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September 4, 2015

Review: Cougar Town - Stop Dragging My Heart Around

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 21st 2010 11:52AM
Courteney Cox and Brian Van Holt in Cougar Town: Stop Dragging My Heart Around(S01E13) Wow. Didn't think I'd miss so much in one week. But the episode I had to pass on to Isabelle because of the TCAs was full of character movement; Jules breaks up with Jeff because she doesn't want to be tied down, Laurie and Grayson hook up because of their various relationship issues, and Andy gets a lot of agita from keeping all the group's secrets.

So to see it all play out this week made me a little bit uneasy, but that's a good thing. This show needed some raised stakes among its ensemble, even if we're starting to set up one of those eye-rolling situations where people start to sleep with each other and always end up finding out. Hopefully, this is something that will be examined in dribs and drabs and doesn't dominate the storytelling in the future.

But it was fun to see Laurie have at least a little guilt about sleeping with Grayson. Grayson doesn't seem to care, mainly because he's a guy. He doesn't see Laurie as being the same as his other young bimbo conquests, but he also knows there's no future between them. But, for some reason, he can't latch onto the fact that this may screw up whatever he has with his "someday girl" Jules down the road. Maybe he's just in denial.

As for Jules and Bobby; we knew that the two of them would eventually sleep together, as "sex with the ex" seems to be a common theme in many a sitcom. In sitcoms, even couples who hate each other fall into bed together (see Megan Mullally's guest stint on Parks and Rec for a good example of that), so it stands to reason that Bobby and Jules, who are still close, would sleep together at some point. I just liked the fact that Lawrence and Biegel had Jules put a stop to that right away.

I do love how Andy is always trying to use what he knows to his advantage, though I'm not sure why Travis wants to keep the fact he lost his virginity from his mother. I mean, the guy's eighteen already; you'd think cool mom Jules would be happy he waited so long to take the plunge. Maybe it's just general teenaged embarrassment.

The only incongruous part of the episode was when Ellie apologized to Andy for snapping at him earlier. It felt like it was just a way to get into the point about conversations that start the same way but end differently. Not that Ellie doesn't apologize, but her sincerity towards Andy seems out of phase with what we know about her at this point. Maybe it's part of her becoming a better-rounded character.

So it was a good episode that sets up a lot of what we're going to see in the second half of the season. And, yes, Bobby and Jules were watching Scrubs on TV in the scene the two of them were in with Travis. Might as well keep it all in the family, right?

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There also was a more subtle Scrubs nod, about 12 minutes in, Andy was holding a Coffee Bucks mug. Coffee Bucks of course being the infamous Starbucks like coffee shop Dr. Kelso installed in Sacred Heart hospital to make more money.

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