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July 3, 2015

Review: Scrubs - Our True Lies

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 20th 2010 3:25PM
Kerry Bishe as Lucy in Scrubs(S09E10) After last week's seemingly out-of-order interlude with J.D. and Elliot, we're back to the purity of following the med students around, and I have to say, this was the best of those episodes to date.

Given the proper elbow room, you can see even some of the more one-note characters, like Lucy and Drew Cole, grow and change. And, given the fact that even Bill Lawrence thinks it's a 70/30 shot against renewal, it's a bit of a shame; episodes like this make me want to get to know these characters a little more and follow them through their med school trials and tribulations.

Again, the pacing of the episode was slower, and we didn't see as many flashbacks and fantasy sequences. Which is fine with me; I want to get to know these characters with regards to how they interact with each other, not how they fantasize.

So the cheating scenario, where Cox keeps everyone from that med student study group in the same room until one of them admits to cheating on the exam, was very helpful in that regard. Nothing like having all the main characters in the same room for an extended period to see how everyone bounces off each other. It's why there always seems to be one bank robbing / hostage scenario episode on every show.

Here's what we learned: Lucy is overwhelmed, and she chews her hair when she lies, among other things. Drew Cole is actually noble, willing to take the hit for Lucy, especially because everyone expected him to be the cheater, anyway. Hottie Maya really, really has the hots for brainiac Tran ("You're smothering me" might be the funniest line in the episode).

Finally, all the students are going to pull for each other because med school is tough enough and they all feel overwhelmed -- and Drew is the king of second chances. So they'll take Cox's wet re-exam that probably asks who won the 1952 World Series, mainly because they all know they could have been the ones cheating.

I'm really liking Drew and Denise as a couple. Interesting how it was Lucy, horse lover and Denise's polar opposite, that finally convinced Denise to reciprocate Drew's "I love you." Though even Cox is afraid of Denise's "murder eyes," people are starting to see the normal, vulnerable person underneath. Yes, it's a shocker that Denise is capable of love, but if she can match up with anyone, a guy like Drew, whose parents are convinced is dead, seems to be perfect.

Even the Cox-Turk story was fun, because it's interesting to see the peer dynamic develop between the two, especially their deal involving lunchtime pages and hip-hop handshakes. Oh, and it was fun to see Nadine Velasquez in any role, even if it's in a hospital bed. And, good to get some extended face time with The Todd. You knew that with lesbians in the area, it would have been criminal for him to have the day off.

I still don't know what they're doing with Ken Jenkins. Kelso is just randomly hanging around the hospital now, talking about the "good old days" when doctors used to talk to their patients? I seem to recall Chief of Medicine Kelso hated talking to patients. Maybe he was more of a conversationalist in those heady, sexual harassment filled days of the sixties and seventies.

Like I said, this one was fun to watch. Hopefully, the last three episodes will build on this.

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