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October 13, 2015

19 kids and counting for the Duggars

by Brad Trechak, posted Dec 12th 2009 2:07PM
Michelle DuggarThere comes a point where one has to wonder how many children a set of parents should have. In the case of Michelle Duggar, the number keeps getting bigger as she and her husband have just had their 19th child. The Duggars are featured on the reality television show 18 Kids and Counting, with special emphasis placed on the and Counting.

If they can afford it, I say let them have as many children as they'd like. My concern regards putting those children (and their parents) on national television. While I have no doubt that most of them turn out all right, images of Jon and Kate Plus 8 flow through my head.

On the other hand, their home is 7,000 square feet so they likely have the room for the newborn. We only need to be careful that the Duggars are not in actuality breeding an army of soldiers to conquer the world.

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dios te ama lily

What happened to Josie did she live? why would you have another child? you are risking your health but also the child's health and life. didnt you learn anything watching little Josie suffer? why would you do that to a baby? Your body is too worn out for another baby. This is not God's will but YOUrS its a very selfish act Pray about it

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Rose D.

I want to send out my prayers and heart felt love to the duggar family in their time of distress. Continue to pray and remember babies are a blessing from God. God is a healing God stay strong and remember God is with you and will work it out. I said a prayer for you and I know Josie will be okay. God bless you

February 24 2010 at 7:29 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"We only need to be careful that the Duggars are not in actuality breeding an army of soldiers to conquer the world."

No one has commented on the last line of the article...
Anyone heard of the Quiverfull movement? Families who are part of it literally see their children as soldiers for the Lord's army. They would take "back" the country for their brand of Christianity. The Duggars claim not to be involved in it, but the similarities are too striking to be ignored, and the show is harmful and dishonest in trying to make the Duggars look like a regular family that just likes kids a lot. Sorry, Good Christians (TM) who think I shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion about your fellow Good Christians (TM), but I think I am allowed to be concerned about efforts to undermine what I consider to be traditional American values-- no established religion and freedom to practice or not practice the religion of one's choice. By all means, watch the show, but if there's a computer in the room (or a library nearby), do some research at the same time. Try Dominionism, Advanced Training Institute, Quiverfull, Rushdoony, and CBMW for a start.

If you are Jewish, Catholic, Mainline Protestant, or (OMGs!) something even further from fundamentalist Christianity, or if you believe in public education, or expect to be allowed to buy birth control, or think women should be able to work outside the home and vote, or think your divorce was a private matter, or simply don't think someone else's interpretation of the Bible should be the primary basis for American laws, you have something to lose and it shouldn't be enough for you to say, "Aw, the kids are so well-behaved, that's great!" If this were just one family's choice, that would be different, but it's not, and I am worried about the direction my country is going. (And yes, I think I am also allowed to call it "my country" even though I am daring to criticize Good Christians (TM)).

February 14 2010 at 10:15 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

God Bless you Duggars!!I can't believe some of the comments I read..I love your show..God said Go therefore and multiply...God does not make mistakes...Ever baby is sent down by God....They are a loving, caring family with the morals that this world is lacking big time....You are in my prayers....

February 04 2010 at 10:20 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Michelle, I was exteremely worried when I heard of your emergency C-Section, and am now praying for Josie as well as you. You and your family are an inspiration to those who profess to be "Good Christians". Unfortunately, I have seen too many that have back slidden, but you and Jim Bob have done an extraordinary job of keeping it all together. Your children are well behaved, love The Lord, and others should take a good look at your family and see what good Christians are all about. What worries me, is that now that you've had 19, and your age, maybe your body was trying to tell you something this time. I'm sure that The Lord has blessed all of you as he did Abraham and his family, and that each of you has your name solidly written in the Lambs Book.

You are not the average family of today who have learned to "live off the system", you care for your own and are proud of yourselves, as well as a blessing to others, who love and admire you as well.

Hopefully you will get to read my Email. I am an avid fan of your show, and would hate to see it not continue and see all these priceless little ones grow up and emulate their older sisters and brothers who are so much like their Mom and Dad.

God Bless all of you. I pray that Josie will get stronger daily and that you will recuperate, sit back and start to watch all the Grand Babies come along and be strong and well enough to enjoy all of them.

With my love and respect in His Name

Pat Lema

January 24 2010 at 12:51 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Last time I look, women on this continent have freedom of CHOICE. That means they have the freedom to CHOOSE whether or not to go on birth control, they have the freedom to CHOOSE how many children they have and they have the freedom to CHOOSE whether or not they want to earn a paycheque/paycheck. Each woman should have FREEDOM OF CHOICE and those CHOICES treated with respect, whether it's to use no birth control or birth control, to have no children or many, to work as a president of a company or to help her husband run his commerical rental properties while raising the number of children she's chosen to have. As well, just ask anyone who is the oldest, it doesn't matter if it's one younger sibling or many, the older kids are expected to help out with the younger ones.

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