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August 31, 2015

Review: Saturday Night Live - Jon Hamm/Michael Bublé

by Annie Wu, posted Jan 31st 2010 10:32AM
Hamm and Buble
(S35E13) The first time Jon Hamm hosted Saturday Night LIve, back in 2008, it was before I had seen his work on Mad Men and 30 Rock (the latter was due to the fact his guest appearances didn't exist at the time). I was super-excited that the seemingly perpetually serious Hamm actually turned out to be hilarious, and his performance led to one of the best episodes of the entire season. Taking all this into consideration, I was walking on dangerous ground as I prepared to watch Hamm's return to the SNL stage.

Were my expectations too high to be met? Did Hamm's pre-SNL beard somehow take funny away from him (I've heard beards can sometimes do that)? As it turned out, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Hamm did yet another stellar job as host, bringing a level of charm and commitment that made just about every sketch work.

This initial delight in seeing Hamm do well quickly turned into frustration. People as handsome as Hamm shouldn't be allowed to be funny as well. That's almost personality greed. I mean, seriously, leave some action for the rest of us, jerk.

... Aww, I can't stay mad at you, Hamm. Let's look over some moments from the episode; videos will be posted as they're available.


Digital Short - Sergio: Sergio is like a horrifying Kool-Aid man that could potentially burst out of your wife's womb some day. An incredibly, incredibly bizarre Digital Short. Holy crap. There weren't even any good lines in this sketch, but the visual ridiculousness of it all made it one of the best moments of the night. I'm wondering if the writers decided they wanted to see a goo-covered, gyrating, shirtless Jon Hamm wailing on a sax and worked backwards from there.

Scott Brown: Who knew you could get something so great from mixing hot topic politicians and Mango? This could have been really cringeworthy if done half-assed (as I would imagine a lot of hosts would have done, out of a bit of embarrassment) but Hamm made it work. Plus, political sex jokes are rarely not funny ("I want to introduce something to the floor. It's called... Your panties").

Snooki: Weekend Update was only so-so this week but Bobby Moynihan's return as Jersey Shore's Snooki really stood out. I mean, both in performance and color. That orange skin was bordering on radioactive. His suddenly gruff speaking voice gets me every time and I laugh through Snooki's appearances, even though i don't watch Jersey Shore (and you can't make me, you MTV bastards).

Hamm and Bublé: This episode's follow-up to John Ham, in a way. Usually, it's an all-around bad idea bringing in the musical guest to do a live sketch. Sure, they can be funny in digital shorts when their blunders are gently buffed out in the edited room, but a lot of the time, the musicians kind of stare blankly at the camera until it's their turn to contribute their voice.

Michael Bublé was hilarious, though, looking sufficiently terrified and pitiful as Hamm repeatedly death-stared him down. This was one of those super-dumb ideas for a sketch that actually worked out really well because of the performances. In other news, a black tuxedo jacket and grey shirt? Totally working. Taking notes, gentlemen?

Closet Organizer: Yet another super-strange sketch from the evening and probably one of my favorite commercials in a long while. It was so rapid-fire and surreal, it took me a little while to process it after it was all over, even though I was laughing through the entire thing. The follow-up sketch at the bar was also a creative way of tying two bits together that I don't believe we've seen before (or at least in a long, long time). By the way, did a sound guy fall asleep at the wheel for the latter sketch? That bar music was blasting through most of it.


Barnes and Noble: Compared to the rest of the episode, this just wasn't so strong, but in just about any other week, this probably would have blended in fine.

Court Stenographer: The best moment was the first shot of Armisen's face, and then it went downhill from there.


Cold Open: Of course, Obama's State of the Union address had to be included. This started off pretty funny but it dragged on way, way too long. However, I will spare it from inclusion in the above category simply for the inclusion of Brendan Fraser's, um, unusual clap.

Monologue: Cute premise and a further demonstration of how Hamm should always and forever be in a suit.

Don't Make Me Sing: I started off really enjoying the sketch's simple premise and timing (and weirdly casual mention of Dorothy Parker) but then, much like the Cold Open, it dragged on too long. Actually, way too long. Holy wow. Another style note: Abby Elliott should sport finger waves more often.

Sports Show: I've gotten a bit bored of these sketches lately, but finally having a turn of events in the flow of the story made this a welcome change. Final style note of the evening: Bill Hader's alien look doesn't work on anyone. Even Hamm.

What should Hamm make his permanent look?
Sexy doctor.116 (25.2%)
Disco cowboy.98 (21.3%)
Tiny shorts construction worker.96 (20.8%)
1920s flapper.151 (32.8%)

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Honestly, I only know Jon Hamm because of his gigs hosting SNL, I've never watched Mad Men but I think he is incredibly funny. He was wonderful the first time, and fantastic the second time around. Hamm & Buble might be one of my favorite sketches ever. So far this week, when I had a rough day, I just replayed the sketch and laughed out loud every time. Maybe I should watch Mad Men?

February 06 2010 at 3:15 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I thought it was one of the least funny shows in a while. I wish Ham and Bubbly had been as funny as Jon Hamm's John Ham, but it wasn't. The court stenographer was tediously long and boring. Sergio was mildly amusing. I dunno, this show left me vastly unsatisfied.

February 02 2010 at 12:03 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Don't you think that "Sergio" was a call-out to the sexy saxophone player in "The Lost Boys" (1987)? Do you remember the shirtless dude that played saxophone on stage at the beach party? He was all ripped and decked-out in leather pants and a ponytail. I immediately thought of him the instant Hamm first burst through the wall.

Memo: In the sequel "Lost Boys: The Tribe" (2008), he's back. He's dressed exactly the same: shirtless, leather pants, sunglasses, bad hair do... but this time with an ugly beer gut! (That hilarity was the only good part of the sequel.)

February 01 2010 at 8:23 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I'm not at all surprised Michael Buble showed well in a sketch - in fact, I would've been surprised if he hadn't. Anybody who's seen one of his shows knows he's a huge goofball, which is part of his charm.

February 01 2010 at 1:22 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Re:Barnes & Noble.

I was the dress rehearsal show this weekend(first time ever at Saturday night) and they cut alot of stuff for the live show. The Barnes & Noble sketch was way funnier and longer at dress rehearsal. I was surprised when I saw it on TV and there was about 5 minutes cut out. There was more sketches cut that I think were funnier than some of the stuff aired. A video sketch making fun of the new Mel gibson movie and a sketch about the new Mac Touch Tablet. Weekend Update had a different funny begining that I still can't figure out why they cut because it was hillarious. One sketch was cut and it deserved to be cut because it just wasn't interesting or that funny and it was agame show parody called WHO"S THE HOST" If you plan on going to see the show, go to the Dress Rehearsal, it is longer and way funnier than what you see on TV. I loved it.

February 01 2010 at 1:36 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Ellen Higgins

I thought Jon Hamm was an awesome host. I think he should become a regular host like Alec Baldwin. I loved the
opening monologue. Great show.

January 31 2010 at 8:30 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

The Ham and Buble sketch shopuld make every retrospective

January 31 2010 at 5:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

I thought it was fantastic, funny from start to finish. But when it ended, I thought of Liz Lemon and wondered if we were just victims of the Bubble. Is Jon Hamm really a great SNL host, or are we all just smiling and nodding at the pretty? Worth thinking about while we wait for the rerun of this episode.

(And could Jon Hamm be the best host of two consecutive seasons? They may have to bring him back 15 times like Baldwin and Martin).

January 31 2010 at 4:11 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Jim Sparks

and again, this is why an old guy should not watch SNL anymore. I thought everything was NOT funny except for Hamm as a flapper and Weekend Update.
And please somebody get Wigg a movie so she quits the show, OK?

January 31 2010 at 11:49 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Best episode in a long time!

I disagree with Annie; I liked the cold open, "Don't Make Me Sing" and Barnes & Noble. The only sketch that didn't work for me was the sports show (and, to a lesser extent, the court reporter). The sports show wasn't funny the first time they did it, and it hasn't been funny since.

Sergio was classic! I watched the show by myself but still burst out laughing when Sergio was "born."

January 31 2010 at 11:17 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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