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October 9, 2015

The Next Step for Team Coco

by Stephanie Earp, posted Jan 26th 2010 10:42AM

Now that it's official - Conan O'Brien's job at NBC is over as of Friday - it's time for Conan to think about how he wants to spend the next few months. He's free to take a new job as of September 1st, but in the meantime, if there's nothing to prevent him from taking part-time gigs, I have a few ideas of how he could spend his time.

'This Hour Has 22 Minutes' and Conan

I give Mark Critch full credit for this idea. Last week, he finished up a broadcast by inviting the beleaguered O'Brien to join the cast of '22 Minutes.' Conan should do it.

Nothing would better suit O'Brien's persona as a bit of wild cannon who would do anything for the fans. A guest stint on a little-known Canadian sketch comedy show would give him the chance to prove again what a nimble comedian he is, and get back to some of the political humour he was able to draw on as a writer for 'The Simpsons.' And maybe, just maybe, he and Geri Hall could fall in love, run away together and have millions of fair-skinned red-haired hilarious babies and keep both our nations laughing for many generations to come.

CSI: Conan

When an actor reaches a certain age and notoriety, and has the goodwill of many fans, it has become traditional in Hollywood to offer him his own 'CSI' franchise. If we think of 'The Tonight Show' as Conan's 'Forrest Gump' or 'The Matrix' it makes perfect sense to get him solving crimes. Can't you just picture the excellent montage sequences? If Conan is reluctant to take on the commitment of a long-term series, why not just put Laurence Fishburne on sabbatical already and drop Conan into the original as the new head of the unit? God knows that show used to have a drop of humour before Fishburne turned up, and I for one would welcome a return to form. They could even try to solve the mystery of what the hell NBC was thinking.

'American Idol' with Conan O'Brien

Everyone knows Simon Cowell is aching to leave 'American Idol' and claims the current season is his last (I'll believe that when I see it). Why not pass the reins to Conan? No, Conan doesn't have any particular expertise when it comes to judging singers, but neither does Ellen DeGeneres, or the American public for that matter, and that hasn't stopped the show from succeeding in the past. Plus, with Conan comes Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog, who could function as the anti-Ryan Seacrest, interviewing the contestants in the line-ups and holding rooms to great effect.

'Lost' with Conan

Carlton Cuse and the writers of 'Lost' have promised that in this, the final season of 'Lost', many questions will be answered, even mysteries abandoned as long ago as the first season. For example, the Adam-and-Eve skeletons, Walt's powers and the four-toed statue will be explained. And here's where it gets interesting - the nature of the smoke monster will be revealed. What if it turned out the smoke monster is a tall red-haired comedian from the future? Eh? Eh?

The Oprah Show: Starring Conan O'Brien

Oprah is retiring in September. Conan is free to start a full-time job is September. They both have unusual names and fabulous hair. I'm just saying. While it's hard to imagine Conan handling some of Oprah's more sensitive topics, like divorcees with AIDS and incest survivors with anorexia, O'Brien is certainly capable of ridiculing Bristol Palin's chastity vows and giving away cars. Truthfully, I'm not sure Conan is the ideal candidate to take over 'The Oprah Show' but I will say this - if Oprah doesn't choose and groom a successor herself, one will be chosen for her. And I think we all fear what would happen if Tyra Banks had an even bigger audience than she does now.

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