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August 30, 2015

Review: Two and a Half Men - Warning. It's Dirty.

by Allison Waldman, posted Dec 15th 2009 6:55AM
The holidays are a time for family and reflection and cheer. Unless you're the Harper family and gathering in Malibu becomes a test to see who can screw up each others' life more. This was an interesting Christmas get together, especially with the guest visit from Marty Pepper, sitcom king. Was it the ultimate inside joke that everything passing before Marty's eyes was fodder for a TV show? Yes, I think so. At the end of the show, the final credit was "A Marty Pepper Production."

For more on Marty and Charlie's trouble making antics, read on.

There's little doubt in my mind that Charlie might not make it to the June wedding. He's chaffing at the collar to stray, like a dog in heat. What else can be made of his trying to live vicariously through Jake? Has it really come to this, that Charlie's getting excited about the prospect of Jake cheating on Celeste with a girl he met on the beach just because he can't do it himself? Jake would have preferred a couple of corn dogs to a couple of girls, and in the end wound up with neither. "Uncle Charlie, you really suck, you know that." That said it all.

Alan's spirited version of "Jingle Bell Rock" was a holiday highlight. The looks between him and Evelyn felt familiar. How many times had Mom squelched little Alan's musical expressions at home? Many, I'd say.

Marty Pepper was played by Carl Reiner, the man who was responsible for The Dick Van Dyke Show, perhaps the best sitcom of all time (or one of them). Reiner was a good sport about the bit, playing the crotchety old fart like a crotchety old fart, complete with incontinence gags and poopie pants.

Alan's letter to family and friends was a nice touch; very much a holiday tradition. He's quite the poet laurete. Although I must have forgotten about Evelyn's vulva getting plastic surgery. Nice euphemism, though, the secret garden.

Sometimes Two and a Half Men doesn't carry stories from one show to the next, but the Chelsea-Charlie situation needs to be played out. He keeps saying he's in love with her and ready to get married, but his actions say otherwise. He doesn't listen to her and the glee he took in Jake's misdeeds were the actions of a man who wants to be back in the game. Should be an interesting few months if they play it out.

Funny Lines

Alan: Relationships are built on trust and mutual respect.
Charlie: Oh, grow up. Relationships are built on diamond earrings and Viagra.

(Berta noticing Jake with the girl)
Berta: Pretty girl.
Alan: Yep.
Berta: You think she'd have more self-esteem.

Alan: Mom, are you and he...
Evelyn: Good Lord, no. The man is a thousand years old. It's a wonder his scrotum doesn't get tangled up in the wheels.

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December 24 2009 at 12:04 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I worry abvout the continuty of the show. Especially in sydication. No Judith this time (nor a mention of her or the daughter which may be Alan's). Chelsea is barely in (final scene). I say commit all in to her or all out. I can see Charlie and her having some good scenes. I hardly think offering advice to Jake is a legitimate reason for her smoldering. And the way they kept Berta around for dinner was an exercise in creative writing.
Finally, they gotta stop saying Charlie sucks. He is allowing them free room and board and that gives him legit credit to speak up in his own home. The freeloaders can hit the road.

December 15 2009 at 4:09 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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