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October 9, 2015

Saints' historic win also kicked Seinfeld's behind

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jan 26th 2010 7:10PM
Just how historic and awesome was the New Orleans Saints' first NFC championship? It not only toppled what could be the final chapter of legendary quarterback Brett Favre's NFL history, but it also toppled one of the most epic and legendary final chapters in television's history.

Last Sunday's squeaker between the Saints and the Minnesota Vikings on Fox garnered 57.9 million viewers, which tops the Seinfeld finale in 1998.

One can only imagine what the viewership would be if the Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts and take home the Vince Lombardi trophy at Super Bowl XLIV. I mean, other than a special post-game appearance of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (I say that, of course, as a long time and beloved hometown fan of the Black and Gold. Who dat!).

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I have to agree with Robert M about Favre being a media darling more than he is a fan favorite. Favre does have a ton of fans, many who think he can do no wrong, but the media just goes so ape-shit over him that I think most people are way past sick of hearing about him. The hype about Favre is so overdone that it just smothers everything else in the game. After the Saints big win Sunday, which put them in the Super Bowl for the first time, about all I heard and read was about Favre, would he come back or not, should he etc..The focus should have been more on New Orleans, not Favre and his perpetual dithering about retirement. Now he doesnt even have to dither himself, the media does it for him.

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Rob Walley


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Who Dat!! indeed

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1 reply to Allison's comment

Co- Sign.

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Did you read the article you linked to? It was the highest rated program SINCE the Seinfeld finale. The Seinfeld finale had more than 75 million viewers.

The Vikes/Saints game didn't "kick Seinfeld's butt", it had about 15 million fewer viewers than Seinfeld's finale. But, still pretty impressive!

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Phil Leitch

My guess is more people were watching because of the Brett Favre angle than because of the Saints.

Brett Favre vs Colts or Jets Super Bowl probably would broken records. I think the NO/Katrina story is out of peoples minds for the most part.

Just my take.

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Robert M

Actually Phil, I don't agree. Favre is a media darling more than he is a fan favorite. New Orleans has set viewing records all season long. The Monday night game against New England was the highest rated cable sports event EVER. Its the story of the Saints that has everyone watching. And its not because of Katrina. We in New Orleans would just as soon have people write about just our team. Its THE MEDIA that feels the need to mention Katrina in EVERY article.
However, what Katrina did do was disperse Saints fans around the country. They have converted others, to where the Saints are one of the more followed teams in the NFL. They are a small market town, yet they are in the top ten in the NFL in merchandise sales. Those sales obviously aren't just from the New Orleans area.

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Phil Leitch

sorry, don't agree with your reasoning. Actually I should though because...

Vikes are #3 in merch sales and the Saints #10 for 2009. Both small market teams so kudos to both of them for being so popular.

Vikes vs Packers 21.8 million 1st highest cable program
Saints vs Patriots 21.4 million 2nd highest cable program

Based on your own arguments I am more right than you are.

BTW, I own Saints merch and like them. This wasn't an anti-Saints thing at all which you seem to take it as. Just trying to say I don't think people will be all that interested in a Colts/Saints Super Bowl as they would have a Favre vs anybody Super Bowl. Of course Favre vs Jets would have probably been huge and gotten all his previous fans/haters watching.

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