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October 10, 2015

Review: Project Runway - The Fashion Farm

by Michael Pascua, posted Jan 22nd 2010 1:30AM
Tim Gunn is grossed out by farm life
(S07E02) This week's challenge on Project Runway fell under the unconventional materials category. The contestants had burlap potato sacks and a day and a few embellishments to transform it into a party look for their models. The models got to choose their clients, so there was a slight shuffle with a handful of designers. The model-as-client episodes are a reminder that while the models have opinions, it's ultimately up to the designer to know what is both visually stunning and matches their aesthetic.

There are still too many contestants, I don't think I heard a peep from Captain Jack Sparrow or last week's winner Emilio. We still get a lot of quirky Ping, including her pronunciation of "Buttocks." As for Anthony, I'm tired of him ending statements by announcing "period." The real question is, will these outlandish characters survive the long haul, or are they being focused on because they will be eliminated?

Tim gets his chance to mentor the contestants, but since we don't have time to go through fifteen different contestants, we only see six critiques. Sadly, this leaves the episode quite predictable as the six critiques that we get to see Tim give (Pamela, Mila, Jay, Ping, Amy and Jesus) all end up under the spotlight. Tim reminds the contestants that it's about the judges' opinions and not the model's. He also reminds contestants that it's good to be ambitious, but to keep in mind that there are time constraints. Pamela gets praise for her color job, but is given suggestions to make it a two piece by Tim; she doesn't listen. Jesus doesn't listen to Tim that there isn't enough of a strong potato sack to embellishment ratio.

We get a whole tone of stress shots both before the night ends and the morning of the runway show. Jay has dying issues the night before and is stressed out, but magically we get feathered pieces covering up the problem. The show this week failed to edit the actual construction together with the models arriving early. We saw a lot of work with muslin and then fully lined and hemmed dresses popped up right before time was up.

Lauren Hutton is our guest judge along with Nina, Michael and Heidi. As the models walk down, it's a shame we never got to see several of the other designers work on this challenge. I really liked how Jonathan worked the embellishment in the front and how Anna Marie did the potato-print. The two parts I disliked were Jesse's pants and the buttons on the hood of Seth Aaron's dress. I was a little disappointed that Emilio's dress was strikingly similar to last week's challenge with all the applique, but he was safe no matter what.

The top designs came from Mila (futuristic), Jay (expensive and light), and Amy (flirty and feminine). Jay won the challenge, though I think that Amy was robbed. Amy was the one that managed to exemplify the potato sack's natural color. Lauren Hutton gushed over it during Models of the Runway as well, so I guess she was out voted. The bottom designs came from Ping (ass ahoy), Jesus (not enough potato sack, bad color choices), and Pamela (made her model look really fat). Pamela was sent home. You knew it was downhill from the beginning of the episode when Pamela said how she slowly would miss each contestant as they went.

Next week is a team challenge and it seems like all of the weird personalities will finally clash. Who did you think should have been eliminated? Could Pamela's dress have survived if it was actually in two pieces? Leave your comments below.

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i actually liked Ping's as a runway piece. if only she had not had the model's ass hanging out... i don't think Pamela should have been sent home. granted it made the model look a little thick, but it was actually quite sexy looking. something i could see on JLo or Beyonce.

all in all, i think the designers did a good job on this challenge. because it's hard to fit 15 designers in a clip of Tim's criticisms, i had no clue how great some of the dresses would turn out. i think Amy should have won, but the two pink dresses were my fav.

January 22 2010 at 2:45 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Joyce N.

Ping or Jesse should have left before Pamela. Hers was a "wearable" dress with some slight alterations. Ping's was ridiculously unwearable. Jesse didn't pay any attention to what that challenge was supposed to be about. Mila should grow up. She insulted everyone with her whining comments.

January 22 2010 at 1:16 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Ok, so Pamela's dress wasn't the most flattering but you tell me WHO in their right mind would walk down the street with that "sack" Ping put on her model. Not only was it poorly sewn, which you could see clearly on HD tv, but the design was hideous. If Pamela's design made her model look fat.. then what the heck were those two balloon things on the hips of Ping's models.
UGLY....UGLY !!!!!

Already I am disappointed in another season of Project Runway.

January 22 2010 at 12:38 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Ping should have totally been sent home.
Jay should have won.
Amy "1st runner up."

Mila needs to get the chip off her shoulder about her model from last week not picking her this week. The more she talked the more I understood why the model didn't pick her - and why she was that last one left to be picked. If I had been Anthony I would have told her, "You know what? When I get done with the model fitting I will send her over to you and *you* can ask her for yourself why she didn't pick you. Now, shut the f-up up so the rest of us can work." :) Oh yeah, "Period." LOL.

January 22 2010 at 11:40 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I think Ping is a much more interesting designer than Pamela and that's why she's staying (for now). My favorite from last night was Janeane's dark grey strapless dress with merlot accents!

January 22 2010 at 10:26 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Though I admit that Pamela's dress was about as unflattering to her model's figure as it could be, I don't think that she should have been sent home considering the other two dresses. Ping's model's ass was hanging out, so it wasn't a functional dress, and Jesus completely hid the burlap under ribbons and material, which defeated the purpose of the challenge. Not to mention the fact that it was hideously ugly as well. I was truly shocked both when Heidi Klum said that Ping was in, and when she said that Pamela was out.

January 22 2010 at 8:05 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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