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October 10, 2015

Woman faints on The Price is Right

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 26th 2010 8:07AM
It seems like there's something wild happening on The Price is Right every day. Last week we had the guy who just missed out on winning a new Porsche, and yesterday a woman fainted during the showcase. Why did she faint? Take a look. (By the way, she won the showcase.)

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Because she had already won a car earlier in the show, she couldn't believe it when she saw another one. So that faint was obvious and due to reaction. This is not the first time-- this reminds me of that one Price is Right show in the '70s when a woman fainted after finding out that she won her showcase! When you're winning a lot of prizes like that, that fainting will happen sometimes to contestants! It just makes watching game shows so exciting and fun!

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Who won????????????

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Maybe "faint" wasn't the right term, but I don't believe she faked it. When I was in my 30's I had 4 "episodes" of suddenly going unconcious. It may have looked fake to people, but it wasn't to me. The doctors finally decided it was due to a certain medication.

We don't know what was going on with this woman. She may have just been quite woind up. But I think it was when the car was announced that it really hit her. So, whatever happened, can't we just be happy for her? That is what I love about "The Price is Right" because people are so positive and happy for others when the win, and we don't see optimism and happiness otherwise in the world now.

And the show case (which the article tells us she won) was a great prize. $5000 in gift cards to use at the Mall of America and a place to stay, plus a car - you couldn't ask for more. Well most people except for the greedy folks.

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It's not the first time some fainted on the show (real or not.) It happened at least 2 times over the years.

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I agree- it was fake. When someone faints, their knees buckle first and they go straight down. AND she immediately "recovered." It looked like she "fainted" the way she thought fainting should look like.

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Richard Ott

If that faint had lasted much longer, it would've
felt like 1980 all over again. I'd say she was
trying to recreate that moment, but she did
a terrible job of it, even after winning her
showcase. Stuff just happens on The Price
Is Right. That car reaction was nothing
compared to the other black female who
bounced around the whole stage area like
Daffy Duck over the reveal of a jeep, which
she ended up winning, much to the delight
of Bob Barker. She had a twin, as I recall.

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Who cares if it was fake or not! WHO WON! It's up 2 the contestant and how they bid if they win or not. How would fake fainting help her! It's not like the producers said 'Oh, My! She fainted lets give her the win automatically!"

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guess the news started this crap - yea i agree she didnt pass out - LMAO if she did one she would had hit her head - 2 yea she wouldnt had gotten up so fast - 3 the news needs to GROWUP - she was just freaked out buy the car so she felll backwards - GROW UP people wth is this world coming to

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Back when I used to watch that stupid show, I thought their prices were so exorbitant that it was almost enough to make one really faint.

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So who won....

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