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September 4, 2015

Review: The New Adventures of Old Christine - A Whale of a Tale

by Jason Hughes, posted Jan 14th 2010 1:15PM
The New Adventures of Old Christine: A Whale of a Tale
The title pretty much gives it all away, if you didn't see the promos. I saw them, and yet I must have forgotten them, because I was still in for a surprise when Eric McCormack bent over to help Christine with her flat tire. Things have been jumping around a bit with this series, as if we're getting things somewhat out of order. Either that, or they just really trying to make things self-contained.

Sometimes, they act as if Matthew is still living at Christine's, like the last new episode, and then he's back at his new place with Richard. But when they're here, there's no indicating that Richard and New Christine are expecting. Instead, Richard is completely focused on the bachelor pad aspect of it.

The new girl in Matthew's life was written pretty well, particularly in how much she was into Matthew -- even after catching him sniffing her bra -- and how much she was clearly made uncomfortable by "Rick."

But that was nothing compared to the discomfort of discovering that Matthew was wearing a man-thong, or mong. I keep forgetting that he and Max (McCormack) are colleagues. Max was sporting the first mong we saw. Christine's reaction to it was priceless. As usual, Julia Louis-Dreyfus can do more with her face than many actresses can do in an entire scene.

The episode began with her declaring her love to her therapist, Max. An all too common occurrence, and he handled it surprisingly professional, considering his lapses throughout their relationship. At least until later. But it was when he was trying to help her, and even screwing that up, with the flat tire that things started to get interesting.

First of all, it shouldn't take four hours to change a tire, even if he hadn't put the old on back on. I guess that's just a statement of his "manhood." Which brings me to the mong. The weirdest thing about this whole plotline is that male thongs already exist in the marketplace. Type it into the old Google, and there are tons of companies already selling them. You can even find them at many of the big box stores.

As such, it made me wonder both why Max's sister would think this was something new to the market, and why both Max and Matthew would be seemingly unaware of their existence. Particularly Matthew, as his proclivities for the delicate side of life would make you think he at least knew of it. It was a cheap sight gag, I get it, and it did work in that regard for both men.

Like I said, I forget that Matthew and Max know one another from work, so when Matthew's mong was revealed, I couldn't figure out why he was wearing one in the first place. It's a shame his blonde hottie couldn't get over it, as scoring with her would have been really good for him. She was willing to drive over to his sister's empty house to make out with him on what was essentially a first date. That's about as into you as you could ever hope a girl to be.

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Did anyone else think this episode was similar to Seinfeld? Remember when Kramer and George's father were looking to market the "manzzire" (male bra)? The mong though could just as easily been Eric wearing a woman's thong or bikini underwear. The butt shots were amusing and I'm sure they were a turn-on to those who miss Will & Grace. I think Matthew should get a separate apartment from Richard. If he continues hanging with him, he's only going to become more of an a$$ like him. And Ritchie definitely needs more screen time. I would have liked to see him more with Merle and Lindsay's daughters. The mothers would probably be creeped out if he managed to sweep the girls off their feet. Unfortunately, no Barb in this one since Wanda's splitting time between this and her talk show on Fox (which I find a good addition to weekend late night). Hopefully, she'll be in next week's episode.

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