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October 7, 2015

Review: The New Adventures of Old Christine - Truth or Dare

by Jason Hughes, posted Jan 21st 2010 9:29AM
The New Adventures of Old Christine: Truth or Dare
It's always nice to see that the men Christine falls for are as damaged as she is. Well, one of her suitors tonight is anyway. Things continue developing intimately between Christine and Max (Eric McCormack), until she gets a text from Mr. Harris. You remember Mr. Harris, don't you? Ritchie's former teacher who was so gorgeous that Matthew and Richard developed weird fixations on him as well.

That's right. Blair Underwood is back, reprising his role as Mr. Harris. And while he remains as handsome as ever, things couldn't be more complicated between him and Christine as they were tonight.

First of all, Christine only agreed to go out with him on a dare from Max, while he only wanted to date her to get back at some girl who dissed him 25 years ago in high school. Thus, he wanted to take Christine to his 25th reunion to get revenge, however it is that is supposed to work.

It's actually kind of nice seeing Christine in a relationship with real feelings. I don't know how long Eric McCormack can stay around, but I really like the way the relationship between him and Christine has been developing. It's just messed up enough to make it believable for her, and he's actually working very well within the tone and ensemble that makes up this show. He doesn't have anything else going on, so hopefully he can stick around for awhile.

With Christine in her fifth season, you have to start thinking about how the creators might choose to end the show. After all, it seems like each season she's kind of riding the bubble, and this year she's been having a lot of guest stars (which makes me worry after what happened with McCormack's Will & Grace). The question is if they'll let Christine find a new man and real happiness.

Could Max be that guy? I think she needs crazy, and he showcased a healthy dosage of it with his yellow belt challenge to Mr. Harris to win Christine back, followed by a dance-off challenge. Max is just as damaged as Christine, so maybe there's no way it can work in the long run, but for awhile I think it can make for some great television.

I will miss Mr. Harris, though, as it's always fun watching Matthew obsess over how beautiful he is. Richard, Matthew and Barb trying to get as many pictures of him as they could throughout the episode was hilarious. Even Max got in on the fun.

I thought Clea Lewis had a fun little cameo as Emily, the crazy girl in charge of signing people into Mr. Harris' reunion. It kind of makes you wonder how many of those crazy sex pacts she made with the nerds of her high school class. Poor Richard actually got sucked into her web, and was jealous of the next nerd.

I'm not sure why Barb even went to the reunion, other than to win an award for "most changed." It seems that her work on The Wanda Sykes Show is impacting her screen time on Christine, and I won't have it. She's an integral part of the funny here, and I was less than impressed with the first few installments of her own show. Maybe it got better, but I need to see more of her here. Nobody reigns Christine in like Barb.

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