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September 4, 2015

Review: Friday Night Lights - I Can't

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 21st 2010 12:25AM
There were some major developments in this episode of Friday Night Lights, especially among the younger set. And if you think life is just peachy keen for kids in high school, they aren't the ones attending East Dillon High. If you prefer the lighter, sweeter side of Friday Night Lights, this wasn't your night. Sadness was at every turn, none moreso that Becky and Vince and their very tough decisions.

When Becky told Luke last week that she was having a baby, his reaction just spelled trouble. Who would have thought that his being honest with his parents would be a bad thing? Luke strives to be a good person, but he is clearly conflicted. He's lying about taking pain medication and he had unprotected sex with a girl he barely knew. There is something disingenuous about him going to church and letting his parents guide him to live a righteous life, when he's sinning right and left. Yes, he's young, but he should know better.

It was somewhat surprising that Becky actually went through with the abortion. Whether you agree or disagree with her decision politically -- and let's not comment on that in this forum, please! -- it was a tough choice and Becky only came to it after consulting "unofficially" with Tami. As the previews show, Tami's good-hearted counsel might get her in a world of trouble. Becky is truly the voice of this show's title, "I Can't." Be a mother, that is.

Like last week when Vince asked Coach for help finding a job, this week Vince was again standing up like a man when he approached Virgil. How heartbreaking is it that no matter how Vince tries to stick to the straight and narrow, the answers to his problems are too big. Virgil's speech was comforting, but Vince's mother needed rehab and Vince needs his mom. The scene at her hospital bed was a reminder that Vince is just a teenager. He's not ready to be on his own. With no legit way out of that dilemma, Vince turned to his criminal friends and got the rehab money. So much for the football career.

I loved how Jess confronted her father about how he has been giving the family mixed messages. Fathers can be wrong and Virgil was wrong to show pride and support for Vince because he sees himself in the young man, but withhold it from Jess and Caleb. By showing up at the pee-wee football game, Virgil was admitting his mistake. It was a step in the right direction.

Other points of interest

-- Julie's infatuation with Ryan is helping her get over Matt, but she's not even talking about going to college anymore. That's not good.

-- No Landry tonight, not even at practice.

-- The Riggins boys are as dumb as the dirt they were digging to create a hole big enough to bury car frames. Really, really dumb. Like the blind leading the blind. It will be a miracle if they don't wind up in a Texas prison breaking rocks with sledgehammers, but at least Tim spoke up and told Billy that they have to stop the chop-shop.

-- There wasn't too much Tami and Eric time in this episode, although her helping him find his car the morning after he had too many beers with Virgil was great, especially when she made him walk across the parking lot.

-- The Taylors were definitely in sync at dinner. They were quietly pleased to hear that Ryan was leaving town very soon.

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