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October 8, 2015

Review: Archer - Diversity Hire

by Annie Wu, posted Jan 22nd 2010 2:02AM
Archer Diversity Hire
(S01E03) Considering Archer's previous episodes, the title "Diversity Hire" should have allowed you plenty of time to prepare yourself for lots of groan-worthy racial jokes. And yeah, that was definitely what we got. Overall, it was a pretty solid episode; the thirty minutes really went by in a blur because those jokes came rapid-fire.

This week, the ISIS lost yet another non-white agent and needed to make a diversity hire to get some sweet tax action (or not get tax action, I guess). Enter, Conway Stern, a black Jewish agent who is so nice and efficient, it is borderline suspicious.

So, Malory turns into a giggling schoolgirl whenever she is around him, Lana becomes incredibly annoyed, and Archer and Conway touch penises (accidentally). Of course, Conway turns out too good to be true because he's actually using ISIS for his own gain and he attempts to kill Archer and steal an item they were originally set out to save. He almost got away, but thanks to Archer's panicky mommy issues and desperate need to confirm whether or not she and Conway had sex, Conway lost the goods and a hand in the process.

There were a lot of good moments in this episode. As usual, Archer's douchebaggery provided some great lines. I think maybe I laughed a little too hard at him ringing up the Asian agent, calling him "Pacman" and gleefully chirping "Wakka wakka wakkaaah!" His bloodied and weakened "Danger Zone!" at the end of the episode was also fantastic.

Carol, Corinne or Cristal or whatever (can't wait to see what Judy Greer's IMDb listing for this looks like after all the episodes are done) had some great lines as well, mainly for her extra-creepiness toward Conway. "Tell Conway that his Secret Santa wants to come early. Or, y'know, whoever brings Jewish people their Christmas presents." In other news: I don't think I've ever heard "vageen" on television before.

So far, the people of ISIS don't have any sort of consistent, specific baddie or evil organization that they're battling; no Guild of Calamitous Intent to their Office of Secret Intelligence, if you will. The way the show has been carrying on, I don't imagine they will need this sort of situation, but the ominous last words of Conway Stern ("Which is not [his] real naaame!") as he flew away with a helicopter and one hand short, led me to wonder if that's the start of a recurring antagonist. And maybe he will have a robot hand! Robotic body parts are really the only logical route after losing something in a super-spy mission.

... Hey, Archer hasn't provided any Lost-esque inspirations for speculation, so let me have my fun.

And finally, let's take a moment to applaud Archer for somehow including a reference to J. Edgar/Edna Hoover's alleged cross-dressing history.

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If I can't have Frisky Dingo, this show is a pretty good replacement. Archer and Awesome X would make a great team.

January 22 2010 at 6:32 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to David's comment

I would like to see that, but the world would end with their combined incompetence.

January 22 2010 at 9:50 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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