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July 28, 2014

'General Hospital' Hits 12,000 Episodes

by Allison Waldman, posted Feb 12th 2010 8:01AM
general_hospital_logo_abcSince April 1, 1963, 'General Hospital' has been broadcast on ABC. If you're keeping count, and they are at the network, that means 'General Hospital' will air episode 12,000 on February 23. It's a remarkable achievement, especially when coupled with the fact that in that the past 47 years, 'GH' has won the Daytime Emmy as Outstanding Drama Series ten times. That's more than any other soap opera; and the Daytime Emmys only began being doled out in 1971!

To commemorate the 12,000th show, SoapCentral.com reports that 'General Hospital' has conjured up a new opening for the show. The current one, with music by Dave Koz, includes a collection of images of the stars. It also ends with one of the best endings ever for a credit sequence. All the men are gathered for a big group shot, sitting and posed in a variety of ways. They're all in black and white on a white set.

As the credits reach the finish, Anthony Geary -- the most iconic star of daytime in my opinion -- gets up and walks off the set. It's just a very Luke Spencer thing to do. Take a look at the credits from about two years ago, including that ending:

The new credits are being kept under wraps, but there's reason to believe that Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps will do something similar. She's very smart in that way.

Phelps is also smart about casting. There's two significant items regarding the cast to report. First, former 'Guiding Light' star Bradley Cole will be doing a turn on 'GH' as Carlton Bauer, Kiefer's father. The fact that the character's last name is Bauer may, in fact, be a nod to 'GL.' Jill was once the Executive Producer there, too, and got the show nominated twice for Outstanding Drama Series in her tenure (1992, 1993). The Cole casting may be short-term, but he would be a good addition to the show.

The other big casting news from Entertainment Weekly is that Georgie Jones is coming back. Georgie is dead, but that doesn't matter on the soaps. No, seriously, actress Lindze Letherman will be playing Georgie, a figment of her sister Maxie's imagination. She's not really alive. Georgie was a very smart, wise beyond her years, younger sister to Maxie. She's going to return to provide some counsel to her big sister. Her first air date is March 26.

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