and the result was this woeful comedy starring comedian Louis C.K. as a traditional, blue-collar family man. But don't blame the genre, which has been richly mined in comedy land; instead, blame the writing, which consisted of harsh jokes more concerned with shocking the audience than making it laugh.

Daddio25. 'Daddio' (2000)
Michael Chiklis, as we'd all learn a few years down the road, is much, much better suited to drama. In this dismal take off on 'Mr. Mom,' he was the titular Daddio, aka Chris Woods, who gave up his salesman job to stay home and raise his four kids while his attorney wife brought home the bacon. Bad dialogue, overacting and jokes questioning Chris' masculinity were plentiful; laughs were not.

Rock Me Baby24. 'Rock Me Baby' (2003-04)
The idea that it could build a sitcom around former MTV personality Dan Cortese is but one of the many reasons UPN is defunct. Cortese starred as shock jock Jimmy, who was perpetually stressed that he and his former exotic dancer wife had to give up their partying lifestyles to raise their baby. Lame jokes about diapers, boobs and his friend accidentally drinking his wife's breast milk ensued.

My Big Fat Greek Life23. 'My Big Fat Greek Life' (2003)
The movie was called 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding,' and the appeal of the flick was the relationship and trip to the altar of thirtysomething Toula (Nia Vardalos) and eventual hubby Ian (John Corbett). That the endearing Corbett didn't star in the series adaptation was a problem, as was the fact that the weekly dose of happily ever after 'Life' wasn't nearly as funny or charming as the 'Wedding.'

Unhitched22. 'Unhitched' (2008)
"Gator here had a little run-in with 'Bi-Curious George'" ... that was a character's description of his pal getting raped, by a monkey, in one of the more horrifying scenes of the whole decade. The show, starring Craig Bierko and Rashida Jones, revolved around four thirtysomethings trying to find love, but this instance of monkey love in the pilot was an immediate turn-off for us higher primates.

Viva Laughlin21. 'Viva Laughlin' (2007)
Two weeks was all it took for CBS to pull the plug on this laughably bad musical/mystery/drama, though that was still two weeks too many. Not since 'Cop Rock' has a show been such a punch line for high-concept programming, as even producer/star Hugh Jackman couldn't save this flop about a wannabe casino owner and his associates, who frequently, inexplicably broke into song-and-dance numbers.


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