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September 2, 2015

Best and Worst TV of 2009: Michael P.'s list

by Michael Pascua, posted Dec 20th 2009 3:08PM
Kelly and Isaac host The Fashion Show
A year has passed and there has been a lot of best and worst lists here at TV Squad. I know tons of reality television shows have grazed my TV so I've compiled a list of the best and worst reality shows of 2009.

Finding the best shows are easy, but it's hard to pare down the worst list. I define "worst" as shows that had potential and never did anything with it. While shows like I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here and anything involving the words "Real Housewives" aren't mentioned, they aren't the worst because they started at rock bottom and had nowhere to go. Several of the worst shows I've mentioned could just go through some tweaking and it could have been amazing.

1. New York Goes to Work - There's something fitting watching New York suffer through odd jobs. She somehow agreed to let VH1 make her look like even more of a fool. To make it better, she basically failed half of her tasks proving that she can't curse out every situation. Hopefully, she learned her lesson and counts her blessings now.

2. Tough Love - I found the first season of Tough Love to be endearing. While the girls resisted a little in the beginning, it was actually nice to see these girls learn from their mistakes. It was hysterical to see Taylor reacting to Stasha's secret.

3. Cake Boss - While Cake Boss isn't a replacement for Ace of Cakes, the show clearly displays a happy family business. Even with the complaints and screaming, they all come together as one big happy Italian family. Also, I love the way that Buddy pronounces "Fondant."

4. I Survived A Japanese Game Show -
The show surprised me last year, and I didn't actually expect the show to survive another summer, but this year it came back in high-definition. Every time I watched the show I would scram "Majide" with the Japanese audience. The show continued to be both over-the-top with it's games and yet culturally sensitive.

5. The Real World: Brooklyn
- It felt like classic Real World, where the roommates dealt with real issues. The increase of housemates from seven to eight helped logistics with the male to female ratio and it wasn't as jarring. Watching Ryan cope with his active duty was amazing and his special that aired was more interesting than the whole season of Real World: Cancun.

6. Top Chef: Masters - I found Top Chef: Masters to be an interesting diversion from Top Chef. All the chefs were happy to be there, they sat around and drank wine while they waited for deliberation. I liked the scoring system and I fell in love with all the hats that Gael Greene wore.

7. Hoarders - There's something I love about seeing other people's houses, but watching it covered in filth is both vomit-inducing and intriguing. I watch all these people, some with mental problems, others with events that clicked their hoarding. I find this show more captivating than Intervention because of the psychological aspects.

8. Survivor: Samoa - Russell did a great job steering a losing Foa Foa to make it to the finals. They only had Brett in their way, but it seems like it's a guaranteed win for Foa Foa. This season should be under the definition of "Reverse-Pagong."


1. Project Runway
- After a long wait, Project Runway came back and it wasn't the same. The show felt weaker as it transitioned to Lifetime. It may have been due to the the lack of Michael Kors and Nina Garcia in the beginning, weak casting, and the fact that it took place in Los Angeles.

2. Million Dollar Listing - Million Dollar Listing had one thing going for it: the bad economy. Sadly, it didn't help the show. Chad continues to be immature and does not have his priorities straight, Josh seems like a bumbling idiot (remember when he burned a paper after placing it on top of a candle?), and Madison should become a contestant on Make me a Supermodel.

3. Jon and Kate Plus 8 - Okay, I get it: people divorce. The thing that made this show bad was how TLC would edit the show as often as possible to make Jon Gosselin look even worse than he ever was. I did love how they blurred out all his Ed Hardy shirts. The kids continued to be endearing, it was the nasty way their divorce was revealed to America which made it a bad show.

America's Best Dance Crew (Season 4) - Season Four came too soon from season three especially after both the spectacular Quest Crew and Beat Freaks. Most of the crews were just gimmicks, from the country line dancers to the salsa dancers. The good parts of the previous seasons was how the one or two gimmick teams would cope with all the hip-hop. Even the little things didn't feel right: It's position on Sundays also wasn't helpful and I missed DJ Rashida.

5. Jersey Shore - Just say no. Everyone has made an opinion on the show, but I secretly continue to watch it.

6. The Fashion Show - Bravo must be jealous that it lost it's reality TV diamond, Project Runway. The Fashion Show pales in comparison to PR because of the hosts, the triangular runway, and the goal of the contestants. I was under the impression that they were looking for collections that were closer to ready-to-wear, yet designers like Jean-Paul and Merlin continued to survive past with pieces that were more avant garde.

Other Awards

Favorite Reality Show Contestant - Tatiana Del Toro (American Idol) - Tatiana was crazy. Her giggles, her obsession for singing Whitney Houston, and her clothing options put her a league above the rest. Sadly, I think that Tatiana had a decent voice, but if she wasn't this crazy character, she would have been overlooked. Here is her first impression to America (Note both Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert in the background):

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How can there be any list of "Best Reality Shows?" My nomination is this show - better than most of the realitycrap on DiscoveryVH1A&E!


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I agree with Cake Boss......The End

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