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October 10, 2015

Review: The Biggest Loser - Week Four

by Jason Hughes, posted Jan 27th 2010 8:28AM
Sam Poueu and Koli Palu, The Biggest Loser 9(S09E04) Good lord there was a lot of drama in the Biggest Loser house tonight. After the yell-fest last week between Bob, Jillian and the Red team, I was confident that we'd get the fallout from that as the trainers tried to work with Lance and Melissa -- and we did -- but drama came from another direction as well.

By the end of the episode, I was ready to completely send two teams home just so there could be some damned peace and quiet in the house for once. I got 25% of my wish.

Faced with the challenge of forging ahead on his own, and after getting encouraging, but tough, words from the other contestants, the pressure was on Michael to prove his worth in the house, with the other contestants and most importantly, for himself. His journey of commitment was completely overshadowed.

I have a feeling there's a strong cultural element behind Miggy and Migdalia's stoic behavior, but it's still disheartening to see. Like Jillian, I just feel that Migdalia needs to be able to open up about her feelings and experience emotions other than anger and frustration. But with her mother whispering "Don't cry" in her ear every time a tear started to well up, how can she?

Again, it could be just the way women of their culture are, and that's mostly fine. But something brought these women to The Biggest Loser ranch, and something put 240 and 265 pounds onto their bodies, and I don't think bottling up every emotion they ever feel is the solution.

Now, setting all that aside, can we talk about what babies the Green and Red teams both were this week. Actually, it may be more of an ongoing pattern. I don't know what to believe about Melissa and the past two weigh-ins, but you kind of have to side with Jilllian on this one. The science of it just doesn't add up. I'll give Bob his 1% possibility that she's telling the truth, but the bottom line is that the Red team needs to be able to get over it. Melissa telling us with pride that she doesn't let go of grudges isn't something to be proud of. That's unhealthy behavior, and who wants to hang onto something negative. Fuel toward her own weight problems, perhaps?

I get that Lance was just trying to support his wife, but he couldn't bring himself to agree to disagree with Jillian over the "throwing the weigh-in" issue either. Jillian said she was willing to work with them both, and not judge them -- she just wouldn't believe them -- but pride wouldn't let him. Pride is a force that can destroy the Red team if they're not careful.

I say that with the Red team proving week after week that they are one of the strongest and most competitive teams on campus. They won their second Immunity Challenge this week, though luck played a huge factor in that one. More importantly, they were neck-and-neck with Koli and Sam on that intense Reward Challenge. Their last minute surge was an impressive feat of strength and commitment, though it wasn't enough to overtake the Tongan counsins. They are a team to be reckoned with physically. I'm just struggling to get past their attitudes.

After giving the two pound disadvantage to the Green team, Miggy refused even to hear their reasoning. Red team insisted it wasn't strategic, but it likely was. Green team dominated the first challenge and proved they were strong challenge competitors. Their performance on the scale wasn't as strong, so why not try to take out a strong competitor. They probably knew that Sam and Koli could eat the two pounds like it was nothing, and no other team they see as a threat right now.

The rest of the episode featured these two teams bitching and moaning and displaying deplorable behavior. They interrupted the weigh-in to be shitty to one another and did it again at the reading of the votes. Any chance they had they were at each other's throats. I agree with Melissa on one thing, though: Miggy is the more negative influence in the house.

In the end, the two pounds didn't make a damn bit of difference as both Miggy and Migdalia pulled the lowest two weight-loss percentages in the house. They were quick to still try and blame -- at least partially -- their joint failure on the Red team, but it was evident that it was more to do with their bottled up emotions and the serious issues they refuse to deal with. The way Migdalia approached the group about wanting to go home was completely typical of her, and shameful at the same time. She was rude to all of them, and even insulted them by implying they might not be able to handle writing her name down. Miggy stood right there, nodding along.

As far as I'm concerned, both members of the Green team could have gone home, instead of just Migdalia. As it stands, I think the wrong person did go home, no matter how much she was a dick to the group about wanting to leave. As seen in her video, it looks like she's not doing to well there, either. She's probably back to ignoring her emotions, and while she has the motivation of the $100,000 to at least keep pushing forward for now, her progress has been horribly slow.

Migdalia has some serious demons, and one of those is the hardass Miggy is pushing her to be. I think if Miggy had gone home and Bob, Jillian and the other contestants had been able to get inside Migdalia even a little bit, she could have had a wondrous transformaton. Alas, I am very worried for her come the final weigh-in.

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My Pound for Pound Challenge

Well, after a week convinced I was going to be frustrated, the changes I'm making in my life are paying off. I've been doing The 30 Day Shred every day this week, have cut down to less than one full soda a day and been watching my calorie intake. After jumping from 222 up to 225 (one pound higher than my starting weight), tonight I clocked in at an even 220, for a 5-pound loss on the week. I even stepped off and back on to make sure. I've never been in the 220s before now, and I'm really looking forward to saying goodbye to them forever.

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Jan Crump

I also think the red team is a dud! I don't like the way they are lying - any mother can look at her face and know she is lying, she's so like a little child grinning and her eyes are shining with her "secret". I dislike them intently and think they are bringing down the program. Jillian was a little intense, but I think that's just her. Remember last season when Bob when after that one girl "who talks a good game, but nothing to show it." Red is definitely drinking water and if they don't have immunity next week, will have a huge weight drop (although a part of me hopes it smacks them in the face and they don't lose!).

January 27 2010 at 6:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I totally feel the red team is game playing. Did anyone else notice how she was grinning and winking all during the weigh in? I swear I could have jumped through the TV screen! I mean even if you are happy to see someone go, you can show some respect and not act giddy about it. I think Jillian was right when she said she had to lose this week to keep from making people more suspicious. I am really starting to not like this season with all the drama they're bringing up.

January 27 2010 at 5:13 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

the green team's stoic nature isn't due to their culture. it has much to do with their family dynamic. Miggy's parents divorced, then she was divorced. she raised her daughter in squalor in Puerto Rico. and Migdalia is a military wife. i'd say they have plenty of reasons to cry, but if they did, they'd be crying all the time. it's not hard to see why they've adopted a "no tears" way of life.

January 27 2010 at 10:26 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Jason, thanks for the great review and for sharing your own personal info with your readers. Alot of us who watch the show and read your blog are in our own struggles.

Can you please help me understand what would the benefit be for Melissa to "throw" the weigh-ins? I am not doubting she did, will 11 pound loss this week, but considering you need to lose weight to stay, why would be the logic/motivation? thanks!

January 27 2010 at 9:51 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
3 replies to Mel's comment

I for one am appalled at the disrespect and hypocracy that Jillian displayed this week. She harps on the red team for "playing the game" because they have immunity and didn't lose as much weight as others but gives excuses for the green team (mainly miggy) when they have TWO bad weeks in a row. She completly humiliated the red team and didn't once apologize. I realize it's science but lets face it Jillian is not a doctor and she doesn't really know these people or see what they do all day. I've deleted Biggest Loser program from my DVR listing and trashed my Wii fit games that features Jillian. She really did disgust me with her dramatics and unwillingness to see someone else's side on this. She plays it up for the camera and is it just me or does she always have to have her done and wear a ton make-up for work-outs, much different than the first seasons. Maybe the show should change their name to "Jillian knows all".

January 27 2010 at 9:15 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
3 replies to Nicole's comment

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