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October 6, 2015

Review: Dollhouse - Meet Jane Doe

by Brad Trechak, posted Dec 12th 2009 12:43AM
Dollhouse(S02E07) What we seem to have here is a case of sides being taken. Ballard and Langton, along with Echo, are taking the anti-Dollhouse side while Adelle is joining Mr. Harding in the pro-Dollhouse category.

The concept of skipping some time is always an interesting device to use in a drama. Who can forget the classic "one year later" on Battlestar Galactica? Adelle was demoted due to her loss of Echo while Echo trained with Ballard to eventually overthrow the Rossum by freeing a woman whose imprisonment she was responsible for in the first place. It seemed at the end as if "Lisa" was getting a new life much in the way that Actives get a new imprint.

Eliza Dushku did some good acting this episode, possibly the best yet in the series. Favorite line (or part of a line): "and, at least seven times, gay." Is that some sort of subtle political statement about homosexuality being psychological? Feel free to post theories in the comments.

Actually, the changes tonight for Ballard, Echo and Adelle were pretty intense.

Adelle has realized that in order to survive at a corporation like Rossum, you have to be cold and hard. The question is: what are her motives? She no longer seems so concerned about the welfare of the Actives and simply uses them as an asset now. She even betrays the trust of Topher. Is it to eventually bring down Harding and Rossum as a whole? Is it an attempt to keep power? It may even be both.

Do jails in Texas actually mistreat their prisoners like that? The program seemed a step away from accusing the penal system from being a Dollhouse of its own. I half-expected the guards to be prostituting the inmates like a 70's sexploitation flick.

No matter how badly women are treated in the United States, it's nothing compared to how badly they're treated in Dubai. Topher must have felt an extra twinge of guilt upon learning that Sierra may be transferred there, particularly since he's partially responsible for her unwilling participation at the Dollhouse. There was some mention of Madeline (a.k.a. November) going there, as well. Ballard ain't gonna like that.

Obviously, Ballard, Langton and Echo are starting the resistance that we later see in "Epitaph One." There were quite a few sparks there between Echo and Ballard, which somewhat resonates with his stalking of Caroline in the first season. The show still hasn't given a believable reason for his obsession with the girl last year. You'd think Ballard would have learned his lesson that relationships with Actives just don't work.

This episode was a good one and certainly created a dramatic shift in the Dollhouse story. Situations like those shown in "Epitaph One" don't happen instantly. They occur piece by piece over a period of time. In fact, had the show lasted longer, it might not even be at this stage yet. One can only hope that "Epitaph Two" is a satisfying finale.

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It's funny that all we heard about here was your comment about women in Dubai. I guess nobody in Texas read your lame-a** question...

"Do jails in Texas actually mistreat their prisoners like that?"

Why yes, yes they do. And there is a guy in an underground bunker named Topher that implants personalities in people. Well, they're not really people, they're dolls. Your profile implant is going to be a woman from Dubai who is going to be spending some time in a prison in Texas.


I don't care about your opinions, everybody has them, but to ask a stupid question like that from the fictional depiction on a tv show is plain moronic.

December 16 2009 at 11:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The last two episodes were awesome, I can't tell you how much I've been loving this show. Yet I know the end is coming up. I wish we could have gotten to see one of those seven times where Echo was gay. I think Eliza and Joss were really looking to do an episode around that and I think it would have been really good. I just hope that Whedon and Eliza get out of network television. None of the major networks have any respect for scripted series anymore, that's obvious. The only networks that actually support that are the cabel networks like FX, AMC, and HBO and Showtime. Imagine how great this would have been on FX? I just hope that both Dushku and Whedon can both find television projects with networks that will support thier future endevors.

December 12 2009 at 3:19 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thanks so much Mr. Brad :) I really appreciate it, and keep up the good work.

December 12 2009 at 12:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Brad Trechak

I have crossed out the offending line in my review about women in Dubai. I apologize to anyone that may have been offended by the comment.

I consider the matter now closed. Any topics further regarding this subject will be deleted. Please keep the comments about Dollhouse, folks! Thanks.


December 12 2009 at 10:49 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

A high chance I must say, but homosexuals get discriminated against and abused EVERYWHERE including the United States. (oh I'm gay too and it isn't easy at all, mainly due to social standards).

Well since this is a review for Dollhouse, I will write what I thought of the episode :) as with last week, I think the writers are on the top of their game delivering twists and turns every episode. I liked the twist that both Paul and Boyd were keeping an eye on Echo, it was also unexpected seeing Adelle out of control and then playing really low to get it back, that was shocking and definitely started a very dark direction for the character, one I will anxiously watch. I also thought the second episode was better than this one, but I'll post my comments regarding A Love Supreme on its respective page :)

December 12 2009 at 9:08 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

If you knew the answers to those questions you wouldn't have brought them up. Some of those things are true in Saudi Arabia (such as not being able to drive) but you should check again what's possible and what isn't in Dubai.

Now that you've brought religion up, being a Muslim I must tell you that women are not treated like second-class citizens. In fact, it's social pressures that sometimes take away our rights and not our religion which gives us as much rights as men. There are many books in English that give an in-depth look into Islam, you should check some out and you'll be surprised in many ways.

And regarding your "three points" what is so unbelievable about someone from Dubai using this website? It just doesn't make sense to me, I don't understand what you're trying to imply.

And yes that was racist, you do not decide what offends and what does not. I chose my words carefully and I made my point clearly, I have the RIGHT to be apologized to when I am offended. And since you think your country gives women more rights, I expect you to be a bigger person whoever you are.

December 12 2009 at 7:59 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to floranow's comment

And what are my chances of being murdered, tortured or otherwise abused as a gay woman in Dubai?

December 12 2009 at 8:32 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

"No matter how badly women are treated in the United States, it's nothing compared to how badly they're treated in Dubai."

What the hell? That is extremely insulting and racist, you don't know the first thing about the life in Dubai for women. And being a woman who lives in Dubai, I'm telling you that you need to educate yourself much, much more.

Yes, violence is everywhere even here and in the United States but associating violence with Arabs (which you have done right there) is completely unacceptable and RACIST.

Like I said, more education is the way to go.

December 12 2009 at 6:04 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to floranow's comment
O Bloody Hell

> That is extremely insulting and racist, you don't know the first thing about the life in Dubai for women. And being a woman who lives in Dubai, I'm telling you that you need to educate yourself much, much more.

Well, first off, you don't understand English well enough to know that it's not RACIST. It might or might not be wrong, but it's not a racial statement at all... last I heard, "Dubai" wasn't a *racial* designation, it was a *national* one. So *your* education could stand for some serious assistance, too.

Second, I find it REALLY interesting that a random site like this got a comment from a woman claiming to be **in Dubai** on a random comment ABOUT Dubai.

So one of three things -- (1)you're lying, (2) you're a troll using the search engines LOOKING for negative things said about Dubai to reject and put down the opinions of the speaker, or (3) you're just the most unlikely person in the world.

My money is on one of the first two.

Short of a sudden unexpected reason to take you seriously, I'm not considering your opinion of Dubai's treatment of women as reliable. That does not suggest I support the original commenter's position, either, but, as Dubai is an Islamic country, and it's an easily demonstrated fact that Islamic laws tend to treat women as second-class citizens, I do believe it's not unreasonable to suggest that women do not fare as well in Dubai as in many other places.

And in the unlikely instance you actually are a woman in Dubai:
Do you vote?
Do you dress as you please, or are there stringent specifications as to what you must wear?
Do you drive?
Do you have freedom of movement at will?
Does any man have say over who you speak to, or what you do with your life?
Are any professions closed to you for reasons other than pure physical inability?
Are you trusted as a simple, competent human being and allowed to speak to men alone in a room?
--- I know the answer to these questions. And they aren't generally considered "good treatment" of women by the standards of many.

December 12 2009 at 7:00 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

No, Joss Whedon knows homosexuality is not psychological.

December 12 2009 at 1:12 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to Joseph's comment

They made Echo blind in one episode. Blindness is not psychological. Clearly they can program someone to act however they want. They could program a doll to be paraplegic, I'd imagine. Moreover they can program dolls to be physically attracted to anyone. If a 600 pound zit-faced millionare wants to have Echo truly love him - or her - the Dollhouse can apparently do it.

All rational people know that homosexuality is not a choice. But the brain has something to do with it, just like seeing, hearing, moving one's limbs, or being infected with religion. That being the case, I don't think this is a comment one way or the other about the nature of homosexuality.

December 12 2009 at 12:18 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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