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September 2, 2015

Review: 'Archer' - 'The Honey Pot'

by Annie Wu, posted Feb 5th 2010 12:45PM
archer honey pot
(S01E05) Y'know the way you've been frantically scribbling in your diary for the past few years about how badly you want to see Thomas Lennon and Ron Perlman voice animated characters together? Yeah. I bet you thought you would keep writing forever. But 'Archer' sensed the secret wish in your tear-stained pages and made it a reality.

This episode wasn't quite as rapid-fire funny as some of the previous ones but it was still fantastic. It's clear that the writers are having a lot of fun with the characters, even the ones that pop up for only one mission.

In this episode, Archer had to take on a classic Honey Pot mission... with a little more gay seduction than he's used to.

The choice of Perlman as the Hispanic, roguish agent Ramon worked unusually well. His voice is scary-good (I need a new ring-tone; maybe it needs to be "Duh and/or hola!"). Ramon in general was great to watch, mainly towards the end, after the Jai-Alai scene with Archer, as they bonded over having nagging mothers.

Charles and Rudy from the flamboyant, sassy hit squad were absolutely hysterical, half-thanks to Thomas Lennon playing one of the guys. Most of the best lines came from this duo, especially in their delighted interactions with Woodhouse, who really is as adorable as he is hapless. Also, they referred to yet another oddly specific historical fun fact (man, Adam Reed likes to include weird references in his shows): Hugo Boss produced the SS uniforms for the Nazis.

There are also some other recurring elements worth noting:

Archer doesn't like thinking about his mother having sex. I mean, I hope it's not a pleasant thing for anyone to think about, but the very mention seems to do quick and horrible things to Archer's gag reflex.

Lana really doesn't like Cyril. Man, oh, man. She needs to just make Pam happy and break up with him.

Cheryl or Corinne or whatever her name is now... She's creepy. However, her twisted "hot firefighter" fantasy was probably one of the best moments from the episode.

Archer is a douchebag and isn't super-great to his "guests." Again, let me bring it back to how Woodhouse is simultaneously extra-adorable and pathetic, doubly so when he's watching his boss throw all his clothes over a balcony. Archer's final lines were hilarious as well: "Woodhouse! He's all tied up somewhere... scared and alone! Probably dehydrated!" Okay, so maybe it's not that funny on paper (or, uh, screen) but I promise you H. Jon Benjamin made it good.

Although 'Archer' is still hilarious and has really tight writing for an animated show, I'm wondering how long it will be able to last. They're getting a little formulaic, doing one mission at a time, with only slight developments between Malory and the KGB guy and a little more tension surrounding the Lana, Cyril and Archer triangle. The missions are funny but the interactions between the main characters are also really fascinating, and I wouldn't mind seeing them pick up the pace a little. Then again, we're only five episodes in, so perhaps I'm rushing things.

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John From Raleigh

I am loving this show.... Smart, smart, smart writing. So non-PC while making fun of being PC.

I don't know the cost per episode but if this show can't make it on F/X, I am sure it would be a huge hit on Adult Swim.

Maybe they could work out a deal with ASwim to show one episode a week.

Love live Jonathon Archer....

February 06 2010 at 12:51 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Annie W.

I didn't catch a name change either. This can only mean: SHE HAS NO NAME.

February 05 2010 at 1:44 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Did Cheryl/Carol/Corinna/Cristal not change her name this episode or did I miss it? I thought that was going to be her thing, though it does create a continuity problem when they don't air the episodes in order. She went from Corrina to Cristal in Diversity Hire but didn't change to Corrina until Killing Utne.

February 05 2010 at 1:21 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

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